New Range Rover V8 v AMG v Audi v Bentley: DRAG RACE

Thanks to for lending us their Range Rover!

Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow so i’m sat in the new range rover v8 next to me is an audi sq7 next to that is a bentley ben tiger v8 and next to that is a mercedes amg gle 63 and we’re going to have a drag race so let me tell you about this car it has a 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 from bmw which puts out 530 horsepower and 750 newton meters of torque drives

All four wheels fire an 8-speed torque converter automatic gearbox this thing is rather heavy tips and scales are just over 2.5 tonnes and it costs from 138 000 pounds let’s find out about the audi from its driver hey annie how are you mate young matthew i’m very well how are you yeah i’m good i’m sat in a range rover you used to own a range rover you haven’t got

One anymore and now it looks like you’ve been downgraded into an sq7 by me ha i still own a range rover and a defender v8 times two and i’ve got a risk perform once they come in in january so y’all still got that range rover all right tell me about that sq7 4 liter v8 twin turbo you didn’t say with any authority it was a question yeah but you’re right what’s the

Horsepower and torque 507 bhp and a lot of talk has it got more talk or less torque in this car more torque yeah you’re right 770 newton meters of torque it’s also got an 8-speed automatic gearbox four-wheel drive and can you guess how much it weighs uh uh 1.8 mate someone’s already told you i do you really think that was just 1.8 tons no it’s like almost 2.3 tons

Okay kill me would you want me to say okay 2.3 tons price any ideas for 90 grand 81 000 pounds bentley nick tell me about that i also have a twin turbo four liter v8 it pumps out 550 horsepower and 770 newton meters of torque it’s got an 8-speed torque converter gearbox four-wheel drive it weighs 2 415 kilograms so it is not a lightweight the whole it’ll make in

Your wallet is not small either it’s 182 300 pounds let’s move on to the last car tell me about sam well um i’ve done my homework and this is a four liter twin turbo v8 612 horsepower 850 newton meters of torque nine speed auto torque converter gearbox it’s also 2.4 tons so it’s equally as heavy and this is only 123k it’s like one day’s pay for you matt yeah

I wish so everyone learned the starts apart from you you know you are bad was this is this reminded you’ve been at school yeah this is exactly how i was at school and you’ll just teaches pet if you’ve got apples to give to your teachers jesus okay right now if you want to compare these card stats just pause the video right and you can see them side by side but

You know what did all we’ve got here we’ve basically got germany versus great britain anything’s going to come out on top the germans i think now if you like these drug races make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you won’t miss a single upload let’s do this car wow now before we race we’re going to the

Customary coal wave soundtrack so i’m going to rev up this v8 foreign i’m saying that it’s like germany versus great britain because it’s obviously got a german engine it’s an indian-owned company sounding all right you know don’t rev up yours oh well you’re very gangster in your car mate with your tinted windows by the way very very nice i can’t even see you but

Anyway let me read this yeah i’ve got nothing go on then rev at the ben taker which actually has the same engine just a different stay tuned in fact it’s pretty much the same car just um reworked by bentley with a lot more kit on it and a bigger price tag go and do it read it it’s the same board now let’s just hit the mercedes i think we could all agree

That the mercedes sounded the best i won yeah did win now just before we race i just want to say thanks to the guys at for lending us this range rover i would like to thank the wonderful people at smh transport for this wonderful car i’d like to thank yanni and nick for driving these two cars for carwell good for you mate you and me pal right

That’s enough for that let’s race god come on righty no that game changers oh it did me dirty i’ve been thinking it’s gone no contest oh that rage is slow there i got b i thought i was pretty close to you at first yanny but then you pulled away it’s a nice race between me sam and nick was it they offer you matt today wouldn’t mind doing it again but before we do

Which car won i was too far back was it the bentayga it was an easy win for the bentley wait a minute wait a minute what’s going on with that mercedes like it’s got over 600 horsepower is it not launching or something what’s going on sam i’m not quite sure but you certainly didn’t destroy me i want to go again matt okay um we’re definitely just going again simply

Because sam wants to nothing to do with the i want to eat i’m indifferent maybe this will help me spot the range rover owner right there that’s squirted mate lovely two oh gets off okay oh he’s closer this time worked on better this time range rover’s dead this is the slowest not walking say about that i’ve got to go over to the bentley did you win again no i

Didn’t he just pulled me in and he had me on the line well that sounds a bit wrong but you know what i mean i did no such thing he thought he’d won and then he looked over to his right and there i was in front of him in his whole world fell from underneath him don’t get too cold away though sam you know it’s best two out of three right so this is the decider oh it

Picks up good oh no he’s got me in the line this time but then it’s done oh i’ve been all right this time yeah do you know what i’m absolutely like impressed with the launch of that then it’s the best one i’ve done so far but still i came last that’s so annoying it’s not gonna go quicker this isn’t i still beat you nick obviously fluked it the first time because

Sam just battered him again and i was actually a lot closer to him this time than i was the first two times that you were lost as usual get so then what exactly happened well the mercedes weren’t completing the standing quarter mile in 12.4 seconds the bentley finished second in 12.6 seconds with the audi taking third place with a time of 12.8 seconds the range

Rover came last it finishes standing quarter mile in 13.2 seconds right because i lost the drag race on tarmac and range rovers are supposedly really good off-road compared to other suvs i thought i’d tip the balance in my favor by doing a drag race on grass so i’ve actually selected the car’s grass mode and it’s asked me for whether i want a low traction launch

Apparently i have to gradually apply accelerator pedal until vehicle moves away from rest i won’t be doing any gradual application of the accelerator i’ll be mashing it but hopefully the car systems can figure things out and i’ll launch well so yanni what settings have you got your car in i have gone full blown off-road mode and how about you nick and the bentega

I’ve gone for snow and grass and finally samuel as low as i can race mode everything off just so you know whatever you want to do mate okay we’re going to drag race to the cones which is the quickest to 50 meters you ready two good oh i actually got away slowest but that was interesting so my traction launch basically held me back at the beginning and they got

Ahead but i think it was neck and neck over the line i have no idea who won that mere lick we’re going head to head nick i think just got me followed by me followed by you well you know i want to do that again i’m just going to try this car just in normal mode no low traction launch okay i’m not happy two one come on oh i think that’s a photo finish it’s so

Close i don’t think 50 meters is long enough is it but i don’t want to go much faster because i could damage the cars i want to say nick edge that you just got in front of me you are the weakest link now we have a rolling race for 150 miles an hour the cars are in the sportiest setting but automatic sports mode for the gearboxes three two one go oh come on what

Happened to the bentley jesus come on no we’re getting dropped again now wow i was quite pleased with how this took off i actually was ahead of the bentley for quite a while eventually nick yeah it came back what was going on in your car i don’t know it’s almost like the gearbox took quite a sort of relaxed attitude almost like it’s casing for the typical bentley

Don’t have to get anywhere in a hurry because you’ve got so much money you don’t have to worry attitude speaking of um so much money you don’t have to worry yanny how was your race such an idiot i came second i was quite pleased with that actually listen sam was gone but again nick he started off so well in the first race and it’s just gone downhill ever since

Right we’re having another rolling race once again from 50 miles an hour at this time the cars are going to be starting off in third gear so it’s a third gear roll line with manual gear shifts here we go then three two one go oh no wonder why his excuses this time so nick what is your excuse on this occasion even though it’s in manual and even though it’s kind of

On boost in third at 50 bentley wants to shift down so bentley’s shifting down to second that’s so annoying let’s move on fire we are going to do a break test from 100 miles an hour when we reach the line for emergency stop which car will stop in the shortest distance i bet it’s not this one but who knows let’s find out now if you’re thinking about selling your

Car and you want to make sure you’re getting a fair price for it click on the pop-up button up there i’ll put the link in the description below to get a car wire just upload some photos give a brief description and add a little bit on your car service is completely free find how much your car is worth now this is the right test because here comes the line is the

Bentley going did you mean it’s time to go home for his team yeah it is type afternoon tea look it’s three o’clock i’m glad uh big country mansions have long driveways you see that car is more used to actually breaking on gravel that’s what it is which car win between the two germans i actually won by a little bit more but i released the break because there was

Smoke coming off the calipers i’m a bit disappointed for great britain but it’s just the way it is i guess anyway i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like let me know which of these four cards you’d rather have in the comments below put up in comment get them vote do you want to watch more videos click on that window or that window there and if

You click on that box there you can subscribe to this channel if you haven’t done this already make sure you do thanks for watching

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New Range Rover V8 v AMG v Audi v Bentley: DRAG RACE By carwow