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New Tesla Model Y collection day – huge event in Southampton, UK. Plus S3XYR all together

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At last the UK receives en-mass the Tesla Model Y. Here is me collecting my one at a HUGE handover event. Probably circa 1,000 cars being collected from one location in a single day.

Good morning everybody i hope you’re all well i certainly am although it’s early start this morning saturday morning 7 30 a.m now and i’m standing in southampton docks and the reason is at last it’s model y collection day been a long time coming to the uk but they are here and they’re here in their hundreds we’re southampton docks here we’ve got the uh horizon

Cruise terminal behind that is where the ships actually unload all these cars into those car parks over there and various compounds and here we can see streams of model wires coming in and one of them has got my name on it so come with me we’re going to go and collect the car and i’ll show you around and show you my new car the first thing we’ve seen as we come into

A greeted by the police car now we’ve been speaking to the uh the chap in the police who are trying various electric cars and they’ve got this model 3 on trial and it’s been going around the different forces in the uk so interesting to see that in the flesh and uh i’ve been speaking to him we might be able to get some more time with that car one day so that’ll be

Another video soon but let’s concentrate on model y collection day come with me i’ve yeah just checked in you got me so registered you can just grab your lanyard from my colleague excellent thank you very much look at this very grand isn’t it how are you doing good morning is it just a generic one yeah yes sir yep thank you very much cheers i’ve got this and

Then i go and get a boarding pass i must admit before when i’ve collected cars from southampton the tesla site here it’s a much smaller affair it’s not normally like this when you collect a tesla from southampton but this is pretty interesting i like it that’s a sped up bit good morning excellent so we’re checking in like an airport do we have to go right now

All the perfect stuff’s going to be down there no problem i’ll check in i’ve got my boarding card thank you thank you yes yes one in delayed so that step they were just they called it getting your boarding card but they were just getting um checking your driving license did a signature so it’s all done i’ve got my card on my number plate this is it this is my

Key i think that’s a good place to start harry so our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy everything we do at manchester relates back to our mission and it really is at the heart of everything we do so whether you’re an existing customer or new here today we thank you for being part of our journey and helping us continue to

Drive our mission let me know how really you are to collect your model y i know it’s 30 but i think we can do better one more time three two one right so your car is in d1 so d for delta then the number one the section d is on the right hand side once you come out head in that direction and go to bay one you’ll see an entire team there that will help you with it

Thank you thank you cheers so here we are this is it deep blue white interior the 20 inch wheels yes i’ve said the rides a little bit firm but if it’s firm anyway you might as well like michelin so that’s good let’s have a look well the weather yesterday was a storm so i must admit i wasn’t expecting it to be dry and sunny i think i’ll give it a proper clean when

We get back but uh let’s have a quick look around it just check it’s all okay it’s a bit dirty but we literally had storm eunice yesterday so that’s pretty difficult conditions panel alignment looks good careful of these quiet cars so we’ve got ppf on here to protect this bit from stone chips this is something that we fit on the model threes but it seems to come

On the model wise as standard it’s a line that goes like that much needed we’ve got front um mud flaps by the way so look how bendy are they oh it’s good so have a look around it make sure everything’s good we only have the five seaters watch your backs you see any uh scratches or chips guys watch your backs nice and quiet these cars so the 19-inch wheels have

Got cooked tires i think have they yeah the 90s world’s got hand cooks i like michelin says one of the reasons i like to go for the 20-inch yeah there’s a bit of dust and debris but it’s okay i think can’t see any damage can you surge anything look okay panel alignment all these are these are made in china cars all the cars are made in china cars and uh all the

Recent model threes for the last just over a year uh nearly a year have been made in china cars now shipped over here and i’ve been including quite a lot of new cars and they’ve all been absolutely fine for build quality i must say build quality fine paint fit and finish everything fine the only problem we have really is usually you know like this it’s outdoors

So if it’s raining they get dirty and like this one it’s not perfectly clean and shiny uh but we’re just kind of used to that now when you’re doing as many cars as this it’s pretty hard to get all this inside of course so uh yeah it looks good i’ve checked the outside i’m just going to quick check with all the inside bits okay so what i do when i get the car so

I’ve come into the app and um the car wasn’t connected it’s a mobile access was off so it tells you on the app what to do basically so you just go to the app and you’ll see your car and it will tell you what to do so go to controls which is a little car icon on the screen go to safety and allow mobile access then suddenly the car connects and we can see it on the

App and there we are with the door open i’ve allowed keyless driving on that same page as well and then in the app here with the car it will say uh set up phone as a key because we don’t want to keep using these key cards the phone will be your key so follow the prompts from there allow keyless driving that connects straight away and i’ve just done that so i’m now

Connected my phone is the key to this car what do i do next not too much i can drive away in a minute i’m going to just hit the navigate button at the top of the mapping system there just hold that for a second set home and i’m going to put my home address in so don’t look at this bit okay so my home address is in save us home and that means now i can just swipe

To the right there and it will navigate me home although i’m going to go to work first what am i going to do bottom of the screen here i’m going to press a little phone icon if you don’t see the phone icon there push a little three dots icon and you’ll see a phone icon on the screen here and here i’m going to pair with the bluetooth so i’m going to connect to the

Phone so go to your phone settings same as any other car and pair my phone if my phone wasn’t crashed it’s not because it’s an iphone it’s not because it’s an iphone it’s an intensively used phone it’s a few years old okay so add new device start search i’ve got a lot of cars already connected here but this is gonna be a new one so it’s found my phone i click

That adding device then i’ll get a prompt on the screen and on here and i will pair allow and now my phone is paired on here i’m going to set this as a priority device and i can also click on here to sync messages as well to do that i need to go to the car setting in my phone here and do show notifications on that bluetooth connection and that will allow me now

If i get a text message the car can display and read that out which is good i like that so i use it all the time and then you have to reconnect it there which is just doing now and that’s about it really other than that you’re getting yourself comfortable and the car here is downloading a software update now already so press the control icon again on the screen

And there’s a little bit that says profile at the top i’m going to create driver profile and put my name in there and create profile now it gives me the prompt to adjust the mirrors so i use the scroll wheel here just to adjust my mirrors a little bit and then i can save that and i’ve got my profile so every time you adjust anything it will give you a prompt on

The screen to save it so you get your seat how you like it save it if you want to adjust your steering wheel here again at the top one there controls steering up down in and out i’ll bring this out towards me of course every time i do anything save one last thing i recommend before you drive off obviously if you’ve never been a test before just have a good look

Around the screen and familiarise yourself there’s not too much to do i always just push the button at the end of the stalk for the wipers like that and then press auto because the wipers are off by default and often you know if you drive along it starts raining people are kind of wondering how to get the the wipers on so phone’s connected got my navigation wipers

Are on let’s go okay so this is my car with the 20-inch wheels i’m about to leave here over here is my friend’s car and he has the 19-inch wheels is there going to be a difference in the efficiency between these well we’re both driving to the same destination back to our showroom not too far it’s about 25-30 miles but their cars have been treated the same they’ve

Been parked and we’ve both just got in the cars now so the two intensive purposes are equal and on factory tyre pressures we’re just picking these up brand new so let’s take them back and drive in convoy at the same speed and we’ll see if the 20 inch wheels are less efficient than the 19s so here we are depending on the docks this is the first drive in this model

Y and there’s a convoy of model wise driving along here i have done before as you’ve probably seen in other videos and uh it’s all very familiar if you’ve driven a model 3 it’s basically exactly the same so um but there’s a little stream of model wise we’ll be pouring out of here all day long which is cool uh what we’ve got now is the cameras will just calibrate

So we just got a calibration in process for the uh it’s looking at the lanes so that that calibrates for the autopilot system and um that usually doesn’t take too long about five minutes of driving on a continuous uh road and then that will be done and that’s it so let’s take a drive back for the forest and enjoy my new car i’ve just noticed it was it was reading

Kilometers per hour so i’ve just gone to controls which is that little car icon the screen is a display i’ve just switched over to miles so i’m just playing miles per hour now which will avoid me getting uh speeding tickets my little niggle before with the model y is like the model 3 sometimes it just feels a bit fidgety on the road it’s quite a firm car it kind

Of has to be needs to body control it’s actually you know obviously a high performance car so um it does need to be on the firmer side but this would be interesting to see now what it’s like to live with uh as i use it as a family car and it’s half time next week so we’ll do some trips away and all that kind of stuff so i’m just looking on here and my colleagues

Having a thumb around now we can’t find radio which we know where it is on the model 3 but it doesn’t seem to be on this car here right now i don’t know why the little icon for it isn’t on there that’s just the sound system according to justin all ready come on guinness what you got there oh here we go right here it’s been disabled why okay so the radio i don’t

Know why but in audio settings so uh bring up say play music on your bluetooth phone there’s a little settings icon on the right uh looks like a little equalizer where you can adjust the tone and bass anything like that but one of those is sources and the radio is just turned off so we’ll turn it on and then we should have the radio so just checking here i’ve got

The amd ryzen chip and by the way i do also have the double glazed rear windows now so not just front windows like in our model 3’s we’ve got double glazed rear windows which is lovely if you want to name your tesla you just press the controls icon and go to software and you’ll see an option that says name your vehicle i’ve called mine why front like the pants

I don’t know think of a better name but what’s it like to drive uh like say if you’re used to a model 3 is very familiar to you uh you notice that the wing mirrors are slightly different they’re not that’s kind of taller not very wide and but the visibility in this car is amazing look at the headroom is amazing and the fact that that seat is just off the floor

It’s just more comfortable i like that i like the fact that my legs are down a little bit far more room in the back and it’s nice it drives nice yeah lovely the visibility is epic this dashboard is nice and low down so it feels like a nice car i think this will do as a family car for a little while and there we are just back from our little trip i’ve collected it

And we’re straight into like an open day event at our work now so i’m going to call it rap so that collection video there as we know from before lovely car lovely thing to drive great space inside got that sporting edge good fun in terms of efficiency uh well it was only this it was on less than 30 miles that journey but we got uh 259 watt hours a mile from the

19 inch wheel car and mine was a bit less efficient at 267 i think it was so um not the best test but do more tests of that and do a longer distance to do uh yeah more comparison on that but as you’d expect the bigger wheels so far i do seem possibly a little bit less efficient speak to you soon thanks for watching i’m is you

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New Tesla Model Y collection day – huge event in Southampton, UK. Plus S3XYR all together! 😍 By RSymons RSEV