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New Lexus RZ 450 Electric Vehicle – Reaction Video

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In our newest reaction video, we asked three Sokal employees what they thought about the design, yoke steering wheel, and the all-electric technology of the new Lexus RZ 450e, a luxury SUV debuting in 2023.

Today we will be getting reactions to the lexus rz 450e the first ever fully electric car from the japanese luxury manufacturer the rz will boast a two motor all-wheel drive powertrain good for 308 horsepower the price will be an estimated 55 to 70 thousand dollars and it will arrive in late 2022 the interior is classic lexus luxury furnished in ultra suede with

A moon roof that can switch from clear to opaque with a switch it will have a 14 inch infotainment touchscreen a digital gauge display and a heads-up display are also included the rz will provide 225 miles range and will be a bit smaller than the popular mid-sized lexus rx suv about four inches shorter in height and length bringing it somewhat in line with the

Toyota vinza one of the coolest parts on the upcoming rz are the inclusion of two new technologies direct4 and steer by wire direct4 precisely controls the delivery of drive torque from front and rear electric motors and braking force to all four wheels this contributes to improved startup acceleration handling stability and low power consumption you can learn

More about it in our video description another technology which toyota says is the most significant on their flagship electric car is steer by wire this means there is no mechanical link like most modern cars and no conventional steering column instead an electrical connection is used to send inputs from the steering wheel and the wheels the result is instant

Response and more precise steering control check out the yoke style steering wheel at some speeds the steering wheel has to turn a bit more to create larger turns but nothing close to the hand over hand steering is found in most cars if you are liking our video so far feel free to hit the subscribe button now let’s get to some reactions to this new suv question

One what do you think of the new lexus i think it’s really cool i think it honestly seems like a spaceship a little the uh that new steering wheel is just really state-of-the-art stuff yeah i think it looks really cool for their first all-electric model i think it has a lot of great features that combine to make it feel really safe and drivable but also the

Features that it has will help the driver feel in control my first reaction was it was really positive i mean i i loved the the look of it it was that just like a very you know nice sleek kind of design um you know the interior looked nice um you know had a light nice big um screen display screen that looked really cool the you know um the steering wheel was it

Was a nice touch um and you know just overall it just seemed like you know just a really sporty for an suv like a really sporty kind of look to it so i definitely was impressed with what i saw question two what do you think of the new optional steering wheel i would like to see more of it honestly it kind of reminds me of as i said like a spaceship or like a video

Game or just something like something different you know they say you don’t reinvent the wheel but maybe it’s good choice in this case so the yolk steering looks very ergonomic i play video games sometimes and it reminds me of a well-designed video game controller in the sense that it seems designed for your hands and designed for ease of use i noticed that

There were things like volume controls on the steering wheel and or steering yoke rather and you could easily adjust those buttons um probably by feel um and that says to me that that makes a much safer driving experience i mean personally for me it probably wouldn’t be something i would use because i’m the type to i kind of like to rest my hand on the top of

The steering wheel a little bit so you don’t kind of get that but i mean i mean i get it like if you want to hop in your car and feel like you’re in a race car or something every time you get to you know kind of drive off um i mean that would be you know definitely cool for sure so i thought it was you know a unique kind of twist you don’t really see that type of

A steering wheel and like an suv but again it kind of goes to this i think they’re just going for this real kind of sporty edgy type of feel so um you know i think it looks you know it looks it looks nice for sure question three with all the different model types lexus could have built why would they choose an suv like this for their first electric you know when

I think of an uh of an electric car i think like small compact eco i don’t really know many suvs in the game i think that an suv could be good groundbreaking in a new area that really hasn’t seen a lot of in my opinion at least like electric yeah so i think an suv is you know great middle ground you know between like performance and comfort comfortability and uh

Ease of use maybe they’re trying to like target families first uh maybe having something that’s like for the family but you can still like they can have fun up front like you know driving it and i think that they were kind of maybe trying to break the mold of you know kind of how electric cars were originally perceived thanks for watching our video on the new lexus

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New Lexus RZ 450 Electric Vehicle – Reaction Video By Sokal