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New Rivian R1S 2022 – Stylish Electric SUV | Exterior and Interior

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Electric-vehicle (EV) startup company Rivian will be first to market with a modern, all-electric pickup truck when deliveries of its R1T start for the 2022 model year. Based in Irvine, California, Rivian has financial backing from Ford Motor Company and Amazon. The company assembles the R1T crew-cab pickup at its manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois. Rivian also plans to start production of its second model, an SUV called the R1S.

Essentially an suv version of the r1t the rivian r1s is an all-electric suv aimed at consumers with active lifestyles like its truck sibling the r1s promises excellent off-road capability and up to three rows of seating underpinning the rivien r1s is a skateboard architecture that mounts the battery under the passenger compartments giving the suv a low center of

Gravity like its truck sibling the r1s has 14.5 inches of ground clearance for better off-road performance rivien claims the r1s should offer excellent acceleration with acceleration to 60 in as quick as 3.0 seconds the 2022 rivien r1s will be available with three battery sizes 105 135 or 180 kilowatt hours like the r1t the r1s has an electric motor at each wheel

Depending on the battery size you pick the r1s has up to about 800 horsepower and 900 pounds to foot of torque epr rated range for the launch model comes in at 316 miles with 69 miles per gallon e rivian estimates range for the rest of the lineup between 240 and 400 miles on a charge depending on the battery chosen the largest battery however isn’t available in

The seven seat configuration according to rivien like the r1t the r1s boasts a beautifully designed cabin with contemporary styling fancy leather wood trim and two large displays one for infotainment and one for the driver’s gauge display a 12 cubic foot front trunk a large rear cargo area a split tailgate and a spacious looking third row add to the utility of

The r1s what you see here is the production model so the futuristic exterior design and modern interior will remain intact when deliveries of the r1s begin like the r1t the 2022 rivier r1s features two displays inside the cabin a 15.3 inch digital gauge cluster replaces analog instruments while a large 12.3 inch touchscreen on the dash controls media navigation

And temperature adjustment second row passengers also get a touchscreen at the back of the center console to adjust the climate control the rear speakers can be removed so you can keep the music going at a beach bonfire the 2022 rivian r1s maximum towing capacity tops out at 7 700 pounds when properly equipped which is 3 300 pounds less than the r1t a common

Feature between the r1t truck and r1s suv is the 11.0 cubic foot front trunk giving the latter additional space for cargo with all seats in place the three row r1s has 7.1 cubic feet of cargo space the rear tub on the rivien r1s has an extra 6.4 cubic feet of capacity when you take out the spare tire rivian will eventually offer two different battery packs on

The r1s but the launch edition comes with a 135 kilowatt hour pack rivian says this pack should deliver around 300 miles of driving range a larger 180 kilowatt hour battery pack will be available as an option starting in 2022 and it will come with a claimed driving range of about 400 miles thanks for watching and give your comments below you

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New Rivian R1S 2022 – Stylish Electric SUV | Exterior and Interior By Tafra Channel