New Porsche 911 GT3 v GT3 RS: DRAG RACE *992 v 991*

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Hi matt watson here from car wow so i’m sitting in a porsche 911 991 generation gt3 rs next to me is the new 992 generation gt3 and we’re gonna have a drag race to see which is the quickest over the sun in quarter mile yes i know we should be racing them around the nurburgring or something but drag race is it more fun let me tell you about this gt3 rs it has a four

Liter flat six naturally aspirated motor sport derived engine which revs all the way to 9000. puts out 520 horsepower and 470 newton meters of torque drives the rear wheels only via seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox one of the best dual clutch gearboxes in the world ever that gt3 is rather similar so it also has the same engine pretty much though it has

510 horsepower the same 470 newton meters of torque same dual clutch automatic gearbox same rear wheel drive system it’s so similar weight’s different though massively different this comes in at 1430 kilos well that it’s a whole five kilos heavier 1435 kilos price-wise this when it was new was about 141 000 pounds this one with all the kit on it though was about

185 000 pounds though now today the value of this everyone gonna try and buy it off the owner who is a chap called rob galvin by the way so thanks rob for lending me your car 220 000 pounds gt rs cars will make you money not losing money that gt3 if you can get an allocation 123 grand basic that one with some kit on it over 150 grand but once again if you’re

Lucky enough to have one of those you could sell it for more than what you paid for it shall we get on with this drag race oh before we do please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you won’t miss any of these uploads also if you’re thinking about buying a new car or selling your old car click on

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The cash dead simple all right let’s go on with this buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site now before we start the drag race as ever let’s have a sound check these cars have pretty much the same exhaust same engine so we’re just doing this so we can hear

Some porsche flat six naturally aspirated goodness so i’m gonna go first normally look at this right you’ve got a soft limiter at four but if you put the car into drive when i pull up on both paddles sam let’s have a listen to the gt3 your car sounds awesome it sounds so good doesn’t it which do you think is better sounding i think they sound pretty much the

Same same engine pretty much same exhaust i think can you tell the difference if you can right what we’re going to do is put a ping comment and you’re going to vote which one sounds the best the gt3 or the gt3 rs please vote i want to know what you think then i’m doing all that i’m getting excited let’s race this stuttered on the gear change she’s coming back

It’s so close come on loris ah that was so satisfying the old daddy is still the daddy i want another go i got some slips i got a stuttery gear change we’ve all got excuses mate all right let’s do it again there’s a forfeit though right okay if you lose i’ve got an idea of what you’re gonna have to do matt will i try one in track mode see if it gets rid of that

Stutter sam you can try it in whatever mode you like i don’t care it’s all your choice if you lose though you know what’s going to happen you’re going to have to do some weird forfeit and it will be very weird okay i’ll accept that but if i try and track mode and spins up the wheels too much can we try again in sport paul robb right guys enters this guy’s watching

Me launch his car again and again there is a pond for swimming here by the way man okay we’ve got that there’s a pond why are you getting involved it’s over we are screwed that did it again this stuttered its gear change again really badly i don’t know why it did that i did notice that you spun up and then you thought well i’m out of this so you backed

Off but actually if you kept on going you’d have come past me because of my fluff gear change you’d have won that race even though it was a bit of a rubbish race for both of us and it would have meant that you didn’t have to do the forfeit and now you see you’re having to do the forfeit right first of all had i stayed in it i would have crabbed down the runway and

Smoked up the tires secondly i’ll do the forfeit if i lose the next run you’ve still got to do the forfeit because it was based on the last run but i’m willing to let you have another try just out of courtesy and just for people to see some more porsche launches okay but you’re still in the forfeit and we’ll do that at the end of the video so make sure you stay

Around for it because it’s gonna be embarrassing accepted let me check with rob that he’s all right for me to just launch his car one more time so everyone this is rob who’s lent us his car say thanks rob in the comments below and he’ll probably lend to some of his other cars rob um he wants to do it again because he he was wrong with putting into track mode i’m

Noticing your car is doing a little stutter changing hard from like second to third i think it is yeah it’s probably the track yeah probably he’s just there yeah it’s probably just the traction i don’t know what they’re talking about but are you okay for me to launch it again yeah i’ll just do it day in day out okay it looks like we have a smug alert uh yeah

Yeah yeah you’re lost i want an adjudicator on that launch i smell a bit of a jump if i’m honest do you know what i’m gonna let you guys decide whether i jumped it or not we’re gonna play a slow-mo now either way it doesn’t matter he’s still gonna do the forfeit this car still won i think just about let me know in the comments so then what exactly happened well

The gt3 rs won completing the standing quarter mile in 11.3 seconds while the gt3 took 11.5 seconds now i’ve actually managed a 10.8 second standing quarter mile time in the new gt3 when i drove it on warmer tires and on a racing circuit to see that and my full in-depth video review of the new gt3 click on the pop out banner in the top right hand corner of the

Screen or follow the link below the video right now we got a rolling race from 50 miles an hour if i can see the speed there we go adjust my camera i’m going to coat it in three two one go hiya you’re right wait a minute what’s going on here i reckon all my aero bits just produce some drag it looked like it started pulling at the end in there or maybe it’s your

Racing driver skills you know you just get those the extra tents here and there don’t you yeah is that right i’m sat in a straight line with my foot in the gas pretty much at my limit i think but i think you can push your accelerator just a little bit harder than i can well that goes without saying if you want to find out who that cheeky bugger is i’ll put a link

To his instagram below okay now we’ve got a rolling rose from 50 miles an hour this time with the cars in third gear sporty settings here we go count in three two one go great pickup that’s just gap in this episode slightly on the brakes it’s only going one way once again just easing ahead wasn’t it the new gt3 yeah it pulls at the end doesn’t it it can only

Be aero i guess gonna yeah it must just be aero right last challenge you know what that is brake test yay the one everyone’s been waiting for can you think of another test we could do instead of the brake test let me know in the comments before we do the brake test which car do you think looks the best i got to say i prefer the new one without question this new

One it’s so pretty sorry rob maybe get your name down for a new one let’s get on with it brake test from 70 full emergency stop all that stuff can’t actually see the blooming speed here we go we’ve got this gopro in the way here we go here’s the line that side of the track is just grippier in it we’ve had this conversation before let me just check the tires

We’ve got the same tires i think we’ve both got the same tires haven’t we it looks slightly different right again opposite side yeah we can try again opposite sides right let’s do another break test from 70. see what happens this side doesn’t have more grip at all it’s just is what it is that cost somehow stops better weight distribution you’re lighter anyway

Hope you all enjoyed the video and as ever if you did give it a like make sure you subscribe to this channel you won’t miss any of our drag races and if you would like to see a great performance car that’s more affordable than these porsches got a great offer on one through car wow click on the pop-up banner up there you can go check out see what the car is and

What the savings is through car wow all right go do that and as ever follow me on instagram now i’m sure you’re all wondering what the heck happened to sam’s forfeit well i didn’t forget so hey thanks for watching the video if you want to watch some more click on the windows there and if you want to see how these cars compared to the other cars with drag raced

Click on that box there to check out the karma drag race leaderboard thank you very much and i’ll see you next time

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New Porsche 911 GT3 v GT3 RS: DRAG RACE *992 v 991* By carwow