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This week we are going to talk about towing our travel trailer. A lot of people want to get into RVing but see the cost of a truck as a barrier to joining this lifestyle. Watch this video to see why we don’t let that stop us. What considerations do you have when selecting a tow vehicle? Tow capacity? Axle rating? Cargo capacity? GVWR? Gas or diesel? Mileage? How do you choose a vehicle to tow a trailer on?

So you’re thinking about getting into rving and the first thing you think is i need to get a truck then you look at truck prices and you think well maybe next year but this episode’s about other tow vehicle options in our previous episodes you may have noticed that we don’t tow with a truck today is all about our tow vehicle why we chose it what we like about

It and what we don’t like about it so come on with us it’s gonna be great do hi i’m eamon and i’m faith and this is will this is adventures and activities all right so then the next thing i just want to give some of the specs this van is a 2017 chevy express 3500 so it’s what they used to call a one-ton truck uh although the cargo capacity is way more than

One ton um we have seating for 15 so there’s two captain chairs and then three rows of three and a final row which isn’t in right now that can seat four so really a ton of uh passenger space and then if you take the seats out a ton of cargo space we did uh because we wanted the one ton truck we got the 6.0 liter v8 so it’s the biggest engine that they have and i

Think this van among all the vans that we looked at whether it was the ford uh transits or the nissan envies this van has the highest towing capacity of any van at least at that time i’m not sure if that’s still true um the tow capacity speaking of that is 9 600 pounds or 10 000 pound trailer maximum so that’s you know that’s gonna get most of your travel trailers

Uh that are out there pretty much um and you know even ones that are as big as ours and have a bunk house and uh and tanks and everything it’s it’s pretty good capacity the van from front bumper to back though is 20 feet long so you take a like our travel trailer is about 35 feet uh including the the tongue and you had another 20 feet of van on there we’re 55

Feet of vehicle going down the road uh the the payload i talked about this with people and cargo the total payload is 4 twenty pounds so tons of opportunity um you know our family doesn’t doesn’t take up all of that we can bring uh luggage and and equipment and tools and bikes and and um food and coolers and all that without any problems um our we talked about

Gas mileage we get about 11 miles per gallon not towing in the city and about 17 miles per gallon on the highway that’s again not towing towing it drops pretty bad down to about eight and a quarter eight and a half uh when we have the trailer hooked up all right so what does stella like about the van i like that it has space for me to lie down that’s it and all

My people are in it so many parts so so we have two captain chairs in the front and then there are four benches the first three each sit three people the back bench isn’t out right now i’ll go around back there and show you in a minute um we take it out sometimes because we don’t always need the full passenger coverage but basically the van is pretty

Simple but it gets the job done everything’s just functional we did when we bought the van uh have a trailer brake installed so that we are controlling the trailer uh and there is a backup camera on the van of course that doesn’t help when the trailer’s on and we don’t have any kind of attachment for the trailer uh backup cameras but just the van the um seats

Are pretty good size for larger kids uh plenty of room to spread out and sometimes there’s just five of us in this van so mom and dad in the front seats and each kid gets their own bench lots of room to spread out on road trips with the room behind the last bench that we have in right now for cargo and the dog so we put a lot of materials back there and that’s

Definitely one of the advantages we do find with the van okay in the back here you can see the seats just kind of come in and out pretty easily they’re uh lock in and then you unlatch them to remove them but right now we have the back seat out so we get all this cargo space with just one seat out uh and we can bring we lay the dog bed right here typically and then

Lots of room for suitcases or coolers or even bikes or kayaks sometimes if we’re bringing a lot of equipment we’ll take that next bench out and it still leaves us seating for eight so there’s just so much room uh in the van and then one other thing we did add uh this very simple little um tow mirror attachment right here so the base mirror is this part and then

We went and added this little tow mirror attachment it’s all manual no no automatic but um does the job gets us better visibility for towing so okay so there’s definitely some things we like about the van number one on the list is it’s a great people mover i mean it’s huge this thing seats 15 people i always say you can bring your family and like 10 of your

Best friends and see them pretty comfortably i mean it you could set 15 adults in there uh with all that room so that i would say it’s definitely one of the first things we like one of the other things we love about the van is all the cargo space right there yeah definitely um you can take out a seat or two or even just leave it as it is and fit stuff underneath

The seats um if you take stuff out then you can fit bikes canoes everything in there yeah absolutely and and another kind of a follow-up point on that all the car goes enclosed it’s out of the weather it’s relatively safe from you know wind damage or any other kind of damage so that’s a great advantage of a van versus a pickup truck is just all that cargo space

These seats are removable so we can take them out and carry things like mary kate said like kayaks and bikes and it makes for a great weekend adventure one of the other pluses that we think about with the the van is just frankly it’s not as attractive to thieves certainly pickup trucks have a reputation certain brands especially for being easy to break into um

And they’re worth one you know a pickup truck might be eighty thousand dollars a brand new one uh the van works for us and and it’s just frankly um not quite as attractive to thieves okay in one week at a campground in texas um two different families got their pickup trucks stolen um maybe possibly it was an inside job i don’t know but they weren’t coming after

15 passenger vans that’s for sure okay so another thing we like about the van is the mileage is okay um it’s maybe not as good as some diesel trucks out there but when we’re towing we get about eight and a quarter eight and a half gallon miles per gallon um and when we’re not towing it’s it’s decent yeah i think uh we heard somebody was getting about 11 miles

To the gallon with a diesel truck and they were pulling something smaller than us less less lightweight so i think that’s actually comparatively pretty good not too bad foreign what is your thoughts about how roomy the van is i think it makes it great depending on how many people there are when it’s just the five of us there’s a lot of room everybody gets

Their own space you can stretch out take a nap if you need to you can put all your uh travel things that you need things like coloring books or uh ipods or things like that it’s just it’s just and also there’s a lot of people we can hold a lot more uh it makes it good for stowing things like cargo hey faith does everyone usually sit in a certain bench or do you

Just choose each time you get in it just kind of depends who gets there first because there is one best bench which one would you say is the best bench it’s the second one this one right here behind damon oh yeah guys what are some things you don’t like about the van um i guess it’s just unwieldy yeah nothing like nothing fits in those cup holders and the air

Conditioning is not the best honestly okay it’s way too fast it’s way too powerful too cold too powerful okay so we talked about what we like about the van mayor what are some things we don’t like um so it it really it just looks like a church van or a clean people van or something like that it’s just not that cool it’s pragmatic and functional but it’s not cool no

No um i would say one of the things that i miss or i think is the disadvantage is we don’t have four by four and you know there are places where you could camp especially if you’re off grid or boondocking where you know sometimes it’s a dirt road or gravel road it would be great to have that extra protection of 4×4 to get in and out yeah um it’s it’s difficult to

Park even you know when you’re not towing a trailer um could do it because we were used to it but um it really you know parallel parking this thing or finding a parking garage that fits something this tall it’s it’s not that great when it’s disconnected no so and another thing it’s just not as comfortable or quiet as a car when you’re driving right um road noise is

High the insulation isn’t as good you know it’s kind of an industrial van our commercial vehicle is what they’re really built for and and they’re just not insulated as well and not as comfortable yeah yeah i’d say the seats aren’t horrible um you know comparatively you’re sitting up more which i think is better for you you know like for your back if you have back

Troubles but um they’re not you know they’re just not as comfortable as some luxury cars and and honestly even some luxury trucks look pretty nice too yeah so the other thing is that um this is only a bumper tow we can’t tow a fifth wheel um and then a pickup truck you can definitely tow a fifth wheel yeah um so that’s a problem if we ever want to um upgrade to

A fifth wheel we want to make a change which we’d like to yeah so um that means that you have to change up everything and subscribe my own web show my own web show everybody wanna know my own web show my own web show my own web show how will it go my own web show my own web show my own web show everybody wanna know my own website

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