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Nio ET7 | Chinas NEW EV

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In this video we will discuss the all new nio et7. Check out the cool specs of the new 2023 nio et7 electric sedan that I know you will love. Comment below If you would buy this car.

Foreign we will be discussing the all-new neo e27 the et7 is a smart electric flagship sedan with over 100 standard comfort safety and smart features its exterior cabin space digital cockpit performance and autonomous driving technology all aim to deliver the ultimate experience the et7 features neo’s latest nad neo autonomous driving technology including mio

Aquila super sensing and neo atom super computing nad brings a safer and more relaxing experience of autonomous driving from point a to point b gradually covering use cases from expressways urban parking to battery swapping starting at around sixty nine thousand dollars for the 70.0 kilowatt hour option the et7 and the model s will battle for the same buyers that

Said the price drops to around 58 000 if the buyer opts for neo’s battery as a service is bass subscription which allows drivers to swap their batteries that neo power swap stations in china for a fee of around 150 a month the power swap stations are neo’s answer to the time-consuming process of charging an electric vehicle the et7 features motors at front and rear

With a combined output of 643 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque the sedan is claimed to accelerate to 62 miles per hour in a swift 3.9 seconds inside the et7 features a 12.8 inch infotainment screen and a digital gauge cluster and it drops the air vent designs seen in neo’s other vehicles to adopt a look more akin to that of the tesla model 3. buttons are few

And far between and the steering wheel has a two-spoke design like that in new genesis vehicles neo has built up the nad full stack autonomous driving capability including perception algorithm localization control strategy and platform software neo aquila super sensing features 33 high performance sensing units including 11 8 megapixel high resolution cameras one

Ultra long range high resolution lidar five millimeter wave radars 12 ultrasonic sensors two high precision positioning units v2x and adms aquila can generate eight gigabyte data per second neo atom features four nvidia drive or in socks with a total computing power of 1016 tops the interior of et7 is a further interpretation of the second living room concept

A sophisticated and cozy mobile living space frameless windows and soft closed doors come standard for an easy ingress and egress experience et7 also marks the first application of carowind registered renewable raw tan on a production model for a green and natural experience the standard front and rear heated ventilated seats with massage offer a reassuring

And comfortable experience for every occupant neo’s second generation digital cockpit on the et7 has enhanced its in-car mobile connectivity and communication capabilities powered by the third generation qualcomm registered snapdragon trademark automotive cockpit platform the new 12.8 inch amoled center display has greatly improved resolution and contrast nomi

The world’s first in-car ai system continues to evolve the 7.1.4 immersive sound system with 23 speakers and one zero zero zero w total output is standard on all trim levels the et7 has inherited neo’s high performance dna with a 180 kilowatts permanent magnet motor in the front and a 300 kilowatts induction motor in the rear the et7 accelerates from 0 to 100

Kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds and has a 33.5 m braking distance from 100 kilometers per hour the et7 is engineered to meet both china and euro ncap 5 star safety standards its body structure featuring an ultra high strength steel aluminum hybrid body has a torsional stiffness of 37100 nm degree the smart air suspension and continuous damping control are

Standard on all ed7s the 4d dynamic control based on high definition maps and high precision sensors can detect road bumpiness and actively adjust the suspension for a more comfortable ride thanks for watching please hit that subscribe button if you enjoyed this video

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Nio ET7 | China's NEW EV By Tech Genius