New VOLKSWAGEN Golf 8 R-Line 2021 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, ambient lights)

Today I show you the first details of the 2021 Volkswagen Golf 8 with R-Line package. This is the first time that I saw it with R-Line trim and it looks very good, especially with the KINGS RED Metallic color. Model in the video has the 2.0 TDI diesel engine with 150 HP, so R-Line is just exterior & interior package for this car.

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video and today it’s gonna be a quick review of the new golf eight with the r line so i already did review of the standard golf you can check that out on my channel for more you know in-depth look but today we are focusing on this airline trim now this is actually the first time that i see it in flash

And it looks very aggressive indeed so you do have this front light that is connecting at the front lights then we have the new logo and this all looks very aggressive especially with this new airline specific front bumper which you see here with this large air inlets they are indeed fake ones but they do look nice especially with this gloss black elements and

This splitter down there let me also show you uh this r badge the new one and then this car has this very cool iq matrix led lights moving on to the side of the car this one has the optional 18 inch diamond cut wheels which would be my personal favorites for this car so the r line comes with 17 inch as standard and then this is optional if you do have the our

Badge down there as well and side skirts i don’t know if you can see you can actually they have this gloss black finish extensions much more aggressive than the standard golf and overall i mean just look at this this looks very very nice indeed panoramic roof also on this one and tinted windows as well and moving on to the rear of the car we do have the r

Specific rear bumper with unfortunately fake exhausts so let me actually come closer here so yeah completely fake the real one down there but i do love this gloss black finish with sort of like a diffuser and well yeah this does look good tell me in the comments what do you guys think about it uh personally i am a big fan of the r line actually so i think the

R line looks much better than the rest of the golf eight trims and yeah you do have this sort of like a spoiler roof spoiler and uh yeah this is the view of the bumper from this angle let me show you also the interior of the car so the r line has this specific elements such as this alcantara you have a lovely ambient lights here in the door pockets as well as

On the uh you know this door panels and then moving on here we have a full digitalization going on as expected so 10.25 inch digital cockpit is standard on all golf eight models and then this is the optional 10 inch middle screen touchscreen and looks very nice especially with this ambient lights and with this our specific carbon fiber imitation and the seats

Well yeah they are actually also um specific for the airline trim so these are the sport seats with integrated headrest and the new our logo down there with the lovely alcantara and i think overall this looks very nice let me actually have a seat so here actually not much has changed compared to the regular you know golf you do have the sport steering wheel with

The flat bottom and the r logo and when you press the start button it comes to life and well that’s it pretty much you know you can change of course the ambient lights you do have the gesture control uh we can go here and change the ambient lighting uh you have various preset modes since this car is red this is not a bad theme so everything goes to red and then

Yellow as well as a cool one and individually you can adjust you know any color you want on this so let’s put it to blue and yeah this does look very very nice indeed and we will need to turn off the infotainment system because the battery is pretty low uh you have this touch sensitive buttons on the steering wheel and personally i’m not a huge fan of those

But that’s about it for the interior once again if you want to see full you know review of the interior you can do that by checking out my channel and i did a review of the style version actually let’s check out the spec so we do have the version with the 2-liter tdi packed with the r-line 150 horsepower diesel with the dhg transmission and king’s red is the

Name of the color if you are wondering it’s a beautiful color especially in the light and these are all optional extras so led plus main lamps so actually this car does have led plus lights but you do have the iq logo down there but i believe you can also upgrade those to the iq matrix and then navigation system discover pro 10 inch touchscreen 3d navigation of

The europe and so on so on and the full price for this car is here i’ll put the euro amount on your screen so let’s do another walk around let me show you the key so this is the key and when you unlock it would get this cool animation but unfortunately the car doesn’t have you know the battery so let’s try and just put the lights like this and now you have this

Lighting bar which illuminates all around the lights and this really looks beautiful tell me in the comments how do you like it thank you very much for watching and do subscribe for more videos see you on the next one bye bye

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New VOLKSWAGEN Golf 8 R-Line 2021 – FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, ambient lights) By crospotter13