Novo Alfa Romeo Tonale | Dinmicas de Conduo | Domenico Bagnasco

A dinâmica de condução são, possivelmente, a nossa característica mais distintiva, e nem um pouco desse sentimento visceral se perdeu com a eletrificação do Tonale. Assista a Domenico Bagnasco a falar sobre o que cria a grande capacidade de reação, aderência à estrada e precisão do novo Alfa Romeo Tonale, um automóvel que pode sentir através de todos os seus sentidos. #ProudlyAlfaRomeo

All our labs have something in common we have focused on providing tonal customers with premium quality top innovation level and exclusive alfa romeo features this was the case with design on board technology propulsion system and this is the case of course with driving dynamic possibly the most distinctive of all our characteristics let’s see on the chassis

The component on which is based to navigate dynamic behavior first of all tonale offers optimal weight distribution between front and rear axle at the front the geometry of mcperson suspension is optimized to allow for quick and precise change of direction tonalised 13.6 degree ratio the best in the cov segment emphasizes the typical alphago steering at the end

Wheel you can appreciate a precise and direct steering feel as expected from an alfa romeo and a natural and distinctive drive we also have a mcperson scheme at the rear where the three arm geometry ensures rapid response when entering the curve a maximum level of lateral acceleration when cornering tonality suspension system adopts the frequency selective damping

Technology which can change the damping force level in relation to the frequency of the wheel movement so guaranteeing full safety good holding and comfort in all driving conditions tonali also offers the dual stage valve electronic suspension that manages different ending setups based on the driving mode you select the new tonale adopts the alpha integrated brake

System that combines stability control anti-lock system brake booster and blends regenerative braking with friction braking brembo fixed calipers contribute to tonal sporting attitude to further enhance donald’s rebuilding qualities on all surfaces the tonality offers two drive solutions q4 or wheel drive on plug-in hybrid and brake self-locking differential with

Dynamic torque vectoring on the front-wheel drive versions and now let’s go and see what we have achieved in terms of driving behavior an alfa romeo is a visual card that you can feel to all your senses and we have made electrification enhance emotion let’s imagine getting behind the wheel now alfa romeo fans have families so red comfort was a focus thanks to

The sd damping tonale high frequency filtering on an even road is similarly more effective phone suspension filtering is also much better on city obstacles such as holes and bumps also on extra urban roads and highways tonale offers limited body motion and high suspension filtering moreover when cornering tonale has low body roll angle and we all know our body

Roll can be uncomfortable for passengers on a winding road so with the dna switcher in natural mode tonal offers premium comfort and surprising efficiency while by selecting the dynamic mode tonal sport spirit comes out with this model we are entering a segment where driving pleasure is not common we decide to go against the tide offering the sporty driving

Experience in the category tonale is fast entering the band and show a low understeer gradient as well as a quick yaw response during the curve tonali and enters lateral acceleration their extra stability translates into eiger corner precision the dynamic tour vectoring and a bike locking differential and an interaction to assist vehicle alignment all along

The curve allowing the driver to get out easier and faster agility when getting into the turn very limited understeering and irregular rapid response are some of the most important features that define alfa romeo noble sportiness but what makes tonale unique is that this dynamic attitude comes hand-in-hand with excellent comfort this is what we mean when we say

Reinventing sportiness creating perfect premium cars for every day low emission driving that can become high performance at your command creating a new electric packaging that perfectly combines our sporty attitude with sustainability safety and comfort

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Novo Alfa Romeo Tonale | Dinâmicas de Condução | Domenico Bagnasco By Alfa Romeo Portugal