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Nissan Frontier King Cab & Crew Cab Walk-Around Video

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With Mark Cathers, Sales & Leasing-Trans Canada Nissan

My name is marie callender’s at transcanada nissan and i’m here today to showcase two of our most popular nissan trucks nissan frontier king cab and the piece on frontier crew cab nissan frontier crew cab that of choice it is one of our most popular the midnight edition sv as you can see most of the content has been blocked in to give it that sharp appearance by

Contrast we’re looking at the standard king cab sv it has a chrome grille you can start to see some differentiating factors between the two one of the things i love about the frontier is when you go black with black it is sharp standard-issue along with some very nice black finish rims the frontier is no slouch this is a track that has a lot of capability although

It’s a quarter time it can tow a lot of weight in fact you could rival some of its half-ton competitors so when you’re looking at these trucks you want a small compact truck that packs a punch frontier is going to deliver in a great way under the hood you got a four liter v6 engine cranking 260 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque what does that equate to lots

Of grunt this truck will tell roughly 6,000 pounds and make light work of it we show you a couple things that i really like about the frontier holy box ladder frame construction it’s a rigid truck in the back you’ve got a factory spray-in liner that is very durable throw bricks throw all your colored cargo in there you’re not gonna have a problem along with that

You’ve got these utility are ales these aluminum rails allow you to tie in a cleat which i’m going to show you a little bit later on on the kink happen at the back of the truck you’ve got your rear parking sensors along with the backup camera on a high-resolution display standard equipment almost very nice on products you also have a locking tailgate you can add

Accessories like a tunnel cover whether it be a soft trifold hard trifold hardshell there are many accessories that are available for this vehicle i’m going to show you the difference between the two the king cab you’ve got a much smaller half door which allows for a little bit of cargo storage and there’s also two jump seats for the kiddies back there as well if

You’re looking for more space don’t fret the crew cab will deliver back of the crew cab you can see we’ve got a nice allocation for kids for cargo for people you’ve also got the all-weather rubber mats which are a standard issue on the midnight edition now to showcase a couple things i really like is the ability to flip up the seats will move some of our protective

Packaging you’ve got storage bins underneath which you can twist and remove from the vehicle as well that allows you for more of a flat fold storage in the back so if you’re loading boxes in you don’t have these impeding or encumbering your ability up front very spacious interior you’ve got bluetooth hands-free again fairly standard on all of our nissan products

You’ve also got cruise control hill descent control so if you are towing a lot of weight and you’re going down mountainous terrains this will allow you to focus on steering well that maintains the gas and brake heated power mirrors power windows i’m gonna let my camera get inside and show you exactly what the display looks like momentarily as well on the inside of

The frontier things remain nice and simple very user friendly nothing to really concern yourself with overcomplicated sound systems or overcomplicated controls nissan does a great job of making everything very user friendly on the frontier you’ve got the ability to have dual zone climate control full touch infotainment screen along with your backup camera as well

Now with the backup camera allows you for pre guided course lines already baked into the software as we get closer to backing up you can actually hear the sonar engage now you can disable the sonar if you are trailering because sometimes that can become a little bit overwhelming by simply pushing the sonar off you can really set feature heated seats are a nice touch

Even in april as it is still a little bit chilly out in the mornings frontier on the inside though won’t disappoint so the king cab frontier is a great option as well you’ve got the crew cab a little bit longer wheelbase good for the families but if you’re just looking for a basic truck keeping one on the road you don’t need a lot of passenger space the king cabs

Gonna take out box all of the espys do come with a fog light package as well you’ll notice that is a bit of a crossover to the midnight edition you’ll notice the satin-finish rims as opposed to the midnight edition black deer rims you’ll also notice that the trailer are the step rails are not on the king cab frontier however accessories are our beautiful thing and

They can be added to this truck just like it can be in any of our other vehicles on the inside got the old fashioned suicide doors and that showcase is exactly how much space you’ve got in the back you do have two jump seats great for kids an adult wouldn’t want to necessarily travel for six hours in the back but you do have the ability to carry four passengers

Now i want to show you how these you still attracted on the floorboards and in the actual side of the box as well these are the cleats that come with it now these tie-down pleats are capable around 150 pounds per cleat you do get four of them with the vehicle and this is how they work basically these cleats walk right into the side bed rail and spin down so you

Can adjust these cleats anywhere along the given trail system so if you’re putting a bike in the back or you put a four-wheeler in the back you can leave the tailgate down while compa company that much well link that you need and and strap that vehicle down into your back your truck thank you very much for joining me on our walk around on the nissan frontier again

My name is mark gatiss i’ve been here for about ten years and i can attest that these two vehicles are definitely one of our most popular in our lineup if you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to contact me

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Nissan Frontier King Cab & Crew Cab Walk-Around Video By Used Car City – Trans Canada Nissan