Nissan GT-R – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (ENG.SUBS)

E’ talmente efficace che si dimentica del pilota o è talmente cucita addosso al pilota che non ci si accorge di usare un oggetto meccanico? Se ne sono dette tante su questo presunto videogioco ammazza supercar, ma io non ricordo di aver mai goduto così tanto con un joistick in mano.

It is the most cynical, less romantic car you can buy today i start with one of the most important things in my opinion about a sports car i think this is one of the best positions i ever experienced the regulation i prefer is for the steering column, because such a correct driving position makes the difference i’m not saying this is something new in supercars’ world but,

Even if accustomed to italian or german supercars i have to say this one didn’t struggle to conquer me with electronics from the latest version, so gearbox if i have to accept an electronic gearbox, it must be fast as this one the most common critique and the one i thought i would do in my turn it is slightly different from a videogame in person even pilots accustomed to

Extreme powers, over 500-hp with a car sold at the price of a regular german full optional sedan forces you to the physical effort, but in a different way they imposed you the physical fatigue of shifting gear, of steering after intensive use (maybe only on this one in particular) like now i was braking a little more and the car suffered but i have the feeling it could be

This one only, because note of merit on the other hand to the sound of the 6-cylinder biturbo engine a squeezed naturally aspirated v6, but obviously it isn’t it is definitely one you can define an intoxicating car this is the supercar you buy if you don’t want to showoff say a word to the best automotive factories in the world it’s useless to say how glued this car is on

The ground and speaking about chassis, even with this big weight someone should have heard me when i said modern cars can’t clearly, all this discussion could be done if we consider the electronic controls off and then you can manage a great power, a great traction, good chassis and a great weight it’s all ok, the power, the push, the erogation, the incredible cornering

Speed but the thing i prefer is no doubt the driving position in which i feel at home, this happened on modern ferraris always happened on gt3, porsche, even on regular 911 and a lot of other things teorically i shouldn’t stand i can’t blame it because it isn’t true this is a videogame on wheels it is quite incredible i can trust 660-horsepower on 1700 kg it is designed by

A billion japanese guys, with their white lab coats to build a sports car that goes faster than supercars from italy, uk i can’t understand those japanese guys in white lab coats who don’t care if their cars would love to kill the driver and it is the only problem i have with the gt-r, nothing else…

Transcribed from video
Nissan GT-R – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (ENG.SUBS) By Davide Cironi