New luxury king Bentley Flying Spur S 2023. All details

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Hello everyone bentley flying spur s is the latest entry in the luxury brand’s range of sporty trim packs this sedan will debut at the goodwood festival of speed that will run from thursday june 23rd to sunday june 26th the flying spores is offered with the choice of two powertrains each delivering a sporting and rewarding driving experience via complementary

Engineering approaches retaining the effortless performance for which bentley is synonymous the v8 version of the flying spures is powered by bedley’s advanced 4-liter v8 engine developing 550 ps and 770 newton meters of torque the zero to 62 miles per hour benchmark takes a mere four seconds in top speed where possible and legal is 198 miles per hour it comes

As standard with badly dynamic ride capable of applying up to 1 300 newton meters of anti-roll torque in 0.3 seconds to keep the body flat and stable under spirited cornering whilst delivering a smooth and supple ride for passengers at gender velocities by decoupling the wheels across each axle electronic all-wheel steering is also included as standard during

Low-speed maneuvers the system turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the fronts by up to 4.2 degrees to reduce the turning circle and increase agility at higher speeds the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the fronts for confidence inducing stability during lane changes and overtakes for those who are city based or environmentally focused the

Flying spur s is also available with a hybrid powertrain this combines a 2.9 liter v6 petrol engine with an advanced electric motor delivering a total of 536 brake horsepower and 750 newton meters of torque for a zero to 62 miles per hour time a mere one tenth of a second slower than the v8 at 4.1 second capable of up to 26 miles in pure electric drive and with

Just 75 g of co2 per kilometer the flying spur hybrid s is jointly the most efficient bentley yet the black brightwear of the flying spur s models creates an athletic and understated look whatever the chosen exterior finish as crew’s design team clearly understands the absence of bright polished metal highlights encourages the eye to take in the vehicle’s form

And perceive it as lower and wider the essence of a sporting bentley the effect is complemented by gloss black lower bumper grilles dark tinted headlamps and rear lights black quad tail pipe finishers and distinctive s badging on the front fenders the grille is black gloss with vertical veins and black gloss around only the winged bentley badge and lettering on

The bootlets stand out with their bright chrome finish the s range is offered with an all new 22 22-wheel option with five y-shaped spokes in gloss black or alternatively available in a new pale roger satin finish a second wheel option for the s models is a 21 try spoke design that combines gloss black and bright machined finishes also you need to s whatever the

Wheel standard fit red brake calipers highlight the extrovert character of the s models for the interior of the flying spur s customers can let their imaginations roam with a choice of performance focused two-tone color splits handcrafted in cruise leather shop using a combination of smooth hide and soft napped dina mica this suede-like material is used for the

Heated steering wheel gear lever seat cushions and seat backrests while leather hide is employed on the seat bolsters door pads along the instrument panel and around the console the s design seats are fluted with quilting available as an option and the s emblem is embroidered on the headrest of each seat embroidered bentley wings are a no-cost alternative driver

Instrumentation takes its inspiration from motorsport chronometers with the same graphics as the continental gt speed finishing touches include a metal s signature badge on the fascia and illuminated bentley tread plates with the s device replacing the bentley motors ltd plaque thanks for watching have nice day

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New luxury king Bentley Flying Spur S 2023. All details By Car World by Wolf