New work truck 2022 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab

What’s up everybody welcome back to the channel today is actually thanksgiving so happy thanksgiving everybody i hope you guys are having a good day enjoying it with your family friends whoever you’re with um hopefully you have a good meal to eat today you can watch some football do whatever you enjoy but anyway the reason i am recording a video is because i am at

My parents house for thanksgiving obviously and i got a new work truck this week this right here is my old silverado it is a 2019 this is what i have been driving for the past i don’t know two two or two or so years but this truck is actually going to my uncle now because he started working for us and he lives down in the county that i work it is about an hour

Away from here and i would drive this every day to get there so obviously racked up the mileage gas is pretty expensive with it and now it’s going to be saying in the county that it’s working and so it’ll keep the mileage down and less gas money in that truck and whatnot but also this truck is getting a plow on it that is what these are for the wires there is

For the electric and stuff this is part of the frame for the plow and i think next week maybe even later this maybe tomorrow but i think next week this truck is going to the shop that is installing the rest of it and then we will have that finished and down to our shop in rockland but it is a nice truck i will definitely miss driving this it is a decent sized

Truck it’s only a 1 500 it’s got a short bed but i mean for what i did it was perfect uh pretty nice in here i don’t know if you guys have ever seen the interior but you’ve definitely seen videos of me towing my car with this and also just in the background um it is not not that bad of a truck it did me well the thing i liked the most about it is the electric

Outlet you could plug your phone like the block to your phone right in right there and it would charge it fast rather than using like a usb it’s usually a little bit of a slower charge so that is one thing that i’m definitely gonna miss pretty much everything else that’s on this truck i have on my new truck um the new truck is a work truck so it’s not as nice

Inside and uh i mean it has everything it has everything that this truck has so it’s just different ways to get to it the only thing it doesn’t have really is that outlet but time to show you my new truck this is a 2022 chevy so i am downgrading in size but like i said i travel an hour an hour to work every day um this will be a little bit better on gas i

Don’t necessarily need a truck like a bigger truck i’m saying because a lot of the time i’m only grabbing small stuff whether it be parts for a machine or a truck or really anything we do a lot of stuff so uh a lot of the time it’s not anything crazy that i need obviously if i want to tow something i will use the other truck because we’re not getting rid of it

We’re still gonna have it but this truck i actually think i actually think this truck is a little bit nicer i like i do like the paint matched bumper i like the color of the wheels better it’s like a gunmetal metallic um it’s not a bad looking truck the grill pretty cool as you can see it’s like in and out and whatever um this one it kind of looks the same

But it’s all it’s all smooth the thing i do like more about this truck than that one are the headlights these headlights are definitely more aggressive plus this whole little air vent cut thing whatever you want to call that um so it’s a little bit more aggressive the headlights on here are whatever i mean it is what it is but i’ve driven it for two days

Now and i really enjoy it so this is the interior of it like i said it is a work truck package um crew cab short bed obviously so nothing too crazy but if you hop in here right here down here we have the usb as you can see no no outlet like the other truck um also this has a built-in brake control for the trailers so it’s like a tow package um oh another

Thing that this has here let me start it up real quick the dash is not not too bad but one second let that disappear as you can see you have apple carplay and android auto so that is a nice upgrade with you just plug your phone into your usb and it automatically pops up so that is nice the other truck definitely did not have that but this is not bad shifter

Down here rather than on the column like the other truck um but yeah i mean it’s got pretty much everything i could need except it’s a little bit smaller so i got that loaded up with stuff got my toolbox in here which as you can see is very tight in here let me open that back door real quick but yeah so i got a bunch of my stuff in here toolbox well this is like

Wrenches stuff like that sockets and whatnot that is all my other stuff for work got my boots whatever but as you can see this is a little tight in here this is where i put my seat and it is pretty much up against it so could be a little bit bigger but it’s not that bad it works um like i said i drive an hour to work every day so this will be a little bit better on

Gas and also we’ll keep the mileage down on the other truck because that’s like i don’t know it’s a 2019 it’s got like probably like 85 000 miles on it so i drive quite a bit so this truck as you can see is 162 miles so i’ve driven it picked it up from the dealership drove it to work drove it around a little bit um i haven’t really gotten that much seat time in

It but i do enjoy it so i figured i would just let me turn this off i figured i would make a quick little video just showing the new work truck and uh yeah this is what you guys will be seeing me in if i continue to make work related videos or i might you know what i’m gonna do i’m gonna connect the trailer that i have to this and see how well it tows the hell

Do i open this i haven’t opened this hood yet this oh there it is all right so you get the v6 but you get a nice piece of plastic to look at so nothing really too crazy under here the power on it is decent it’s a small truck it weighs i have no clue what it weighs but it’s very light it’s not heavy at all so the power to weight ratio is pretty good for this

Um but yeah it’s got the tow package so i am gonna connect the trailer to it tow that around and then put my car on it one day maybe not this year because it is gonna snow this weekend unfortunately so that might mean that my car is getting parked so i have plans to make one more video at least with it this weekend saturday and then if it does snow sunday and

They put salt in the roads not taking the car out anymore so that will be the end of the season but fingers crossed that it does not snow because i would like to enjoy that car pretty much i wouldn’t mind if it didn’t snow at all but i would like to enjoy it through at least like midway of december but that’s uh the nature of the beast you never know when it’s

Really gonna snow but anyway that pretty much wraps up this video it was a bit different just introducing the new truck and saying goodbye to the old truck even though we’re still gonna own it but uh yeah hope you guys enjoyed it i hope you guys have a good thanksgiving i will see you guys next time peace

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