New Subaru Crosstrek 2023 – Subcompact crossover SUV

Subaru unveiled the third generation of the Crosstrek in Japan, improving many aspects of the subcompact crossover that now wants to be called an SUV. The new global model drops the XV suffix, bringing modern styling and tech while being based on an updated version of its predecessor’s underpinnings. Subaru introduced the Crosstrek/XV in 2011 as a crossover version of the Impreza, with the second generation following in 2017. The third generation model is instantly recognizable, despite the fact that all body panels have been redesigned. Judging from its predecessors, it also serves as a preview for the next-gen Impreza, minus the plastic cladding.

Welcome to real channel automotive a place to help you understand the world of automotive mobility please subscribe our channel for more updates the crosstrek is a crossover that achieves versatility that can be used in a wide range of situations from the city to the outdoors by combining a compact body full-fledged suv performance based on subaru’s unique

Symmetrical all-wheel drive and a rugged and sporty design it’s an suv for the new third generation model the name crosstrek and subaru xv which have been used differently depending on the market have been unified into crosstrek globally the unique design of the conventional model has been further emphasized and the dynamic texture has been further refined in

Addition to the new generation eyesight a wide-angle monocular camera is also used for the first time as a japanese specification realizing high safety performance compared to its predecessor the new model’s body is more rigid by using a full inner frame structure following the technique implemented in the levorg and wrx the upper body and underbody structures

Are no longer assembled separately allowing the suspension and engine mounts to better iron out road imperfections for a smoother drive with fewer vibrations felt through the cabin the front gets a larger hexagon grille that is connected to the slimmer and full led headlights looking pretty similar to the rest of subaru’s lineup with somewhat of a mazda-esque

Flavor the plastic protective trim now occupies more space on the front bumper enhancing the adventurous looks in combination with the fender add-ons and the pronounced roof rails the profile is an evolution of the same theme with a familiar window line muscular fenders plus new designs for the 17-inch or 18-inch wheels at the back the smaller c-shaped led tail

Lights are better integrated within the body work while the tailgate and the rear bumper are more sculpted than before similarly the plastic cladding on the rear bumper has been increased housing the diffuser style skid plate and the reflectors while the rugged exterior styling is more along the lines of an evolution the interior has been significantly revised to

Accommodate the new infotainment system it uses the same 11.6 inch touchscreen with portrait orientation as we’ve seen in other recent subarus but without the fully digital instrument cluster you’ll find in the jdm spec leveler or wrxes4 the 2023 crosstrek gets redesigned seats for improved comfort by offering better support and a revised structure to reduce

Shaking engineers also installed new sound deadening materials all making tweaks to the dual pinion electric power steering and the latest eyesight safety tech with the third generation model the crossover has full led headlights as well as led cornering lamps a first for a subaru measuring 176.3 inches in length and 70.9 inches in width the crosstrek is 15

Millimeter longer than the model it replaces while being just as wide it’s 62.2 inches tall and carries over the 105.1 inches wheelbase of its predecessor up to 18-inch wheels are available and there’s a minimum ground clearance of 200 millimeters depending on specification it weighs between 3 395 to 3 571 pounds subaru is tight-lipped about the technical

Specifications of the powertrain only saying the jdm-spec crosstrack gets an e-boxer setup with a 2-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor we do know tweaks have been made to the ice and gearbox to reduce vibration and noise the third generation will initially go on sale in japan next year before heading to other markets you

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