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Nissan Van NV3500 (Highroof pt.1)

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This vehicle comes prepared to be outfitted with what YOU need to get the job done. Very easy to customize to transport tools, cake, materials, small vehicles, packages, pastries…. the list goes on and on!

Hey guys today i want to show you something a little different this is our envy that’s a letter and letter v 3500 high roof so who’s playing this thing probably not the motor sports enthusiasts but rather somebody who needs a vehicle it’s just gonna hold a whole ton of stuff so let’s talk about the stuff and where it might go so you’ve got nice big doors back here

Grab handles handles the gift out if you’re in lots of space in the back and i’ll get to that in a second now you can see this door opens up to 90 degrees that’s awesome but what if you need a little more space clever little lever here simply gonna pull that and the store will spin around and i’ll show you the backside here there is a magnetic stop right there

So it’s gonna hold its place and not get in your way too close simply close as normal and it latches again you can see it’s right there and i need to grease so with these doors open i’ve got quite a lot of space quite a lot of options as far as how i can lay it out you can see a little integrated storage bin on this door here climbing in grab handle off to the

Side and we’ve got a number of cleats on the floor for cargo tie-down points in addition to that located throughout the sidewalls that are threaded holes ideal for placing shelves racks etc or whatever your going to be doing you can customize this back to suit your needs up front again what view from here i’m 6 foot 2 6 foot 3 i can stand up up right in the back

Of this thing no problem 3 lights installed already and you can see these upper storage bins here awesome for throwing books notepads brochures etc in there now the back of the passenger seat is also laid out you can see this hardback this seat will fold flat enabling somebody sitting in the driver’s seat to make notes do books etc on the fly as you’re out at the

Site a front number of comfort features so of course you’ve got cruise control we’ve got bluetooth connectivity we’ve got a nice for radio easy-to-use control so if you’re wearing gloves that kind of thing or you’re just freezing cold very easy to get in turn things on turn things off lots of cupholders it’s also important and a huge absolutely huge storage bin

You can see just a ton of space in there it is also lockable as well which is a nice feature makes big glovebox lots of storage bins on the doors lots of storage that’s sort of the theme here in addition to the rear door we have a nice big sliding door off to the side easy to get in get out there’s our interior view in the front lots of options with this vehicle

Nice setup comes with a massive factory warranty and of course it’s powered by our five point six liter endurance v8 good for power good free efficiency come on in to bay west nissan and check it out for yourself

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Nissan Van NV3500 (Highroof pt.1) By KevinofNissan BaywestNissan