New SUV #Cadillac #Lyriq 2023 its first electric car with an impressive appearance

#CadillacLyriq 2023 its first electric car with an impressive appearance

Cadillac lyric 2023 its first electric car with an impressive appearance cadillac lyric 2023 cadillac’s electric car starts at 62 990 and is billed as the rare convergence of our technology and performance overview cadillac s first entry into the luxury electric vehicle market will be the lyric suv which offers sharp styling and a modern cabin cadillacs is both

Single and dual engine rear wheel drive models will be offered and its new suv will have a driving range of more than 300 kilometers lyric has been designed from the ground up and will use general motors new extended battery architecture what’s new for cadillac lyric for 2023 lyric isn’t just a brand new take on the american luxury car brand it is also cadillac’s

First all-electric product when it goes on sale it will go head-to-head with heavyweights like the audi e-tron jaguar i-pace and tesla model x the base price of the lyric 2023 is 62 990 and is billed as a rare convergence of art technology and performance appearance cadillac lyric 2023 it looks like cadillac s designers have drawn the roofline of the new lyric

As low as possible however this approach has an impact on rear headroom and trunk space compare that to the bmw x5 as a prime example of a successful mid-sized suv crossover however the outer shape will be more impressive and advanced the shape of the usual cadillac grille but camouflaged among the intricate arrangement of lines interestingly the cover of the

Charging socket located just behind the front wheel on the driver’s side can be folded out and down instead of just flipping to the side it opens by pressing the top of the cadillac and paint colors are set in steel metallic and stellar black metallic interior although the concept car only has four seats and the center console splits two front seats and two rear

Seats with touch screen for rear passengers the production car used a more traditional rear bench seat cadillac says the use of a dedicated ev architecture allows for a more airy and spacious cabin with plenty of space for passenger comfort more advanced noise cancellation technology is said to reduce road noise inside the cabin the interior looks spacious but

Will reserve our assessment until we get a chance to test drive a lyric ev engine the lyric will come standard in rear wheel drive with an electric motor on the rear axle all-wheel drive will be optional and add a second engine up front to drive those wheels cadillac has said that the lyrics all-wheel drive system will make 500 horsepower it has a 100 kilowatt

Hour battery pack that powers a rear mounted electric motor that produces 340 horsepower 254 kilowatts slash 345 ps and 325 lbft 440 newton meters of torque battery system and active range p general motors is launching a new line of ev battery technology with lyric called ultium scalable technology allows automakers to produce batteries ranging in size from 50.0

Kilowatt hours to 200 kilowatt hours although the largest size is said to be only for full-sized ev pickups like the upcoming gmc hummer ev sut cadillac lyric 2023 will on the battery pack with a capacity of about 100 kilowatt hours and is capable of driving for 312 500 to 2 kilometers miles per charge dc fast charging will be standard but the lyric will also be

Able to charge on the home outlet infotainment and connectivity lyric 2023’s dashboard is the same as the new 2021 escalade dominated by a giant 33.0 inch curved advanced led display serves as both the suv’s infotainment system and the driver’s gauge display in the escalade the infotainment system is controlled by a wheel on the center console a boom for drivers

Who don’t like touch screens apple carplay android auto and a wi-fi hotspot are standard features when lyric 19 speaker stereo system from the high-end audio experts at ekg safety and driver assistance features however we expect the cadillac lyric 2023 will equip it with many driver assistance features cadillac says the brand supercrew semi-autonomous driving

Technology will also be offered key safety features may include standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection lane departure warning available with lane keep assist adaptive cruise control available with semi-autonomous driving mode

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