NEW Maserati MC20 Supercar – First Look At Maseratis New Carbon Car

This is the new Maserati MC20 Supercar – built around a carbon fibre chassis, it uses a completely new Maserati built ‘Nettuno’ engine with patented Formula 1 technology called ‘pre-chamber combustion’ allowing the car to develop 630bhp and 730nm torque! The car is relatively light at just over 1400kg, uses carbon ceramic brakes with double wishbone suspension all round. And – music to my ears – features a new super fast shifting twin-clutch gearbox!

So hello well i’ve had the honor of bringing you some pretty exciting cars over the years but the circumstances of which i’m filming the brand new maserati mc20 and let me just let’s just acknowledge how incredible this thing looks uh this is literally a couple of hours before i’m about to go live on stage and present this to the world so it’s very exciting time and

I’m honored to be able to bring you this insight but that’s why it’s in this this sort of pit box as it were not the normal circumstances which i might find myself showing you such a significant car for the first time but here we are literally behind the scenes anyway enough of that here it is now i have been in the most privileged position to follow the journey

Of this car for quite some time i actually had the honor of driving the prototype about three weeks ago now it was quite an early stage prototype but i can honestly say from the sample that i had which was about 10 or 12 laps around the race circuit here just its fundamentals have impressed me greatly and i cannot wait to drive the finished product but until then

Let’s give you an in-depth walk and talk around the significance of this very special maserati supercar and may i just add how great is it to see maserati back on top of the game and so here it is the maserati mc20 supercar it is absolutely stunning i’m struggling where to start with this thing because there’s so many fascinating details but while we’re staring

At it for the first time now let’s talk about the aesthetics and how maserati have been able to achieve the performance that it has but still maintain this iconic maserati design language i think most of us will probably agree that we can see some mc12 dna in there but what is interesting about this carp is that they’ve been able to keep the design of it so

Clean by channeling air underneath it rather than over it so there’s no need for any aggressive aero styling it’s just simple paired back the car as well is built almost entirely around a carbon fiber tub it’s a beautiful thing as a result the car is lightweight it’s incredibly stiff but it makes for a very agile driving experience from what i’ve sampled so far

When i say lightweight the car is just over 1400 kilograms now look by modern day standards that’s actually pretty lightweight the way it looks as a result of having this clean arrow by being able to channel air underneath the car as opposed to over the top of it keeps it all very clean just while around the back you can just see beautiful details like the iconic

Trident in this lexan on top there it’s absolutely gorgeous there’s a lot of carbon fiber everywhere so this rear diffuser and bumper here the whole thing look is carbon all the way down and all the way underneath now while we’re around the business end let’s just discuss the engine this is a twin turbocharged v6 engine i think what’s significant about that is

Maserati are one of the first to move to what will become a very familiar format for supercars of the future based predominantly around the rules and regulations which are being applied to these cars but despite the fact that it is a v6 it’s using a patented formula one technology which has come from the fca group’s investment in formula one called pre-chamber

Combustion which has allowed maserati to squeeze 630 horsepower and 730 newton meters of torque out of an otherwise relatively small engine now i know this word gets thrown around a lot and too easily really these days but maserati are really positioning this car as a race car for the road cliche i know but they have gone to great lengths in order to create a

Very dynamic experience on track but also making it luxurious and compliant on the road this platform will ultimately see the return of maserati to racing again and the chassis will stay exactly the same just some small tweaks in order to make it more race track applicable the fundamental foundation of it is ultimately the race car which we will see in the not

Too distant future it’s running double wishbone suspension all around when you see the components of this it’s absolutely gorgeous it’s running carbon ceramic brakes and if you follow this channel regularly music to my ears a twin clutch gearbox so we’ve got all of the fundamental components that makes a modern day supercar an absolute weapon carbon fiber tub

Full cell we have carbon ceramic brakes we’ve got a twin clutch gearbox the whole package is designed with driving in mind and of course with them going back to racing they are really not taking this job lightly at all it’s going to be phenomenal to see maserati back on track now aesthetically as well this is also the first maserati to have butterfly doors and

Here is where you can really see the amount of carbon fiber that this car is constructed of like we’ve got this forged carbon here but this whole tub that is carbon fiber this whole thing and it also extends the whole roof line all of this section going back to subframes is entirely carbon it’s a beautiful thing the butterfly doors don’t just only look awesome

They’ve also allowed for some pretty trick aero work as well which is a big part of channeling the air under and around down the side of the car which is as i mentioned contributed to this car being able to look aesthetically so clean so doors look great they function as aero but also they make for really easy access both in and outside of the car and you also

Notice just how scalloped and sculptured the edge of this carbon tub is that also makes it super easy access to get in and out of so they’ve really thought about it and this why it keeps coming back to it being a race car for the road because both sides of the development of the car have been considered and just while we’re on the topic of design and engineering

Just look at the beautifully billet exposed hinge on this door it is outstanding and having seen the underneath of this car it’s sort of bare chassis as it were the componentry is like this through and through the wishbones hanging off those carbon ceramic brakes just look phenomenal now then while the doors are open this is the appropriate time to talk about

The interior it’s very simple it’s very paired back and importantly very driver focused there’s not too much clutter it’s just two simple instrument clusters one on central console one on the dash this one here this is all for car interior control so we’ve got air conditioning infotainment sat nav etc and then the important stuff right here is what’s going on

With drivetrain revs engine brakes brake temperatures all sorts of things on there and these wonderful large carbon fiber paddle shifts which are connected to the phenomenal twin clutch gearbox now these seats despite the fact that they actually look quite sporty these these are the sport seats but there will be the option of a proper racing seat carbon fiber

Fixed and check out this we’ve got this sort of laser etched details in the alcantara here which shines through a blue hue that sits underneath it the detail very luxurious very maserati but still as sporting as the car suggests it is and then mounted on top of the transmission tunnel we have simple controls reverse button this is to activate uh automatic or

Manual depending on if you want to change gears yourself using the flappy paddles and this is drive train and independent damper or suspension settings buttons so you can toggle here between gt mode sport corsa anywhere like sport corsa wet mode and then if you hold it all the way over to the right it goes to esc off when things get quite interesting and then

What i quite like is how they’ve integrated the independent damper buttons on the center of that so say for example you were to want a coarser or you know track sporty driving mode you would hold this over here onto corsa but then you could effectively activate a much softer spring setting by holding this button here and then everything gets ironed out and this

Is where the car becomes very much a race car for the road just based on everything that you can interact with on here but look it’s so simple there’s no you know over fancy buttons or displays complicating anything it’s just very paired back very clean you know in this day and age i’ve seen a lot of infotainment systems and instrument clusters because they’ve

Now moved to screens it’s given people the opportunity to include more info than they might have done if it was a more conventional dial but these guys they’ve stayed with the simple important things i think that’s brilliant okay on the topic of the road car side of things and the practicality there’s also a pretty decent boot space in the back here so this area

Sits just behind the engine speaking of which beautiful carbon-clad 630 brake horsepower v6 right there and just to give you an idea of how much carbon this car is made of this entire boot cluster and lid is all forged carbon it’s a beautiful thing and when you stand back from it look at it that is thoroughbred supercar stuff right there i just think it looks

Awesome and if you’re wondering about the name mc20 m for maserati c for corsa so maserati corsa launched in 2020. just quickly let’s discuss the paint i’m not sure if the camera’s doing this justice but this angle here you can see this pearlescent shimmer to it it is a sort of satin matte finish but in different angles and at different lights it goes from a

Sort of icy blue hue it’s almost a pearly yellow outside in the actual sunlight it looks magnificent this car will also be available in this paint finish in different shades so you can have a sort of pearlescent yellow as a version of this paint tech too which i think would look phenomenal on this car i’m really excited to see the specs and creations of clients

That come out of this car don’t forget the history of this brand they offer some phenomenal tailoring programs to really create a car of someone’s dreams so no doubt when these cars get through that program the creations that clients will make is going to be really interesting two more things just before we sign off and these are significant things for brands

There’s actually a new maserati badge and logo gone is the red it’s just navy and white everything’s been simplified and paired back so this is the sort of new design language which we’ll be seeing coming from maserati in future and lastly and having been involved in this project i know how much this means to these guys this is the first car of its kind that’s

Made 100 right here in modena so for these guys there’s so much pride when you’re walking around outside and seeing all the the family and team which have been involved in building this car it feels like a slice of italian pride you know and i feel so honored to be part of this launch so i just like to say massive massive thank you to maserati for trusting

Me with this gig and also a massive thank you to you the audience because without this channel gaining the traction it has without you watching it effectively we wouldn’t be here with these opportunities so thank you so much please leave your questions and comments below i’d love to hear what you think about the car personally aesthetically i think it looks

Fantastic let me know what else you would like to see or hear from this car in the future i have a funny feeling i’ll be spending quite a bit more time with this car as we go on as always thank you so much for watching i shall see you next time ciao you

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NEW Maserati MC20 Supercar РFirst Look At Maserati’s New Carbon Car! By Mr JWW