That’s a nice treat wow it’s got a roll bar in the back there’s no rear seats in this thing oh it’s structural oh okay you can get in it if you want huh oh no no i’m about to i’m just doing that outside video real quick yeah yeah thank you that’s cool check this out guys gotta get some squat motion early in the morning tennis league drop a comment let me know

What you guys think about the rear the rear end got that z badge right there gtr super what buttons don’t start it there you go let’s start back up obviously you work here yeah i’m back in 80. scroll but right yeah it’ll show you the different modes and screens and stuff that’s cool get this one on your face like all the different boost meters the g-force

All that stuff will be on your left-hand side you can play around yeah okay that’s cool we actually drove one 370z last weekend and then this is averaging 18.1 better turn that boy on put that boy in a sport mode sport plus man to make sure traction is on a letter did they show that you can actually change right right here i can you can change the meter so

That’s that’s great for like kind of that’s great for when you have the gps on it has a big navigation screen you have normal which will kind of bring it hold on change meter well this is kind of cool if you do sport you get the actual attack right in the middle and all your gauges in there and so dude this is holy cow so is this a standard like a just a 400c

Or is this on this phone no this is just the 400c but this i think is the performance oh okay so there’s no discipline yeah um that’s great what do you think huh you like it yeah i’m sorry i wanna what does that have to start feeding you know what does that mean so like starting yeah 39.995 up to under 40. yeah really yeah 39 000 starting i’ve been looking at

This this version is 49.99 do you think will they mark these off at dealers update only oh this is this is an automatic a different person the other two have those oh okay so you can get it with either okay are they six speed yeah well i’m sorry are they a six six speed manual or nine speed automatic so yeah and this nine speed audio is actually really fast

Nice feet auto dad look at you almost in the tent speed huh that’s nice how’s that how’s that set of screen is it good it’s solid huh all right guys what’s going on so look we’re gonna go ahead and show you guys the uh interior of the uh nissan all right let’s see so you got your menu right here phone audio you got bluetooth quite a simple and easy system

To use oh you can see your camera of course oh so that’s like your cruise control that’s so sick see behind me that’s nice you set your adjustments for your camera oh yeah i was gonna let you know no you’re good i’ll disconnect it oh you’re good all right guys i’ll show you guys the main this is what you guys want to see so let’s see if i can configure this

Very heated seats in cool seats no just heat the seats dry modes okay cool let’s see sport and standard this is the standard model vehicle so i’m guessing at a higher term you have different tripods is it really interesting yeah what’s it gonna do okay okay cool hold on okay so shows your boost gauge tire pressure upshift indicator v4s okay cool that’s nice

This isn’t a sport see if it changes oh yeah okay standard so the display doesn’t really change um okay cool uh you got your gauges up over here uh you got your glove compartment i don’t think i can open that that’s a seat i’m currently sitting in the seat right now so uh it’s pretty valid for the most part i like it okay there is windows sorry door fan

Cool yeah it’s the interior of the uh the new nissan 400z let me know what you guys think paddles these paddles are actually very nice go to the bottom right here cool and uh please cruise control phone uh you’re on the car speaker siri cruise control set cancel reset you know what i mean volume uh your play button it’s pretty pretty uh pretty convenient for

Your you know free driving and stuff so um do you have to ask me it’s not bad not bad uh it’s not my kind of car but it’s not bad i like it if you’re looking to get the nissan 400z uh you’re just know you’re getting a great car so pretty decent car good car so you’ll like it uh this is a huge uh i haven’t really been under 370z so i can’t really say anything

About it but yeah i said no back i just want to show see if i can sew some more stuff before i get out of audio here are you on audio knobs uh connections map oh let’s see how the map is on here oh it’s so decent pretty okay show you around show you traffic at least that’s good so cool all right guys i guess you can adjust your that’s so cool not even day

Different today and did you see how to change the meter uh the meter no i did not if you have it so that’s the sport mode and then we have normal yeah which would kind of make it more of a traditional sense with the large tac well smaller attack you have a better speedometer and then you have enhance mode so like if you have gps on or anything it goes right in

The center so i can actually let’s see follow up all right so oh okay it’s kind of neat right yeah heck yeah but i enjoy sport mode because i really enjoy having as much information on there as possible yeah 100 especially like when you’re driving like mostly just driving driving you know what i mean 100 if you saw the three gauges up there yeah you have your

Voltage on your right right and your left you have your boost uh-huh but in the middle you actually have like turbo speed oh really yeah so so that’s that’s what that is so turbo speed in the middle your boost cage on the far left and on the right is the battery meter yes exactly nice that is cool wow no i mean nonetheless this is like and what’s the cool thing

Is you have your drink there right yeah passenger had a drink you’re like what do i do you take that center and push it back uh-huh and you have your other one no way and i threw an extra one in there because i i had a yeah uh many 370s right so you either had that center one or you had the ones in the door so this is yeah right yeah now you have a middle second

Middle one yeah fit it in for everybody so yeah heck yeah wow so basically you got like four cup holders you could put the water bottle right there yeah because there’s a starbucks right here or or water bottle in there yeah i always had whatever you know starbucks i had so heck yeah no this is this is very convenient this car is wow they did a really good job

And then you actually look you when you buy one you’ll uh there’s a sport mode down at the bottom right by the right side of the shifter right here so that d mode would change it from sport to standard yep standard yeah yep so are those the only two drive modes that like in this specific car yeah so like and let’s say it’s a high respect uh 400 z would it have

A different like more drive modes or no so yeah so uh nope they both have two just standard and sport high and so how do i put it so every everyone is at 400 horsepower but yeah the automatics would have the drive modes manual instead of that that’s where you put the rev matching so it’ll flip the throttle down shift so wow so let’s play on the clutch basically

Right yeah so you wouldn’t have to do heel toe downshift yeah it would it would when you go from fourth to third it would get the engine rpm exactly where you needed it so gotcha gotcha that’s awesome sweet

Transcribed from video