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Nouveau Maserati Levante Hybrid GT 2022 | Int

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Nouveau Maserati Levante Hybrid GT 2022

The maserati levante gt hybrid replaces the old diesel version as the entry-level model that the 16.6 car monitor thinks of the old broken light four-cylinder only the s they forget the sales and did not hurt to maserati just like the cayenne to help porsche get back on its feet its rival from modena and now the best-selling model of the manufacturer with the trident a sign

Of the times whether we like it or not another sign of the times like its berlin brother the ghibli the maserati sales and rest it’s in 2020 received a hybrid version to replace the old diesel v6 at the bottom of the range let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s because the italians seem quick to affix the hybrid label on a fiat car did the same with the panda and the 500 as

Did the 4 door sedan this is a mild hybrid unlike the porsche cayenne or hybrids the maserati sales and hybrids cannot be conducted in a manner that could electric and even less be recharged from a wall socket or an oil box concretely there sales and hybrid combines a 2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with an alternator-starter an electric compressor a battery some power

Inverters 48 volts the alternator-starter converts the energy released during deceleration into electricity which is then stored in the dedicated battery located in the trunk is used by the baptized electric compressor and booster to lighten the work of the classic turbo maserati borrowed the 2 liter alfa romeo but the brand points out that the four cylinder was extensively

Modified before it ended up in the ghibli and the sales are however it is built in the same factory in termoli between rome and naples on the adriatic coast in numbers this gives 330 horsepower at 5750 rpm, i.e. a specific power of 265 horsepower per liter and 450 ni auto m at 2250 rpm, which is even more interesting. ss is that 90% of this maximum torque is already available

From 1750 rpm thanks was going to booster maserati also boasts a fuel economy of more than 20% compared to the base v6 version of 350 horsepower now known as the brag modena all this is fine but the comparison with the free earlier diesel version it replaces and de facto and of course a little less rose consumption w ltp of the sales and hybrids and from 9.7 to 10.7 liters

Per 100 km which corresponds to co2 emissions of 220,243 grams per kilometer of course it is still a five-meter follow-up of the 330 horsepower tab weighing over two tonnes 2090 kg for to be exact 75 kg less than the last diesel to be complete in addition to hybrid and fashion and has already mentioned the current range of sales and includes fashion and nice which draws 430

Horsepower from its 6 cylinder and the trofeo whose v8 releases a considerable power of 580 hp aux on all four wheels the easiest way to distinguish the hybrid from its v6 v8 brethren is to see the wii blue accents on the front fenders driving the sales and the ghibli hybrids aren’t the first maserati cars to have a displacement of only 2 liters think of the twin turbo of the

1980s as well as the maserati 2000 jt for the italian market but they are the first to have a petrol engine with only four cylinders we would say however that for the purists it is a less bitter pill to swallow than when the manufacturer started to put auto-ignition engines in its models even if in this short period it was about 3 liter models with a more noble architecture

Of six cylinders we must admit that we we ourselves were a little skeptical when we took the sales and hybrids for our test pressing the start button on the left of the steering wheel of course did not necessarily put us at ease immediately ement because in normal driving modes the 4-cylinder seems relatively wise and discreet fortunately there is the sport mode which opens

Valves in the exhaust to allow the engine to express itself a little better suddenly this sales and hybrids look a lot like more like a maserati exactly as it sounded without being overdone like a jaguar with its exhaust valves open and for commuting are in normal driving mode is certainly not unpleasant performance-wise the leventine hybrid does nothing like a basic version

It accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in exactly the same six seconds as the v6-powered in mode while its maximum speed is lower 245 km per hour against 251 km per hour in comparison the modena s display figures of 5.2 seconds and 264 kilometers per hour while the trofeo impresses with its v8 with 4.1 seconds and 302 kilometers per hour which places it on the same level

As a some russian lamborghini but good for the price from the levante to the trofeo you get almost two 8 cylinder hybrids combined the power assist god booster at low revs means there is no turbo lag so you could easily feel to drive a naturally aspirated v6 moreover the set works well with the 8-speed automatic transmission whose large fx gearshift paddles on the steering

Wheel are still a bit awkward when you have to use one of the control levers of each side of the steering wheel in practice the performance of the sales and hybrids are certainly satisfactory, especially since in the cozy cocoon of the sumptuous and neat interior box we are not constantly pushed to drive the knife between the teeth fortunately because on the winding roads

And in town the sales have seen its size is a bit like an elephant in a china shop we don’t mean by that that the ride is inaccurate or that its large body is not supported enough because it is absolutely not the air suspension does its job perfectly and despite the 20 inch wheels of our test car the ride comfort is also good compared to the les sales and diesel that it

Replaces free there carry less weight on its nose which is clearly perceptible but if it can be very playful if necessary the high weight of the milk boast and its wheelbase of just over 3 meters does not do not go back for that you better wait for the maserati to go there which is based on the georgio platform of the alfa romeo stelvio widely praised for its maneuverability

Oh yes those who thought they would benefit from tax advantages by buying this hybrid maserati will have of course lost to the change and those who rely on the 48 volt system to get by on less than 10 liters of petrol per 100 km must be very disciplined however our average death of 12 points 3 liters has ux 100 km is not too bad the it is much less than the 16.2 we recorded

In 2017 with the v6 near face lift in s version 6 is also 2.4 liters 100 km less than what our colleague benoît registered with the ghibli hybrid about a year ago it’s probably because the latter as a four-door sedan encourages a more enthusiastic driving style than the big sales is admittedly we were not convinced from the first meters but as our test went on we got more

And more excited about this new basic version of the maserati sales is ok but i have a problem for is despise those meters still analog but somewhere they are part maserati charm it’s the same for the typical small clock that still adorns the center console despite the central touch screen located below which since the face-lift serves an infotainment system worthy of the

Name agrees its engine n ‘ has only four cylinders but it was by no means the first it knows how to adapt very well to driving conditions it is a pity that despite the hybrid suffix the sales and is not particularly attractive fiscally which rather hampers its chances on the fleet market and therefore by extension on the belgian market but for those who in the large and

Sylvie segment are looking for something more exclusive than for example a bmw x5 this is of course an advantage maserati has great sales ambitions for the sales and snb due to open the brand up to more customers however they are still a low volume manufacturer in owner satisfaction survey of dreaming rests and areas build quality is good in places but uneven in others and

Overall and far from rivals of porsche or audi the car should be safe however euros noc ap have not tested it in the event of a collision but the ghibli a car with which it shares much of its mechanical architecture received the maximum rating of 5 stars during its tests in 2013 on sales and receives 6 airbags as standard and each of the seats outside rear is equipped with

The child seat task tu isofix for an additional 3300 euros the dr vers assistant this plus pack adds a range of safety features including a panoramic camera a forward collision warning with autonomous emergency braking a corner warning traffic sign recognition and i way assist roadside assistance combine adaptive cruise control with voice hold assist which allows sales and

Driving autonomously on two-lane roads and highways during for short periods led matrix headlights were introduced in 2018 updates giving the driver a much better view of the road selling you at night without dazzling oncoming traffic maserati sales and hybrids

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