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What’s happening everyone welcome back to the channel my name is brian mellow with marty’s buick gmc and chevrolet and in today’s video we’ll be talking about a new chevy silverado ss stepside with some massive power and asking the all-important question of this series would you buy one so let’s get into it all right so we’re back to talking about the silverado

Specifically a new silverado ss stepside most of if not all of you probably recall the silverado ss glory days whether you’re a big fan of the old school 454 ss which if we’re going to be honest with ourselves may not have been much of a technological breakthrough but it certainly stuck to the trend at the time of cramming giant engines into smaller ish platforms or

Perhaps the 03 to o6 ss was more your style it was a bit more of a modern design came with a 6 liter v8 could blow the tires off on command and if you can find a clean tastefully modified door stock one today they haven’t really aged all that bad in my opinion interior side of course yikes now how many of you remember the intimidator ss from 2006. the name which

Was licensed by dale earnhardt inc was built to honor the legendary american race car driver it came with a few appearance upgrades which included things like a rear spoiler headrest with the intimidated branding embroidered on them exterior badging and also a lowered ride height performance suspension two-stage multi-leaf springs tenneco shocks a stiffer front

Stabilizer bar and being an 06 it was only available in rear wheel drive it was a pretty cool truck at least for those of us who actually remember it now sport trucks have always been a really niche product line whether enthusiasts like to admit it or not which is probably why their popularity was at least in my opinion pretty short-lived i mean when was the last

Time you came across a sport truck on your drive to work i know i haven’t seen one in a while at least other than the old rotted out s10 that was dragging frame that wanted to race me at the lights in the center of town the other night but beyond that they seem to be a pretty rare sighting at least in my area sort of like a white rhino or a bmw using its blinker now

We’ve been without a silverado ss since 2006 but in 2017 when chevy rolled a supercharged silverado out onto the show floor at sema to display in their factory booth many of us myself included got a little excited now although the truck didn’t have some crazy looks that would just stop you dead in your tracks as you navigated the massive show it might have if you

Happen to catch a peek of it with the hood popped because then you’d see that it did have what chevy called its concept supercharger system equipped which was based on the lt4 supercharger from the v8 in the c706 at the time now for some reason chevy in their infinite wisdom decided to supercharge the 5.3 liter on this truck instead of just going ahead and plopping

The lt4 between the fenders which if i’m being honest that would have made a lot more sense to me but what do i know according to chevrolet the truck was still quite capable putting down over 450 horsepower it also came with a performance exhaust system a cold air induction system and six piston brembo brakes to you know make sure the old girl could actually stop

At a reasonable distance it had 22 inch wheels blacked out bow ties satin steel paint smoked headlights and taillights it was a really cool truck and was assumed to be an upcoming silverado ss which as we know never ended up coming to reality sad and here we are still waiting for a new sport truck now some people will probably say in the comments that you know ford

Ford is still making a sport truck and of course they’d be talking about the shelby super snake but it’s an insanely limited production truck just like the yenko silverado both of these trucks are awesome the super snake in fact be configured to 775 horsepower and the anko silverado to 850 horsepower which is just bonkers but i don’t put them in the same category

As say the factory produced ford svt lightning or the silverado ss they’re more or less just bespoke builds and neither appears on manufacturer’s website so we’re still kind of without a factory sport truck in my opinion but what if chevy decided to drop the gauntlet not pull any punches and release a silverado ss that would essentially just break the internet what

What would that look like well thanks again to my good friend and super talented artist oscar vargas well known on instagram as wb artist 20 because he decided to take matters into his own hands and he came up with this silverado 632 ss stepside and man do i love everything about this truck originally oscar had actually just planned to simply design a single cab

Sport truck with all the ss bits and pieces that we’ve come to expect but he decided you know what that’s not enough because under the hood he dropped the largest crate engine chevrolet has ever come to market with the 632 cubic inch big block v8 known as the zz632 which produces a face melting 1004 horsepower and 876 pound-feet of torque and it does it all on 93

Pump gas it’s most likely the biggest and baddest internal combustion engine chevrolet will ever make and it comes paired to the supermatic 4l75e r four-speed transmission that was specifically designed to go along with it for the ride so i think we can all agree that the box for the power portion of this conceptualized design is certainly checked off now if

We take a look at the front end we’ve got a well sculpted but not over the top cowl hood and after all we’re gonna need all the space we can get in order to fit that 632 under there we’ve got a completely blacked out appearance leaving only the orange tow hooks and flow tie which accent everything else including the engine accents like the valve covers on this

Truck very very nicely and at least i’m i’m pretty sure they’re orange to match sometimes i maybe they look a little red maybe my eyes are deceiving me you guys tell me what you think but i’m pretty sure they’re orange as for the wheel selection it’s a knock out of the park 22 inch double spoke forged wheels wrapped in pirelli p0 performance tires fit this thing

Like a glove it looks like a factory build and that’s the entire point here sitting behind the wheels we forgot about the brembos throw those things out because we’ve stepped things up even higher with a massive wilwood brake kit giving us drilled rotors that almost fill the entire wheel and color mesh calipers to of course set off the rest of the look the truck

Clearly has a much lower stance most likely sitting on more modern magnetic ride suspension systems similar to what we’d get in chevrolet’s performance cars we want this thing to be able to do more than just go in a straight line so that would make the most sense to me the back of the truck might arguably be my favorite part because i have a soft spot for stepside

Pickups don’t ask me why i just do and this one looks phenomenal i mean just look at how fat this back end is come on who’d who doesn’t love that you’ll also notice we’ve got the easy stepper bumper you can see we’ve got rear parking sensors a trailer hitch and we’d have to assume a hidden exhaust sense we can’t visibly see any pipes hanging out similar to like

The new cr84x or the silverado zr2 the tail lights look like they’ve been lightly smoked and the tonneau cover fits perfectly over the bed which will of course help with the aerodynamics and you know it’s a sport truck after all and aerodynamics matter i absolutely love everything about this truck the drivetrain the stance the stepside configuration this would

Be a literal dream come true for sport truck enthusiasts but now comes the important question of the series would you buy one i know general motors sees my videos and although they may be aiming for the eevee revolution we’ve still you know we’ve still got a little time on the horizon after all the escalade v came to market despite all the ev announcements so

You know what who knows either way a man can still dream but maybe with enough pressure we can convince them to give us a silverado ss even if it isn’t exactly like this one as always i’d like to thank you all for watching if you made it this far in the video if you could just do me a huge favor all i ask is that you smash that like button you know subscribe if

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I will guarantee it will be the easiest sales process you have ever been through and i will catch you all on the very next video have a great weekend guys take care and thanks again thank you

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