The 2023 ford maverick is finally here and with order banks opening customers are flooding to the dealers to get their affairs in order to get their hands on one finally with the release of the order guide and the packaging guide customers are able to see what options for this vehicle are available to them and definitely one of the coolest packages that stand out

Is the black appearance package now already the black appearance package is offered for other ford vehicles and it was really only a matter of time until it made its way over to the maverick and man is it really something to get excited about so the packaging guide states that it comes with 18 inch machine face ebony painted aluminum wheels and it contains black

Door handles grille instrument panel and door trims mirrors and the seats are black onyx also it comes with a black edition ford logo on the front and the back and it has a blacked out head lamp and tail lamp treatment also this package is available with any maverick exterior color and it’s for the xlt and the lariat so i can’t wait to see all the unique mavericks

That’s going to come from this now the bad news is the order guide states that the black appearance package is not available with the fx off-road package the trimmer off-road plus appearance package in the trimmer off-road package why i have zero clue now as you can see there is a photo that ford provided with this description but i don’t believe this is an accurate

Representation of this package just take the door handles for instance that’s the most obvious one it’s oxford white just as the truck is now in regards to the emblem it’s really tough to tell if that’s the ford blue emblem or the black appearance package emblem now i haven’t seen any official looks of the black appearance package 2023 ford maverick but i believe

This is the emblem that you should expect for it instead i hope we get the blacked out emblem that’s matte black and gloss this is from a 2022 ford f-150 platinum with the black appearance package now let’s kick it up a notch look at this 2022 f-150 platinum with the black appearance package and check out the headlamps and the tail lamps as well as those black

Grille accents ford maverick owners if you get anything remotely close to this you are winning you guys already know what my favorite color is in the maverick and thinking about these black accents contrasting off of it is unreal if i see it in the wild i am going to stop the owner and i have a million questions matter of fact i love how maverick owners always

Talk about how they get stopped everywhere to get asked questions about the truck that shows you how popular this thing is so let’s do a little bit of house cleaning and then we’re going to check out we just went past 800 subscribers and man that that happened fast and like always i’mma tell you guys thank you for subscribing and if you haven’t subscribed yet

Consider hitting that subscribe button as we have a lot more on the way also i want to know down in the comments are you going to go for the black appearance package on your ford maverick or are you going to just order a simple basic maverick and add all of these options later with ford due to all these features and packages that are currently under supply chain

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