No Mans Sky 4.0 Update Details New Game Mode

No Man’s Sky 4.0 Update Details! New Game Mode!

Welcome back to no man’s sky everyone jason here with a ton of amazing news for the no man’s sky 4.0 update so if you did not know the switch version the nintendo switch version of no man’s sky comes out this friday october 7th you guys probably saw some leaks people over in france got it early dang it why couldn’t i live in france anyway it’s coming out friday but

There’s also a 4.0 update and now we know a ton of details including when it’s coming out friday spoiler alert new game modes and kind of what’s going to be in the 4.0 update so i am super pumped up you guys hopefully you guys like the video if you do hit that like button for me real fast and let’s jump into those details so i saw this tweet by procedural traveler

Always always be following procedural traveler because he has all the good info he he’s like on the ball he knows what he’s doing so he saw an article from eurogamer where sean murray was being interviewed giving more details just came out today i’m gonna link that article down below in the description and also guys i’m gonna link his twitter profile down below

Follow procedural traveler so let’s jump into this article from eurogamer specifically from matt wet or matt wales i almost said matt west matt wales is his name this is a no man’s sky sean murray talk switch this week’s 4.0 update and the future of no man’s sky guys this is gonna be freaking awesome i am like on the edge of my seat so the articles really long they

Go into like the relationship and what no man or hello games has been doing but let’s jump into the meat of the details here so on no man’s skies 4.0 update as it happens no man’s sky next major update known as 4.0 isn’t far away arriving this friday october 7th alongside the game’s switch port so now we know the update is not going to come out on wednesday like it

Usually does it is scheduled to come out friday which is very very different very weird than what they normally do normally it’s a wednesday release that way they can go through they can bug fix they can patch it all up before the weekend it looks like they’re going to have both hit at the same time friday is gonna be massive you guys so as of right now according

To this article the update is coming out on friday at the same time as the switch version of the game and then they kind of go into the details of it uh this is from sean murray a quote from sean murray for me he continues the update is for if you said look i played no man’s sky and i wanted to love it but i bumped off it a bit because it was a bit grindy or if

You said i want to go back but it’s been ages and there’s been so many updates and it feels overwhelming you’ve probably had this experience where you’ve come to a game and it’s been updated a ton and some of those don’t fit as cohesively as you’d like we hear this sometimes and i think it’s true and so what we’ve done in 4.0 is we’ve revisited a bunch of things

That are really impactful to the design perspective so guys this sounds like it’s not going to be adding a ton of content there they definitely are later on in the article don’t get me wrong they will be adding a you know some really big features but a lot of the 4.0 update is like i was you know like it sounds like what i would suggest testing earlier they’re

Gonna go through and they’re gonna clean up the game they’re gonna say hey look we just piled on all these different updates we’ve had 20 updates and they just went one on top of the other on top of the other now we’re gonna go through and conjoin them together so make it make sense instead of like the living ship you have to go buy a void egg and then follow the

Void egg and you have no idea unless someone tells you what to do you don’t know what the heck is going on now it’ll be kind of in the story it’ll be in the game like it’ll fit in a way that makes sense so that makes a lot of sense and from the sounds of it it looks like they’re trying to make it more appealing to those people who either never played no man’s sky

Or they did like a year or two ago and they said look i tried to jump in there there’s so much going on there’s so many new things and they’re all randomly placed everywhere it doesn’t make sense i’m just not gonna play it anymore hopefully this update will fix that and that’s what looks like or sounds like what they’re trying to do with this new update and then

He continues on to that end 4.0 features a lot of streamlining in terms of tutorial when you unlock certain things what’s available to you all intended to fit in no man’s sky six years of updates into a more cohesive whole okay that’s what we were just talking about that streamlining will also extend to the game’s inventory system which in turn has enabled hello

Games to massively increase what is effectively the level cap meaning bigger inventories and the opportunity to level up some ships and weapons further than was possible before so what this sounds like to me is we are going to get an increase because we already have a general inventory that’s really big we have a you know a cargo inventory that’s really big as well

We’re gonna see an inventory limit on our technology so you’re going to be able to fit more upgrades in your exosuit your multi-tool and your starships it doesn’t sound like i mean maybe they’re going to increase the cap limit like 9999 i doubt it it sounds like it’s just going to be the inventory spaces in your technology so your technology inventory is going to

Be increased from the sound of it again this is all we’re trying to guess and figure out what sean murray’s telling us he’s not outright saying hey yeah your technology is increased he doesn’t say that but it sounds like that’s what he means by that which is really good that way you can you can upgrade and maybe they’ll allow us to have more than three upgrades

In our inventory because right now we’re locked in you can only have three of the same upgrades in your technology slots and three in your general so you can have six total upgrades for the same item but maybe they’re going to remove that cap and say hey look you can put whatever you want if you want all of your you know your shield upgrades you want to fill the

Entire inventory which just shielded you know upgrades go for it which is gonna be crazy can you imagine having like 21 shield upgrades that way you can just never ever your shield never breaks that’d be amazing but who knows we don’t know the details for sure it does sound like inventory is going to be upgraded and the only way i’ve i personally can see it is in

Your technology inventory so let’s move on to the uh further down in the article additionally 4.0 introduces no man’s sky’s first new game mode since the arrival of creative and survival in 2016’s foundation update we’re getting a new game mode you guys but it’s not the one i was hoping for i thought it was gonna be like a story mode like it’s just gonna focus

On your story and then you can go into a survival or whatever no i actually they’re going to change it up completely they are adding let me go farther into the article here as part of the goal 4.0 adds a new relaxed mode playable with either a fresh save or an existing same so you can go into this mode with the pre-existing save you can just start a relaxed mode

Edition of it which sean murray calls a very fun version of no man’s sky where the focus is on exploration unless on survival and grinding so it’s gonna be the opposite so it’s not a creative mode they’re not going to let you have everything but it’s gonna be like it sounds like it’s going to be less intrusive so you’re not gonna have to worry about your hazard

Protection you’re not going to be attacked by sentinels as often it’s going to be more relaxed than you just going around and looking at things and building which is kind of awesome it’s kind of a an in-between uh normal mode and creative it’s going to be even easier than normal mode but not as easy as creative it sounds like uh less on the surviving and grinding

Where it’s easier to see the six years of content that’s there yeah so it’s gonna be not focused on grinding to get your character your upgrades and everything it’s more about exploring all the cool updates this he says works well for first time players but i think it’s also a common request from people who might have longer playthroughs who might just want a

Game where they kick back and relax so if you beat the game you have all the upgrades and you’re just like well what do i do now maybe you do you go through this mode and it’ll help you you know just explore and find really cool planets there you go and then deeper on in the article we also have another upgrade that a sneaky little sentence that i can’t believe

He puts down almost at the bottom of the article it says custom games meanwhile will enable players to create bespoke sessions that better fit their needs at any given time featuring options to adjust everything from controls to difficulty to how a lot of those sort of fundamentals work in terms of the pacing of the game which opens up a whole bunch of different

Ways to play the game that weren’t there before so we are getting a custom game mode holy crap and right above that you guys survival is currently i think at its strongest in the first few hours as a game mode so we’ve made it much more challenging much more unique experience so they are going through and they are changing game mode survival is going to be harder

More challenging they’re also giving us a custom game mode which is gonna be awesome we’ve been asking for that forever let us make you know a new startership challenge or a no hud challenge whatever it is we can now make that well we will be able to make that it sounds like from this article that is gonna be cool it’s gonna be built into the game so you can just

Turn it on turn it off that way people could just play it the way you think you know the rules should be that’s gonna open up a whole bunch of cool playthroughs i love that idea and then we have some details on the switch version that we we found out earlier that there’s going to be some things missing from the switch version we know multiplayer is not going to

Be part of the switch version and then we found out settlements are not going to be part of the switch version but now we’re getting more details on what that means actually so sean murray says ultimately the studio opted to make two key features concessions you know to cut out two features first is the sprawling town-like settlements introduced in last year’s

Frontiers update will be missing so the most performance intensive things the very biggest constructs are something we wanted to sort of avoid on switch the reason why they couldn’t do settlements though it sounds like everything else is there from the frontiers update they only had to cut out these settlements because it is just performance it just kills the

Switch it’s too intense for the switch to handle so that’s why they can’t put in settlements or multiplayer by the way multiplayer same thing and i can tell you as a pc player when you turn on multiplayer performance goes down and i’m playing on a full-on pc with some really heavy specs on it i couldn’t even imagine trying to get multiplayer to work on a nintendo

Switch so they said hey look we had to cut it out just to make sure it would fit on the switch so holy cow guys there’s so much information here i would i would highly suggest i’m gonna link the article down below in the description and the pinned comment go down there and look at the article yourself there’s tons of details in here the last thing i’m going to

Leave you guys with guys we know that hello games sean murray they’ve been working on a brand new game there’s a new game it’s not going to be as far as we know it is not gonna be a sequel to no man’s sky it’s all entirely different thing and we got just a little bit more detail on what that might be so right at the end of the article they ask him about matt asks

Him about the future of hello games and what they might be working on and he says uh sean murray concludes with and i think in five years time five years from now i will look back and think christ how did all we get all this done with a few people i think our next project is quite far along and it’s a lot farther along than no man’s sky was when we announced that

And i’m enjoying that you know i’m quite happy to be in that place so their next game is already far along farther along than when they first announced no man’s sky that to me says number one in five years time that means it’s gonna come out within the next five years that means we have a we have kind of a time frame within the next five years we’re going to see

Their new game and right now it is farther along than when they first announced no man’s sky which means we might be seeing an announcement of whatever they’re working on coming up so i would say my personal opinion keep your eyes peeled for the game awards in december so if you guys don’t know sean murray announced no man’s sky at the game awards way way back i

Think it was in 2014. so 2014 they announced it it didn’t launch until 2016 and even then 2016 one might have been a little too early because you know everyone knows the no man’s sky was really not finished when it was you know released so we’re thinking if i had to put a guess on it this is all speculation we might see an announcement on a you know uh initial

Announcement of their new game in december and then we might see the game come out 2025-ish so two or three years from now after they announce it could be i mean they he says they’re farther along so that could be even less time in less than two years maybe 2024 2023 i don’t know about 22 i don’t know about next year i don’t think we’re gonna see an announcement

And then it released next year i think more than likely 2024 if at the earliest for this but i’m glad to be wrong if sean murray and hello games wants to announce their game and then launch it next year i will take it i will gladly accept it but realistically 2024 is probably where i would put that game but so we have at least another year of really good updates

For no man’s sky guys there’s ton of information here hopefully you guys like the video this is a little bit longer than i usually go but there’s a lot of information here so hopefully you guys liked it and i hope the hopefully i will see you guys on friday when the 4.0 update comes out and you know i’m going to be streaming that switch version you guys can probably

See it i can’t link out to it because it’s leaked but you could probably catch some gameplay of it but officially i will be streaming the switch version of no man’s sky on friday october 7th that’s less than a week from now four days from now we will be playing the switch version and i can’t wait so i will see you guys in the next video

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