New Mazda MX-5 RF | Review Detail Interior and Exterior

New Mazda MX-5 RF | Review Detail Interior and Exterior

For more than 30 years the mazda mx-5 has remained steadfast to the beliefs that more isn’t always better that lightweight and agility are their own virtues the current mx-5 has been designed as the spiritual reincarnation of the original miata while simultaneously incorporating everything that mazda has learned about the vehicle while the trend is for vehicles

To get bigger heavier and taller mazda set out to make the current mx-5 smaller and lighter than the previous generation that focus on making the mx-5 as light as possible contributes to the extraordinary agility that is the hallmark of the mx-5 how much joy can a car bring this is one of the thousands of questions mazda engineers ask themselves when developing

The mx-5 rf asking these questions is what led to the creation of a sports car that is just as much in its element on a night out in the city as it is on a winding country route the fastback styling of the mx-5 rf combines the comfort and peace of mind of a hard top with the spontaneity and unparalleled driving exhilaration of the legendary mx-5 roadster in

Approximately 13 seconds its retractable roof slips away revealing the open sky and all its possibilities the rf is equipped with a unique version of the 2-liter skyactiv-g engine which has been updated since the introduction of the current generation mx-5 with slightly more torque at significantly lower rpm more power at higher rpm and a higher red line the

Character of this engine is an ideal match for the mx-5 the design team also wanted to ensure that the driver felt directly connected to that engine so they gave the mx-5 a standard manual transmission it is one of the lightest rear wheel drive transmissions in the world and provides the precise linear shift feeling needed for a pleasurable driving experience

With lively performance while also contributing to fuel economy an available automatic transmission with paddle shifters provides an engaging connection for drivers who want the convenience of an automatic without having to compromise the performance of their vehicle underpinning the handling characteristics of the mx-5 is a sophisticated chassis tuned to

Provide a confident sense of control associated with the brand and jimba attai the use of jimba atai is a core mazda brand attribute started with the original mx5 and speaks to the oneness between the driver and the vehicle that can only occur when the vehicle responds intuitively to the driver’s inputs the suspension has been designed to provide a balance

Of excellent ride comfort and handling so that the mx-5 feels like an extension of the driver even if the pavement is less than perfect and that chassis is connected to a lightweight sky active body structure for a heightened sense of control the interior is crafted with premium materials and reflects the elegant simplicity of the kodo design language it all

Comes together in an environment that is both beautiful and functional the mazda connect infotainment system with apple carplay and android auto compatibility provides a streamlined driver interface that is intuitive and responsive mazda and bose engineers worked to jointly develop an audio system designed specifically for the mx-5 the bose premium audio system

Keeps your music crisp and clear even with the top down nine speakers perfectly situated including two positioned in each of the mx-5 headrests create an immersive experience to invigorate all of your senses but whether it’s the rf or the soft top the mx-5 isn’t just about specifications it isn’t about how fast you’re going it’s about the visceral connection

To the driving experience about celebrating the joy of driving in a way that has been unique to the model for more than 30 years

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