O ltimo MUSCLE CAR? Ford Mustang Mach 1 (460 cv)

Neste especial o Guilherme testa o novo Ford Mustang Mach 1.

55 years after the first generation was released, the name mach 1 returns. but the mach 1 has kept up with the times and stayed true to itself. it’s still the most powerful, dramatic and sporty mustang money can buy — in europe, at least, where shelby isn’t commercialized. under the lengthy hood we once again the naturally aspirated v8 engine, on the front grille,

As it has been since the first prototype, we have the iconic openings for the auxiliary headlights the mythic sound barrier that haunted our dreams in the 60s, both on land and sky. this passion for speed influenced all the changes we see in its body, every small detail of this limited edition that make its design even more striking. details that of course, are also present

Inside the car legend says that it’s on the road we notice the improvements in this american purebred. to put all doubts to rest, we met the mach 1 in spanish territory disturbing the silence and calm of these welcoming mountain and valleys, i have mixed feelings driving this car, i’m happy but also sad. happy to experience this car and listen to this sound, feeling

All the sensations a true muscle car can give us. but sad because i feel this is the last time i’ll have the opportunity to bring a car like this one to our youtube channel. and explore these spanish roads with this american purebred. the power takes a while to arrive for a car with such a big engine displacement as for maximum torque, we reach it earlier at around

5,000 rpm. so if we want to get as much as possible out of this car, it starts at 5,000 rpm and only stops beyond 7,000 rpm. compared to the mustang gt, this mach 1 has an additional 10 bhp, thanks to the intake manifold it got from the shelby gt350 these changes didn’t dramatically increase the power this ford v8 engine doesn’t come close to being the most powerful

V8 i’ve ever driven. the way it gets to higher rpms so freely, and with such happiness… the 6-speed manual transmission version goes a little further, it goes from 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds with an automatic transmission, and it takes 4.8 seconds to do the same with a manual transmission. with an automatic transmission it’s a bit faster but i’d rather have the

Manual transmission this car is about purity, sensations, sounds and the way we feel when we drive it. the ford mustang has a mythic quality to it that eludes traditional automotive reviewing. those who love cars and speak the language of octanes knows exactly what i’m talking about. with smells, design with the landscape itself that, behind the wheel of the right car,

Becomes special. opening the window, feeling the wind and enjoying the moment. it was only a matter of time until we increased the pace. admit it, you were dying to see this part of the video. to find out if the mach 1 can face a mountain road such as this one. it’s american car, with v8 engine… weighs over 1,800 kg… ford has made the necessary changes to make

This muscle car, in a car that is actually very fun to drive on a road such as this one. as for its weight, there wasn’t much ford could do about it. the suspension, the subframe – which they got from the shelby gt350 -, anti-roll bars, a more aggressive limited-slip rear differential… they did everything they could to control weight transfers. what i can tell you

Is that on this mountain road the mach 1 dances effortlessly. and then there’s always this… this tune, which is intoxicating. first, we’ve got brembo 6 piston brakes that do a good job at stopping over 1,800 kg. as for the steering, there are a few different modes we can select but in none of them we get the feel that german cars give us. it’s not without feeling,

But in this case it’s true the europeans do it better. sometimes the soul of car is not the speed it can achieve but the feelings it gives us. i don’t know if it’s because of the design of this car or this engine, if it’s the road, but all of it together makes this an unforgettable day for me. as for fuel consumption well, this car is capable of the best and worst

In this world. which can manage this v8 engine in a way that in highways or roads which, for a car with a 5.0-liter v8 engine, is a pretty modest number. but if we explore everything these 460 bhp can give us, on a mountain road where we usually want to do something like… those who want this american purebred in their stable in portugal they will have to pay 116,000 eur

For the manual transmission version. or 109,000 eur for the version with an automatic transmission. this price difference is because this automatic transmission lowers the car’s emissions – hence the tax is lower, too. but when it comes to price, what really baffles me is how much the spanish people would pay for this ford mustang mach 1. for the manual transmission

Version, they pay 63,000 eur while we pay 116,000 eur. this says a lot about the taxes we pay in our country (portugal), which is starting to get embarrassing, in my opinion. press and hold “ok”, press the brake all the way down… release the brakes. and now we have 12 seconds to do this. but what is healthy is the pride that americans have in everything they do.

That shows in the flags they display at home, the way they sing the national anthem, and in small details we can find in this ford mustang mach 1. i’d love to see more pride from europeans in what they do, there’s a station close ahead, let’s make a pit stop. when we forget we’re behind the wheel of a ford mustang with a v8 engine, we have a car that is pretty

Civilized as a daily drive, i could see myself travelling from spain to portugal in this car. it wouldn’t be a round trip though, because i’d keep the car. you would stay with me wouldn’t you, little horse? enjoying the scenery, at 2,000 rpm because this gearbox is always trying to be as economic as possible… it has been a long time since i’ve been with a car

Like this one. despite the engine, its spec sheet is not the most exciting out there. on the road, it is not the fastest, despite ford performance’s best efforts. and its build quality doesn’t stand out, nor match the price tag. in my opinion, the mach 1’s best qualities are quantifiable. and that is its greatest virtue. even though ford says this model is built

For the tracks, my experience tells me that this model was built mostly for those of us who want to feel the road, in every way. small details like opening the window or a warm day, and relax knowing that anytime we want to delight our senses, this v8 engine has a strong personality and dynamic that, despite the comfort, when it’s well-driven, doesn’t allow any european

Sports-car to get away easily. from the mechanics to the design, capable of waking up a mountain

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O último MUSCLE CAR? Ford Mustang Mach 1 (460 cv) By Razão Automóvel