Nissan stops sales of Z Titan and Frontier asap

Nissan has been looking into some transmission issues for the 2020,2021,2022 and now 2023 Frontier Titans and all new Z.

What is going on all terrain nation today on the show we’ve got some uh not disturbing news but some unfortunate news for the nissan brand now you guys know nissan’s always had some transmission issues or allegedly transmission issues with the cvt transmission and while i’m not going to beat that dead horse because i think that a lot of the transmission issues

Comes down to maintenance i think a lot of people didn’t realize that you need to maintenance those transmissions about every 50 000 miles put new fluid in and stuff like that and the american way seems to be just to run until it dies well that transmission seems to die pretty early but surprising news is that new nissan 9-speed transmission and i hate to call

It a nissan 9-speed transmission because they do build that but it’s not their design mercedes-benz they they acquired the rights to use that transmission under you know mercedes design and they that nissan’s going to build it but they’re having some issues with it failing and not failing in a good way it’s not wanting to stay into park that is right they’ve

Had uh several cases and it came in the summer of 2021 when that transmission really started they put it in titan for 2020 they started uh just randomly getting vehicles that would not stay in park they would engage in park and well it wouldn’t uh wouldn’t stay there and so this is kind of concerning right like you uh you know for safety reasons let alone you

Know most time you put in park you put in park you’re probably just right there where you can you know react to it if it didn’t stay in park but it’s concerning that if you get out of that vehicle and it starts rolling down a hill maybe it you know runs into somebody else’s vehicle or or even worse but i kind of want to go into this so the nissan frontier 2020

Nissan frontiers which when they went to the nine speed they went from the five speed that this one here is to a nine speed for the new engine the three-eight engine they also went to the same nine speed for the uh the titan the titan used to have a seven speed that was uh built by giaco now they went to this mercedes design nine speed and well that’s part of the

Affected uh transmissions and also the new z like nissan can’t even get the two dealer showrooms without you know some problems and i’m not gonna blame nissan completely on this because it’s not their design this once again is a mercedes designed and you’re gonna see people beating up nissan like left and right about this but it’s not their design they plucked

It from another uh manufacturer they’re building to that manufacturer’s specs and well not having problem you know now they’re having problems with it but what’s happening once again they’re putting a stop sales order on this and i got some i’ve got some pictures from dealerships that were posted online that i will go into a little bit but the titan frontier and

New nissan z the new frontier as well so you get the 2020 to 21 which was the old body style with the new motor option so that was going to be affected and all the way through 2022 uh uh frontiers now once again it is licensed by mercedes built by jaco the affected models are 2020 to 22 including the all z which is a bummer because the proto-z’s are just being

Delivered so some people have gotten them and they’re going to have to take them in and get a new transmission put into this thing now worse worst things could happen trust me then you get your brand new uh kind of toy car and well the hey nissan’s calling it back saying hey we’re going gonna put a brand new transmission in it that that sounds like a pretty uh

Pretty nice company to do that quickly and uh once again they’ve been investigating this since 2021 and it’s just finally come to where i guess they’re starting to see they couldn’t duplicate it initially so they’re starting to see more and more where they can duplicate this issue and uh there you go but so what i’m going to do at the end of this video because

I’m doing this mobile it’s kind of hard to uh do all the fancy edits but i’m going to put the uh the paperwork in here that was online and i think it was on a nissan frontier board but it was from definitely a dealership so i’ll put that up there and uh we’ll go from there all right you can see here is the paperwork on this and uh that’s 89 000 frontiers the

New frontier that’s uh kind of a bummer but they will fix that so there’s 6219 in dealer inventory but the biggest thing is look at the uh the z that’s the biggest one to notice uh and kind of the saddest one is the titan which uh they don’t have as many sails on that one in those years but uh here’s once again the paperwork and this came from one of the nissan

Frontier forums and uh clearly this is from a nissan to a dealership telling their what they should do in case of uh you know they have these vehicles coming in or or these sales so um guys what do you think of this let me know in the comments once again i appreciate whoever dumped us online to uh to share with us and i’ve been tracking this story for a while

But until you have paperwork in front of you it’s kind of hard to go from there so in the comments let me know what you think so what do you think of this problem uh does this bother you at all personally as an auto journalist these things happen all the time i think it’s actually happened they’ve they’ve made the decision to replace these pretty quickly

Considering that uh it was until 21 that they started noticing these problems and sometimes these can go for years before any manufacturer makes a move on it so it sounds like they uh they know how to fix this problem and it’s just getting the gears in line to uh to fix it but if you’re looking for a brand new automatic pickup truck in the frontiers there’s a

Stop hole order or stop purchase on those the frontier the titan and that new z which is just being delivered it’s a tough one so whether it be two wheel drive four wheel drive or these broken vehicles i still want to drive this is your all-terrain nation i’m here it’s dave boyd and we’re out peace everybody love y’all

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Nissan stops sales of Z Titan and Frontier asap By All Terrain Nation