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Nissan Ariya EV Delayed Until 2023: Supply Issues Force Company to Focus on Best-Sellers

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Nissan australia’s electrification strategy has hit a short-term speed bump with the arrival of its long-awaited aria ev crossover pushed back until at least 2023 it was hoped that the aria which is nissan’s second dedicated ev after the leaf would arrive locally this year to take on the likes of the tesla model y and polestar too but global production delays

Due to the semiconductor shortage and australia’s position as a lower priority market for evs means the aria’s arrival timing has blown out until at least 2023 we’d love to get at the market as soon as possible said nissan oceania boss adam patterson but there’s very limited supply available globally for that product we’re working on a plan to get it here but

I just don’t have a date i can share with you on that while the 2023 launch is likely for arya patterson wouldn’t be drawn on whether the timing could be extended even further to 2024 as nissan prioritises high demand markets for evs like china the us and europe i don’t have a date i can share because if i say 2023 and it changes i’ll need to make a correction

He said but it won’t be in 2022 how’s that the news comes at an interesting time for nissan in australia the brand is poised to launch for new models in the coming months that will see it suddenly boast one of the freshest model ranges in the country the product onslaught which includes the new generation koshke x-trail pathfinder and nissan’s e-sports car will

Also see nissan introduce its e-power hybrid tech for the first time in australia then the new hybrid hybrid powertrain will first be available on the qashqai and later on the x-trail and means nissan will soon have hybrid alternatives to the popular toyota rav4 and chr hybrids though supply is expected to initially be limited but surprisingly given the sales

Success of toyota’s hybrid models nissan has downplayed the potential of the new electrified suvs with its immediate focus instead being placed on high demand vehicles like the y62 patrol and navara i feel like there’s a ton of talk and conversation about it but i don’t think 80 to 90 percent of australians would go out and buy an electrified car if one was

Available today patterson told wheels it’s interesting that all the market is talking about is when can we get one when can we get a hybrid but not everyone wants a hybrid right many people are considering it but it’s not the dominant powertrain yet it will be but to be the company that springs ahead is really just going to limit your ability to meet what your

Customers are wanting it hybrid tech is an interesting space to be in but we want to make sure we’re still offering what australians are actually looking for you heard me talk about patrol earlier we’re selling v8 petrol motors as fast as we can get them and there almost seems to be as much demand in that segment as we’ve ever seen before whereas on the other

Side of the column we’re talking about electrification so it’s pretty interesting right nissan has long been a pioneer in the electric space and globally it has committed that 50 of its sales will be either hybrid or full electric by 2030. the strategy known as ambition 2030 will see nissan invest 2 trillion yen over the next five years which will include 15

New electric models i’m i’m not saying we don’t want to be a market leader in some ways we have been with leaf but i think when e power launches it’ll be a different electrified powertrain said patterson traditionally hybrids have been all for economy right and while e-power will deliver economy it’s also an exciting car to drive nissan’s e-power hybrid tech is

Different to what’s offered by most manufacturers known as a series hybrid nissan system uses only the electric motor to turn the wheels the combustion engine is used solely as a generator to power the electric motor and burns fuel in the process most rivals use a parallel hybrid system which sees the combustion engine and electric motor work together to turn

The wheels the advantage of e-power according to nissan is a driving experience that feels more like a pure ev with sharper performance and improved economy i think that’s the way we’re going to try and want to lead said patterson

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Nissan Ariya EV Delayed Until 2023: Supply Issues Force Company to Focus on Best-Sellers By Daily Vlog Sopanha