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When Nissan began designing the 2021 Rogue, its best-selling model in the industry’s largest segment, the company focused on delivering functionality, flexibility, technology, and safety aimed at simply making life easier. for occupants. Completely redesigned, the Nissan Rogue offers a new platform, a new powertrain, new safety technologies, and connectivity and convenience features that put it at the top of its class. All Rogue models come standard with a 2.5L DOHC inline-four engine with Nissan’s Direct Injection System. This engine produces 181 horsepower, 11 more than the previous model, and a torque of 181 lb-ft, an increase of 6 lb-ft. The interior of the Nissan Rogue is a true “family cocoon” that offers comfort and functionality to all its occupants, front and rear. It should also be mentioned that the all-new Nissan Rogue won the award for Best Mid-Size Utility Vehicle in Canada.

Hey what’s up everybody welcome to car question  matt is sitting inside the new nissan rogue   why because of the price and how spacious that  vehicle was one of the biggest of the bunch and   it was the hot seller for nissan it’s probably  one of the most sold sport utility vehicle   in quebec also once again because it’s

Affordable  and people used to like it a lot so finally a   fresh start for it it’s using a new platform it’s  not the same as the ultima and the central nissan   spend a lot of money with that platform but hey  they’re kind of not giving us the detail of that   new platform that we are riding on but still it’s  really

Interesting to know that this road was   tested in the most harsh canadian weather you know  what i’m talking about winter so when you look at   the exterior i love the new design you’ve got the  front edge those light which is kind of unique but   more and more i’m seeing more vehicle with those  kind of light stillness and has

Put a little touch   that i really like you’ve got that famous grille  also you’ve got some chrome addition and look at   the line right there on the side once again you’ve  got that floating roof style that i really like   from nissan and you’ve got the bolder gray color  for the ortez vehicle right now which is kind   of

Looking really unique so it’s more aerodynamic  you can see the real deflector also the rear tail   light that our nissan signature but i love that  design you’ve got a lot of head that are turning   around to see us pass by with that new vehicle so  i think it’s a big thumbs up for this style do you   like it feel free to comment

In the section down  there below so inside well you’ve got those nice   zero gravity seat that i’m really comfortable with  even if the seat base is kind of short but over   a long period of driving i’m not gonna be tired  you’ve got a lot of stuff inside but look at that   screen look at that cluster nice definition nice 

Graphic except for one though this one is really   strange but otherwise you’ve got also the big  central screen with the new multimedia system   andrew it auto apple carplay and the model that we  are riding now has the complete bose sound system   easy access easy to use fast re-yellable that’s  what i like and even if you don’t

Have the fully   equipped rogue you’ve got three different climate  control zone and you’ve got all the things that   you need in the rear to control and also easy  access to the rear look how wide that door opens   i’m thinking about baby seats right now so if  you’re going to use one inside it’s going to be   pretty

Easy to get in there is more storage than  ever right there under the center console you’ve   got the shifter though which is kind of strange  and it’s making some kind of movement that i   don’t really like same thing also when i’m gonna  move those different drive mode though but still   finally the abandoned plastic inside

A nissan  rogue that’s what i like so dashboard 12.3 inches   inches you’ve got the wireless apple carplay   big thumbs up to that new engine also this year  well same 2.5 do you’ve got some modification   to the power which is gonna be good for 181 an  increase of six percent same amount of torque 181   but a little

Bit less increase at three percent  versus the previous version where it kind of hurts   me is the cvt that famous extronic which doesn’t  have a nice really ability story to it so ask me   send did you change it completely well they were  kind of not telling me exactly what they did to it   friction by 29 increase acceleration

And   fuel economy but you’ve got all those drive mode  five different drive mode ear standard eco sport   off-road snow so when you get into those hard  element this is where it’s gonna probably hurt   your famous cvt so i hope they make it stronger  over time we’re gonna see that how it will evolve   you can choose

From front wheel drive to all-wheel  drive and it’s that intelligent all-wheel drive   system and nissan told us that they work on their  algorithm to make sure that the front wheel won’t   slip and power is going to be sent exactly where  it’s needed so we couldn’t test it really with our   famous diagonal test or off-road but

Don’t worry  about that we’re gonna put that to the test during   the winter fuel efficiency if you go for all-wheel  drive 9.2 in the city 7.2 on the highway 8.9 if   you use a front-wheel drive and seven so it’s  not the most fuel efficient of the bunch though   driving so i really filled in the regular road   when

It comes to acceleration though but when  i talk about comfort noise level rigidity you   know you were riding those kind of old rogue and  you can hear the plastic bouncing around all all   that creaking noise now it’s gone so it’s way more  rigid than it used to be rodent lane is a better   you’ve got those new shocks sound

Inside you can  talk you don’t hear much even if you got big wind   outside even if you’re rolling kind of fast with  the vehicle you’ve got better road handling better   bike but still that direction is kind of really  soft in some kind of way and you’ve got the cvt   strange vibration movement that you used to have  

Back in the old version so it’s even better on  the highway you’ve got those shock that are gonna   absorb the different bomb that you’re gonna see so  rolling lane it’s not one of the best but it’s a   big big increase from what it used to be and it’s  right there with the other competitors you’ve got   the security feature

That are amazing with that  vehicle inside you’ve got the 360 degree shield   you’ve got the pro pilot assist and he made some  addition this year so it’s going to use the gps   you’re rolling on the highway and your exit is  coming soon the computer will tell it to you in   the display and it will slow down the car will 

Slow down for you to make sure that you hit that   curve at the perfect speed same thing if you’re  rolling on the highway there’s a curve ahead   depending on what speed you are going that you  set your cruise control it will adapt and make   sure that you have a better experience so it’s a  big thumbs up on that the pro pilot

System also   had some modification to the wait time when you’re  in traffic last thing i knew it was kind of three   seconds or something like that so right now you  can be stopped for 30 seconds and it’s gonna start   rolling and you’ve got that tolerance that you can  adjust with your speed with your cruise control  

And it’s kind of really cool to have all those  features in a decent row so plus point minus   point well the minus point i’ve got some vibration  in the mirror and it’s really annoying over time   you’ve got that shifter sometimes you’ve got that  dry mode here that you can select and i can see   some movement i wonder how it will

Hold done over  time i’ve got some steam also on my seat i don’t   know what it is but i hope it’s going to hold  that nice letter rate something probably happened   with a certain cleaning product though the display  in the dash some feature i like some i don’t   like and there’s not a lot of major bad point  with the rogue

Because it’s so affordable now   so you’ve got a great price you’ve got a lot of  stuff included even with the roof if you want   to go with the fully equipped model of route   so it’s really accessible i would have oh for  more acceleration though more fuel efficiency   the cvt that’s it’s gonna be better than  

Points there’s a lot of good points with   that new redesign model finally you step in inside  and it doesn’t look like what it was in the past   i didn’t really like at all so right now   i find that really really good looking so i hope  you find the same when you’re gonna step inside   those roads so starting price a

Little bit more  than 28 thousand dollar plus fee transport blah   blah blah for a greatly equipped if you want to  go for all-wheel drive you’re gonna have to add   two thousand three hundred dollars and if you  go on the go for the fully equipped version   it’s gonna go through the forty thousand dollar  price point so

That’s pretty much what i love that   sport utility vehicle costs so nissan was selling  a lot of those well guess what they’re gonna sell   a lot more with that new redesigned road what do  you think about that feel free to comment in the   section down there below do a thumbs up because  you like and subscribe to car question take care

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