NFS Heat – Joes Polestar 1, Hero Edition (,461,925)

We buy Joe’s Polestar 1 Hero Car in the latest update of Need For Speed Heat!

Guys it was grinding while my update video was rendering and guess what we now have enough to buy joe’s polestar alright i’ll start one here audition that’s 20 now that’s some pretty impressive stats as you can see not maxed out but it’s still decent i don’t know if we gonna engine swap it it’s already probably swapped right but there we go buying it 1.4 million

Dollars yeah i want to use it i was already fast out of the gate or spa yes there it is i want to know what the license plate means i think it’s like a zip code i think it’s a hint well i never noticed the little patches in our ear what is that like a working solar panels you will cells just glass in the trunk i don’t even know that is that’s pretty fancy first

On me i always forget this one a bit live tuning okay move my face out of the way we’re gonna do track control on actually goes up a lot we have to max it out first let’s leave it right there test that out since why man why boy like it i like it lab airbags new we need airbags all right we’re gonna take you to the garage and see what we can do to this thing

All right let’s see what we can do this thing if anything all right so customization is completely unavailable we can’t change anything is it on airbags now no airbags but i mean it’s it’s already slammed like it could probably talk a little more like i’m happy with that fitment the fitment is spot-on oh yeah you’re stuck with what you got all right yeah change

Of course you didn’t anywhere performance and we swapped the engine we could potential horsepower goes up huh what do we have oh my if we put the r35 gt-r engine in it it’s mental horsepower kimete 1430 atsa that’s pretty quick i don’t know i don’t think we own the polestar so i don’t know i’m assuming it’s the same engine swaps what’s the stock engine this thing

No be a hybrid right we sui engine swap it well we might as well make it a frickin gtr oh money alright so here’s the deal you know i have the money for the engine swap okay so it looks like we’re gonna have to just keep this one and put altima parts on it and see what happens so a plus we don’t have money for that i gotta go take them off another car brb okay so

With all ultimate plus parts best everything back engine we’re at 376 they’re just sixteen two point three three okay so can afford $600,000 right now or the r35 gt-r engine okay but we’re just gonna make do what we got for now okay yeah but 1,050 horsepower two liter i-4 hybrid engine the pole stars engine hey it’s still quick obviously it’ll get faster cuz it goes

Like 14 hours power so yeah we’ll definitely have to do a video on that but for now i’m okay with that okay so let’s take this thing out and what it does man i’m it’s not bad for stock engine no engine swap let’s take it actually i’m really curious to see how it does around the corners on the resorted circuit if it holds its speed or not or hope so with this shy

Norma swing i really wish we had 600,000 to attend you know i’m sure it’s the same as a pulsar same engines but if anybody is swapped the r35 engine into the polestar let me know it stats i’m sure it’s the same it’s got to be i doubt this would have different stats but i cannot confirm because i don’t own the full story yet i’m getting there i’m working on it

I need monies let’s see if this thing holds its speed good luck car and it’s nice nice to have nice to finally have it i wish we could put airbags on it it started um low so i guess it doesn’t matter see if this thing holds its key pull it straight off the line no the swirling motions it definitely would be faster we’ll get there but for right now this battle

Was just unlocked just dropped not even three hours ago two hours and 41 minutes to be back okay so we’re not we’re not a totally kind of went out right there into the wall we’re not even cutting cutting cut in and a bit more power it will probably hold it a little higher i don’t know what its gonna do around here it’s definitely not hitting max speed like other

Cars do all right well there’s that this is close you can hear a little like transmission wine at least i think it’s a transmission wine no no there might be like some hybrid engine wine thing i don’t even know either way it’s nice to finally be able to own the hero car without cheating i know a lot of people were like cheating to get it of course now we can

Get it with 1.4 million dollars so we can’t really test it against our rsr and our other times i think the ours are best i’ve done it’s like 128 on this course this thing’s not 400-plus yet we’ll get it there once i grind down though there’s six hundred thousand dollars and we put the other 35 ended into it i think the only thing left to do is take it out for a

Photo shoot thing is sick it’s nice to finally have it i wonder if i doubt it but maybe they release the parts you can put them on the regular pulsar i feel like that would defeat the purpose cuz then people just buy the pulsar for super cheap that’s where i was so so expensive that’s why all right we’re at nighttime now we’re gonna take it into a spot couple

Spots in the city and that i do some photo shoots with this beautiful car because until we can afford the engine swap we can’t really test this full potential and i don’t know if i’m sure somebody has taken the pulsar done and just whap and you know really see what it’s done so we haven’t yet so i can’t test the numbers only the time attacks or anything really you

On really the car on because there are no air bags so it really doesn’t matter i’m good with that look yes go up all right let’s go pick a different spot yes reflection of the brightest building kirk no but that’s not sexy oh i don’t even put in lightroom yet alright let’s go to another spot what are we gonna up here did it it shot us up here olo can’t move

The camera that’s weird try this this angle okay i was weird we got like stuck up there how does this look i think we got good enough once for now that’s joe’s polestar there it is you can now buy it for 1.4 million we’re gonna go back in another video and do the engine swap and put it into our vs. series gayle holds up and see if it’s at the same stats as the

Other pole star and this is bad boy dick i’m assuming it has the same stats it’s just body modifications insane love it anyway guys julia video hit the subscribe button and i’ll see you in the next one

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NFS Heat – Joe's Polestar 1, Hero Edition! ($1,461,925) By Kingdom Twelve