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When it comes to mid-sized sedans they don’t come much better than the toyota camry one of their best selling um vehicles in their lineup and the hybrid makes it even more attractive even though there’s no option for an all-wheel drive comes the fuel economy driving experience overall comfort safety this one checks all the boxes and i had a full list of boxes when

I went out on my road trip this week and drove around i’m very very pleasantly surprised and they have the nightshade edition on this one here i have the se nightshade nightshade is really just a cosmetic package that you can add to it when i think about this versus the sonata or the accord in terms of appearance this one is the best of the three exterior wise

With five trim levels l e s e s e with nightshade which i have here again cosmetic uh xle and xse that’s a mouthful so the powertrain with our hybrid here is a 2.5 liter four-cylinder uh combined horsepower when you combine both the the hybrid and the gas is just over 200 horsepower front wheel drive i’m very impressed with the overall fuel economy and that’s the

Big big selling point with this vehicle and and models basically all the hybrids in the mid-size sedan category is fuel economy if you went with the le you’re looking at 51 52 miles per gallon combined that’s what that works out to be with rs here the se the xle xse you look at numbers around 45 miles per gallon combined so with today’s gas prices today’s options

Out there if you want to go full ev go ahead and do that remove gas go ahead and do that but the hybrid really is probably the best bang for your buck when it comes to saving money at the gas pump and getting the most fuel economy for your vehicle in my opinion trunk volume in the camry more than sufficient the cord does have a slight advantage by just one cubic

Feet but when you’re doing something like that it really doesn’t stand out like oh this camry is so much bigger or so much smaller than the accord or the sonata they’re all very much similar these do have some cabs here so you can pull down the back seats for longer items otherwise it was more than enough for me and my uh my luggage for my road trip this week in

My daily errands so it’s uh it’ll do fine nothing going to be a problem when it comes to cargo volume to the untrained eye exterior styling and the look of the camry is the same whether you go hybrid or nine hybrid again the untrained eye the big difference for most people is just the the blue accent with the toyota logo on the front and back if it’s blue that

Means it’s a hybrid otherwise it looks pretty much the same there really is no issue with passenger space and when you talk about all three vehicles and that’s really what this video i guess is kind of about camry according sonata is uh how much room do you have for passengers how much room do you have for cargo front and back and all that kind of stuff they’re

Really really close the numbers are just you know within an inch here inch there so it’s not that big of a deal i got car seats in here right now because i’m a family guy front facing booster chair and it was great for the kids back there plenty of room in the middle for the diaper bag or extra stuff school bags and so on now when it comes to adult uh room here’s

What it looks like for my back seat leg room and headroom so this is my position as the driver so i’m 5 11. this is what it would look like if i’m sitting behind myself in a road trip which would be more than adequate for comfort so i got plenty of room between my knees and the back of the seat uh comfort in this back seat is good too ergonomically it’s comfortable

Uh headroom there’s a bit of an indent here in the roof line there is no sunroof moon roof in our our vehicle although that is an option in other trim levels uh pretty straightforward when it comes to a comfort back here yeah you can get three adults as long as the the middle adult is a little bit on the narrow side otherwise poor people super comfortable five you

Can make it work how about a quick tour of the front cabin show you my view as i made my long road trip this week i think i went uh gosh almost 600 miles maybe overall this week in driving so basic setup here in the front usual suspects on the steering wheel for your cruise control death of cruise control volume bluetooth speakers you got your little analog little

Digital there as well for the instrument cluster nothing too fancy about that here on the right you can see a little easier with how the engine and how the battery are interacting during your your drive not nothing too fancy with this although i do like other infotainment screens uh let’s say probably the the sonata best of the three this one’s so-so we do have

Plugins here there’s a plug-in in here got the usc usbc you can drive i think it’s up to 37 last i checked 37 miles in full ev mode different drive modes if you want to experiment with that so yeah that kind of stuff here with the front uh pretty decent there’s no i didn’t have a heads up display which is fine but driving super comfortable safety was there with

Um lane departure alert blind spot monitoring and so on yeah so it’s got some good uh good test scores when it comes to that msrp range of 2023 camry hybrid is between 29 and 35 grand which is a decent price for the great fuel economy the safety and the comfort of course there’s no all-wheel drive but for that price if you can get it at msrp these days that’s a good

Deal and it really is no wrong answer you want to go accord go for it you want to go for a sonata hybrid go for it go for a camry go for it either way i think you’re gonna win and for my money hybrid really is the way to go that’s from my experience driving these cars whether it’s a full ev whether it’s gas whatever it may be i think hybrid is the smart way to go

Because the fuel economy is so good you make that money back versus going for a b6 for example or maybe a two liter turbo something you go to the hybrid in a matter of a month or so you make it back i think when it comes to fuel economy and then your own you know peace of mind that you don’t have any issues with how far you can go range anxiety i’ve been there

Hey camry smart choice good driving the highway easy around town very smooth very quiet to me it’s no brainer that’s my take thanks so much for watching i’m dave with everyman driver adios one final note if you are in the market for a new vehicle soon great connect with your local dealership and price and test drive at least three different vehicles a vehicle

Strengths and weaknesses can only be discovered when you are behind the wheel my reviews can be good but you need to test drive these yourself visit select the make model in your zip code and you’ll get invoice pricing in your area on those vehicles shop smarter with price quotes at thanks for watching please

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