Nissan 400z vs Nissan 370z

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Today we are going to be comparing the nissan 400z versus the nissan 370z which car is gonna come out on top and which car is right for you should you hold off on buying that 370z and just wait for the new nissan z to come out that is what i’m here to tell you guys today we’re going to be comparing engine specs horsepower figures transmissions weight zero to 100

Times and the pricing in order for you to determine which car is better for you or which car is just blindly better so thank you so much for tuning in in today’s video i really do appreciate it and a quick little self plug here if you do love a z content videos like this one pov drives car meets all the cool stuff please consider checking out my channel and maybe

Hitting that subscribe it would really mean the world but nonetheless let’s get straight into this bomb ass video and the first car we are talking about is the nissan 370z which came out all the way back in 2009 a long 12 years ago this car is an absolute dinosaur of a sports car and it feels like it’s been out for even longer than 12 years because it looks so

Similar to the 350z but nonetheless it is a pretty solid car with some pretty good specs and awesome performance for the price so when it comes down to its performance it does have a 3.7 liter naturally aspirated v6 pumping out 332 to 350 horsepower that’s transferred to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual or a seven speed auto now this hefty boy weighs one

Thousand four hundred and sixty six kilos and does a zero to one hundred in about five point three to five and a half seconds they can get the base model starting at a base 30k going all the way up to 45k for that nismo flex so pretty affordable pretty decent definitely affordable on the used car market but how does it compare up to the new nissan 400z that is

Soon to be released now comparing this to the nissan z we do have to take into account all these specs are entirely speculative or from leaked sources and none of this is confirmed from nissan itself and this is quite a long time before the vehicle actually is coming out so we don’t fully know but we have a general idea on the specifications of the new nissan z

Now the new nissan z is likely to have the three liter twin turbocharged v6 from the q60 red sport now that engine pumps out about 400 horsepower and in one of the project cars game it did say it had 444 horsepower so i suspect that i’ll have somewhere between that range for horsepower figures now it’s gonna be rear wheel drive and it is gonna have a six speed

Manual transmission which is absolutely amazing good on unison for keeping that z heritage alive and i do suspect that it will have a nine speed automatic transmission option because nissan has partnered with mercedes and is putting nine speed autos in their newer cars it is gonna weigh approximately 1475 kilos also a figure from project cars which is only 10

Kilos heavier than the 370z now i do expect the 0-100 to be better or on par with the current supra so i suspect that it will be in between 3.4 being the best and 3.9 being the slowest for the new nissan z yet we don’t know we’ll have to see please argue down below in the comments what you think this car can do and it is rumored to have a base price of 35 grand

And it will be 45 grand for the nissan z with full options now this won’t affect engine this is going to be like brakes and your leather trim and all these other goodies that you need on the inside uh maybe some exterior stuff but at the core of the car it is going to be the same horsepower engine so it’s not really going to make a difference if you just want

That performance you should be able to just buy that base model and just perform just as well as the 45 000 version so now that we understand the two cars the prices and the specs which one is better which car is the one to buy now when we compare the two cars specs here we can see a few notable differences mainly coming from the horsepower and the zero to 100

Times that’s pretty much the only difference here obviously the zero to 100 and the horsepower figures are a lot better and the prices don’t really change if these are actually the base prices we’ll be able to purchase that this will be absolutely beautiful obviously we can expect to deal a markup and stuff like this but that is inevitable on cars like this so

When it comes down to it i really don’t see a reason to buy a 370z new i really don’t see a reason to buy a nissan 370z new it just wouldn’t make sense i i don’t understand why you do it in my opinion you should just wait the gear get the new nissan z car that’s hands down the better option but if you do want that 3.7 litre naturally aspirated v6 maybe you want

More of that og styling get the 370z but get it used i would not recommend buying a new maybe you want it new some people like their cars new hence why there is a new car market but i would just say the 370z as a used car is an absolute great deal new probably no point when the new nissan z coming out but what do you guys think what do you think guys think of

Design wise of the two cars i know that’s probably the nissan z is a bit controversial but a lot of people really start to love the look of the car i’ve always loved the look of the car but what would you rather take home at the end of the day the nissan 370z and the nissan wander z which one would you pick pick one down below argue in the comments but design

Wise not performance wise which one would you pick so basically moral of the story obviously the new nissan z is going to absolutely destroy the 370z and so it should it’s going to destroy it in pretty much every category now the reason why i’m comparing the two cars is obviously this is the last year of sales for the 370z and also fun fact if you guys didn’t

Know the new nissan z is based actually on the 370z platform which is not a bad thing they have to keep costs low that’s how they can afford to make it so cheap and the nissan 370z chassis has proved itself to be an awesome chassis i personally own a 350z and that chassis is just absolutely gorgeous so the 370z i can only imagine would be just better so it’s

Awesome to say that it’s using that chassis and improving on it moral of the story time fire 370z new fight used if you would like a 370z if you want a new car definitely buy the new nissan z so i hope you enjoyed today’s video on the nissan 400z versus the nissan 370z it has been coyote thank you so much for tuning in today’s video and guys have a lovely day you

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