New VinFast VF8 Rivals of Hyundai IONIQ 5 and Tesla Model Y

New VinFast VF8 Rivals of Hyundai IONIQ 5 and Tesla Model Y

Vin fast vf8 includes two versions eco and plus both versions are similar in size and safety technology but there are differences in the battery system engine and vehicle amenities in addition this mid-size electric car has an upgrade in the engine system as well as driver assistance technology and smart features compared to the vfe34 and previous petrol models to

Meet the needs of customers vietnamese and foreign products dimensions length width height 4750 millimeters 1900 millimeters 1660 millimeters wheelbase 2950 millimeters this is the ideal size for a mid-size suv balances the vehicle structure highlights the sporty liberal design from italy pin and farina and at the same time supports the car with good traction

Control and responsiveness maneuverability on any terrain ground clearance 180 millimeters helps the car move stably avoiding imbalance when cornering vin fast vf8 electric car is equipped with two electric motors at the front and rear axles for a maximum capacity of up to 260 kilowatts equivalent to 349 horsepower eco version and 300 kilowatts equivalent to 402

Horsepower in the version plus vin fast cooperates with the world’s leading electric vehicle battery manufacturers such as prologium taiwan production of solid voltage batteries to increase vehicle travel time store.israel provides fast charging batteries so the battery system on each vf8 car ensures the vehicle’s mileage on a full charge of european standards wltp

Specifically normal charging time 11 kilowatts is less than eight hours and the distance according to european standards for two battery versions is 460 kilometers and 510 kilometers super fast battery charging time from 10 to 70 percent is 24 minutes can be charged at home or at vin fast charging stations nationwide vin fast vf8 offers a variety of exterior colors

For users to freely choose suitable for age preferences and personal styles such as brahmany white white to sat silver silver mystique red red neptune gray gray luxury blue blue jet black black the bird-shaped led daytime running light system embracing the v logo is featured in the exterior design of all vin fast models integrated rear view mirror mirror drying

And turn signal light the interior space of the vin fast vf8 electric car is designed to be streamlined creating a spacious and comfortable space for the occupants vf8 has a design of five seats two rows of comfortable seats the instrument cluster in front of the driver is simplified for the driver to easily observe in front along with important information such as

Speed battery capacity through the display screen on the hud steering glass the central entertainment screen has a size of 15.6 inches large resolution reducing the number of physical buttons to help users easily monitor and control features during operation phone connection usb type-c in particular the vf8 is equipped with a heated seat system in the eco version

And a combination of heating and ventilation in the plus version this feature is suitable for users in the cold winter in vietnam and european countries in addition the vin fast vf8 electric car has an air filter mode in the combi 1.0 cabin providing a fresh space for the occupants like the electric car v34 the standout feature is the virtual assistant voice control

System the system is capable of supporting users to ask and answer information and perform a variety of hands-free tasks on the go in addition vin fast vf8 electric car in both eco and plus versions has 12 groups of smart features the safety system on vinfast vf8 electric vehicles is expected to achieve the highest quality and safety standard certification a znnc

Ap5 star new car safety assessment for southeast asian countries euro ncap 5 star european car safety assessment nhtsa five-star road traffic safety assessment program of the u.s national traffic safety administration the system of 11 airbags includes one front passenger airbag one co-driver’s seat two curtain airbags two side airbags for the front seats two side

Airbags for the rear seats two airbags for the foot protection of the seats front one central airbag for the front seats

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New VinFast VF8 Rivals of Hyundai IONIQ 5 and Tesla Model Y By Auto TopSV