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NIO Installs & Open First EV Battery Swap Station In Germany ET7 Model Coming To Europe

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1. NIO’s first battery swap station for electric cars in Germany has been officially deployed, ahead of the market launch of the NIO ET7 model later this year.

Everyone welcome back today we’re taking a look at neo now neo has recently installed the first battery swap station in germany and this market is primarily important for neo as this market will be primarily targeted by the neo et7 suv that is launching soon now this is neo’s first battery swap station for the company electric cars in germany and it’s officially

Deployed ahead of the market launch of the neo et7 that’s coming later this year now the station is located in dutch master sen in the certain part of the country on the a8 highway between munich and stutengard now this station was actually shown earlier this month leaving the neopower europe plants in hungary together with two station installed in norway one in

January and one in august there are currently three swapping stations for neo in europe now by the end of 2025 neo would like to install over 4 000 of the these individual stations including one thousand of these stations including one thousand of these station being located in china alone now in china the company already installed more than 1 100 stations for a total

Of 238 000 cars that are delivered so far now while battery substations are special features for neo vehicles let’s remind ourselves that the company has installed over 1 000 fast charging stations with more than 5360 individual stalls and over 870 destination charging slangers those are ac normal charging speed were regular with roughly 5470 individual styles

Now currently all of neo’s electric car models are compatible with the battery swap station because the company uses a standardized battery pack externally with the two capacity level a third one is in the pipeline now as the battery technology improves that the company probably will simply upgrade the battery capacity through the use of new modules maintained

In the pack’s compatibility now it’s already happened in china in 2021 when a new standard range hybrid cell battery i believe this was known as the ncm lfp with a 75 kilowatts replaced the previous ncm pack and the predecessor battery pack was only capable of 70 kilowatts per hour now the other type is 100 kilowatts per hour and that’s known as the ncm 811 type

While a high-end 150 kilowatts version will arrive in the future the neo second generation power swap station 2.0 introduced in april 2021 is quite capable with the potential to be used once every several minutes it should allow to quickly replenish range and to continue long distance travel now the 2.0 system has a total of 14 battery slots 13 battery slots versus

5 in the 1.0 version and an empty slot to pick up a discharge battery or an old or previous generation battery when upgrading now according to neo they are capable of completing up to 312 battery swaps per day which would mean 4.6 minutes or close to 277 seconds per swap including the automated parking now this is actually quite exciting i’ve seen images of the

Battery swap station in germany and it looks absolutely incredible super futuristic and what a wonderful way for neo to stand out as an ev brand now with the upcoming delivery of the first vehicle in germany neo customers will soon be able to experience the revolutionary charge and solution for themselves including fully automated battery swaps and this is what a

Company had to say now the battery swap station project which actually began in 2022 and june with installation partner tsg germany has been completed after three months of construction so it took three months of construction to get this battery swap station live and ready to be used by the public absolutely brilliant now the station is the size of two garages and

Will later be designed for up to 312 swaps per day up to 13 batteries are charged from 40 kilowatts to 80 kilowatts in a grid and a battery friendly manner that does not cause typical grid peaks near a set now additionally what’s really incredible is that we’ve actually got the managing director of neo germany this is ralph kranz and he had this to say and i quote

Nails the first oem in germany to establish a functioning power swap system standalized for all neo models battery swap in just five minutes he also added that this gives neo users maximum flexibility in addition to being able to switch to a different battery swap size at any time and thus upgrade the vehicle as needed in the future thoughts concern the life of

Their batteries are a thing of the past so people people were in charge that’s what they had to say so so far this is actually looking good neo is in hungary news in germany now and there are in norway as well this is absolutely fantastic so that’s what we’ve got to tell you today thank you for watching this video subscribe to see more and of course i’ll see you in our next video

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NIO Installs & Open First EV Battery Swap Station In Germany! ET7 Model Coming To Europe! By Monument