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No Guts, No Glory Can I Smoke The Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 With My Tesla Model Y In A Drag Race?

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Oh yeah oh my god tunnel vision hey guys welcome to another tfl drag race video we’re here at vandenberg speedway a mile above sea level if you watched last week we took that model y and we matched it up against the hellcat red-eye challenger and quite frankly we had a trouble launching it bye andre let’s see how bad this tussle is so this week we brought

An even more expensive car but something that has well something and i need a buddy we’ve got the new mercedes-benz gls 63 amg yep and unlike the hellcat it’s all-wheel drive so now we’ve got an all-wheel drive car versus an all-wheel drive car which one do you want drive uh the red one i think i’ll take the full electric all right then i’ll take the mercedes

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The description below and get over 64 off this bad boy by using the code flt64 all right dude let’s do this which one do you think will be quicker down the uh straight away what a great question you’re in the top dog gls with over 600 horsepower over 620 pound feet of torque i’m in the model y performance um and i have no horsepower or torque numbers because

Tesla doesn’t uh publish them but what’s the price difference ah give or take a hundred thousand dollars more for this car yeah that’s a big difference so dad this is my first ever time going down a drag strip so i’m super nervous next to guys in big black camaro so i’m pretty nervous right now yeah yeah it’s pretty nerve-wracking people don’t quite understand

That when you line up just how much uh you know stress there is last time you get this you’re wearing a dirt bike helmet so you know it’s serious to be honest i feel pretty silly all right i am putting my car into sport plus mode which is uh as uh you know sporty as this guy i don’t have a track mode but i don’t think i have launch control so i’m just gonna try

To you know break torque it a little bit and uh hopefully get a good launch this time we both have all-wheel drive so that’s good all right tommy first time down the track dude here we go probably nervous as all hell all right i’m super nervous i’m a little nervous actually too these teslas are supposed to be super easy to launch so i’m rolling up rolling up

Rolling up when the light turns green oh that’s so fast oh he’s got me what the heck tesla that is unbelievably quick come on there’s a hundred there’s 110 wow all right so how was that tommy that was just incredible thank you appreciate it oh i matched my dad’s time exactly from last time 12.101 which is the exact same time last week and then the mercedes

Did a 1327. yeah uh my top speed was 104 and yours was 112. uh my reaction time was pretty bad 0.624 yours was pretty bad 0.430 i mean you know pros just nailed that what a rush that was absolutely absurd you know there’s a lot of talent that goes into drag racing but there’s no talent that goes into drag racing and all-wheel drive tesla it’s basically just

Badass what percentage of battery in last week’s uh video somebody commented that uh you have to have 70 or more battery in the tesla to get the full uh power yeah so you do have full power so i’m at 13.2 at a mile above sea level i think i can get this car into the 12s you want to try again all right under the hood of the mercedes is a big old v8 with two

Turbos built by uh patrick kochler cochlear patrick thank you for building this amg for us much appreciated it has 603 horsepower 627 pound foot of torque it has a nine there you go speed automatic transmission and it has a sport plus mode but no track mode what’s under the hood of the tesla and how much horsepower tommy i don’t know i don’t know tesla will tell

Me it could be 200 it could be 600 it’s probably less than a thousand probably more than 100 but it’s got dual motors one in the front one in the back it’s got a hell of a lot of double a’s underneath and that should mean it’s pretty quick in the drag strip i’m ready to do this again i really uh i can see why people get into this i mean with the tesla basically

It’s all about the reaction time and having a good charge in the battery i guess i could strip out the interior on your 65 uh 000 i think we gotta do a lot more with it than just uh drag race so let’s not do that but did you know there’s a smart car here for that hero in the smart car i applaud you to no end i think that is so cool it could be an electric one

Too could you imagine look here he goes let’s see what the smartphone will run oh he’s off major burnout with the smart card you see that and he’s getting cream the smart car driver has a reaction time like you do 20.18 not bad at all in the smart card good for him good for that dude what a hero all right here we go air conditioning off traction control on

And the tesla just waiting for the light oh good line for both of us so much acceleration good better oh come on holy cow it never gets old there’s 90. mercedes definitely dies out around 90. oh god this should be better though and across the line wow that’s so fast it’s all the time tommy since i was behind you you were 12.1 again well shoot there’s no skill in

This it’s just based on battery charge and well i guess there’s a lot of reaction time skill um that’s such a cool feeling though at least they launched together but then uh i would say after about the first 10 feet you start walking away from me i use 2 battery on that run in case you’re wondering you did 13 2 in that gls i did 12.129 oh your reaction time got

Much better two seven six point seven six and mine got better two point four one five yeah point two seven six isn’t bad for me i’ll take that that’s pretty good you know what’s crazy so the first time i ran a 13.279 the second time i ran a 13.226 so 226 versus 279 that’s you know almost identical as well well you know what let’s swap cars and try it again all

Right tommy it’s a little loud and windy it’s very loud but now we’re gonna switch cars i’m gonna jump in the amg 63 my dad’s going to jump in the red catfish and we’ll see which one’s quicker all right question is can you get it into the 12s i was running 13.2 so maybe with your lean cuisine body here uh you can actually get i mean that’s 100 pounds it should

Make a big difference not when the car weighs more than the bismarck but we’ll see what happens okay i’m in the tesla now right gls time let me scoot my seat forward a little bit god tommy what does he sit like how does he sit up so high i think this one will run the same time as always like i said it’s like a computer i think i’m not going to do as well as you

Because i don’t have the experience but we’ll see what happens you killed me just now on the reaction time so you know you’ve got youth and reaction i’ve got cunning and age i’m watching these camaros and m3s and mustangs and supras run and you know quite honestly they’re not going much faster than this model y performance yeah we’ve got two mustangs and two

Supras doing like 13s it’s pretty standard come on there we go i just wore it anticipates the light oh yeah oh bad reaction bye-bye oh my god tunnel vision that’s horrible and the mercedes is gone come on angie wow that sound oh so this isn’t quite as violent as the uh tesla but man once you hit 90 this really starts to cook yeah i bet you in a longer

Race it would actually start to come back on the tesla don’t you yes like a 15 or 20 mile race i think i’d start to catch you because even if i’m being honest at 95 you’re still uh well ahead and maybe even inching away i think that time my reaction time was really good actually i was amazed that you did like 0.175 i think i did like a 0.475 so you killed it

See age and cunning tommy age and cunning yeah congratulations i uh i’m still pretty crap at this but i’m having fun and that’s what matters i guess thank you you’re welcome howdy thank you interesting so you did go faster than me you went uh 13.2 yeah at a terrible reaction time point seven five point four seven five excuse me that’s pretty darn quick for a

Car that has heated and cooled cup holders yeah yeah and i went uh 12.136 and get this my reaction time 0.152 uh that’s uh that’s getting down there you know that’s uh almost getting into double digits credit where credit’s due that is impressive 112.87 um you know i don’t think this is going to go any faster unless tesla does an over-the-air update and maybe

Gives us a little bit more performance once again a 12.1 on the dots well 12.1 oh you did a 12.136 so really your weight was almost inconsequential the eighth mile went by in 7.820 and you went 8.55 all right well there we have it that was so much fun i really enjoyed that you know next week’s we’ve been taking all these fast cars next week let’s take uh let’s

Take tweety uh and something else to race against let’s see how electric smart car does 10-4 can’t wait you know what that is a barrel of monkeys tommy and i gotta say um tesla when’s the day again 12.1 on every single run but the crazy thing is that mercedes 13.2 on just about every single run it’s so consistent yeah you would think that electric car being

Very computerized could do that but you know that thing’s got a bunch of uh turbos and pistons and exhaust and all these things that have to work together so to get a consistently similar time it’s pretty impressive yeah and we had so much fun out here on the track i’m sure a lot of people out there will say we’re doing this badly but i don’t care because i had

A big smile on my face yeah and come on out here guys if you want to race us maybe one day we’ll actually have you come out and take on the team so until next week this is roman and tommy check out for the latest and greatest in new car reviews all right well i did get a uh power reduced oh shoot that’s a bummer looks like i got it a little bit too

Hot there power reduced front motor temporarily disabled oh not great i got uh a power reduced warning i think it got a little hot but it’s back to full power now all right i’m lining up against the dude in a dually uh cummins powered ram let’s see if the electric tesla can take them it’s a lowered ramp too so it’s going to be interesting come on this is for

Tesla not a big fan of musk but i am a big fan of winning races all right you spooling up oh took them yes go electric power not even close and i had a worse reaction and he is miles behind me oh i’m so proud of you buddy oh what a feeling just goes to show you don’t have to destroy the atmosphere to have a huge amount of fun at the drag strip

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No Guts, No Glory! Can I Smoke The Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 With My Tesla Model Y In A Drag Race? By The Fast Lane Car