NEW VW Polo GTI (207hp) | 0-245 km/h acceleration | by Automann in 4K

Hot hatch fast Autobahn run with the facelifted 2022 Polo GTI delivering 207 hp & 320 Nm of torque. Power still goes through the front wheels (winter tires) and a 7-speed DSG. The engine delivers great punch from low rpms & the overall car has a lot of everyday usability! Please also make sure to follow all our stuff about this car on instagram! #Polo #GTI #Autobahn

So so hello everybody how are you doing um we are sitting back in a volkswagen gti but this is the polo gti a very very long time since we’ve driven let’s say the pre-phase lifted polo gti meaning that this is the all-new 2122 model here and with all the updates outside but also inside there are some some very nice updates um specifically the steering wheel which

Is now of course um as we know it from from the golf 8 and you you might hate it or you might love it at least it looks more modern has more functionality on it and um yeah i think overall a pretty good package engine pulls very strong at low rpms i can already tell you that much and of course now we want to find out using the race box how fast it goes to 100 and

Later on on the autobahn also 100 200 of course as usual at this time of the year we have winter tires on and they probably will struggle to put the power down but but let’s see nevertheless i’m anxious to see the time so that was the first run 6.6 seconds which is almost i would say what the factory is claiming um yeah but maybe we do a second one something

That i’ve already found out is that the steering is not too direct i don’t know if you can change the steering uh even more because i haven’t sport everything in sport now it’s a it’s a pretty lazy car i would say from a steering perspective but but feels nice anyhow specifically once driving around town so next try launch control 0-100 ah that was a 6.4 seconds

That’s even a tenth quicker although we are on winter tires and yeah chassis is quite okay i would say but the winter tires are definitely that point which is not let’s say perfect but let’s now head on on to the autobahn because i think they are the winter tires will make a smaller difference at 100 to 200. um so i guess we have seen some pretty decent times

Um first of all we pretty much managed to do the 6.5 what the factory is claiming although we have the winter tires on which of course do not give the perfect traction and secondly also the 100 200 time is below 20 seconds and i think yeah for such a small and compact car um that is already pretty good and you can really feel that two liter engine in the game here

Because yeah it got plenty of torque specifically in the lower mid rpms and and and also of course has the power at the higher rpms you sometimes have the feeling that this is somehow a detuned golf gti engine because at the top end probably the gti um and specifically of course the gti club sport just feel a lot more lively um but nevertheless i think it’s a it’s

It’s a great car there’s an entirely different character than the i20n so um if you if you’re comparing this to the i20n i would say it’s not a fair game because i28n is loud harsh um probably does not have let’s say the quality inside but but has definitely technology in their um manual transmission of course this car is more yeah the everyday car that you want

To live with better transmission of course you have a dsg it’s isolated well um yeah it’s overall it’s the it’s the way better the car i mean we have we don’t need to debate about it but if you’re really looking for a bang on hatch loud and sporty you need to go to the i20 and i think that’s pretty clear

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