New Volvo XC40 – available now

Volvo XC40 – immediately available – brand new unregistered cars.

Hi there my name’s david from ray chapman motors in moulton just want to put a quick video out for everybody uh just talking about some xc40s new car stock we have with immediate availability now they are the xc40 b3 plus cars same as this vehicle right here i’m going to go around show you a few of the features on the vehicle these are immediately available they

Are brand new cars not registered we have 12 of them currently they’re not going to be here for long so the b3 plus comes with the new upgraded style shape headlights with the thor’s hammer led daytime running light which also doubles as your indicator on the car looks fantastic really bright and stand out front fog lights stand on the cars along with front

Parking centers now the front parking centers working turning with the rear parking sensors and the rear camera on the car all standard features on this plus model so one of the great features this car has keyless entry very simple feature to activate hand in the handle unlocks hand on the back of the handle car locks now it only works because the keys in my

Pocket and that’s near the lock that i’m trying to get into if you try and access one of the other doors you know the key that’s not going to work now if you pop around the back here one of the greater features is if you have key in your pocket key in your bag load it up you come to the car and you want to get yourself in you can kick the boot open really great

When you’ve got handfuls of shopping handfuls of kids all that type of stuff put your stuff in the car press the button the boot closes nice and simple nice and easy so jump in the car screen looks a bit different it’s the new google automotive services it’s a system that volvo are going to use going forward it is so much better than the previous one really is an

Upgrade live traffic updates with google fantastic on point every single time the the interface that you see looks quite similar a little bit different nice and easy to utilize but it has a few tricks up its sleeve like being able to go in and change it to a satellite view now when you go onto satellite view you get an up-to-date map a google map of where you’re

Going it looks great it looks new it looks fresh so one of the other great features of the google automotive services is the ability to talk to the car to get it to help you on your way hey google take me to castle howard please in one hour of when you arrive the system gives you factual information off their website little things like that really can help them

Stop an emergency or an issue now take that one step further hey google play bbc radio one playing bbc radio 1 on radio now we don’t have a phone connected to this car however you can voice activate your phone as well you can voice activate heated seats for the passenger for the driver heated steering wheel for the driver a heated front screen and now in the

Cars one step further heated rear seats for the rear passengers on the outers car finishes itself off with a few really nice touches usbc charging points there’s two of those a wireless charger if you have an up-to-date phone it’s a bit newer it’s very likely that you’re going to be able to wirelessly charge your phone and the car as you go anywhere and then they

Don’t take things out so auto lights auto wipers cruise control all standard features still in these cars they really are jam packed full of features and they come in at 39.965 under 40 000 pounds so in summary guys we have 12 b3p plus xc40s available for immediate delivery they’re brand new cars we’ve got some great finance offers naught percent finance low rate

Pcp finance get in touch with this give us a call at moulton just come down any of the sales guys here can help you out we’ll make an offer for you if you’re a loyal customer already there’s some bonus money available for you and if you’re not yet with the brand we’ve actually got a bit of bonus money to help get you into us as well come and see us get in touch

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New Volvo XC40 – available now! By Ray Chapman Motors Volvo – Malton and York