*OFFICIAL* All-New 2023 Honda CR-V Interior Teased

Rugged and sophisticated design. Increased versatility. A more advanced hybrid system for a sportier driving experience and more capability. The next generation of Honda’s most popular SUV is on the way. More information on the all-new 2023 CR-V will drop this summer as Honda continues its “Year of the SUV.” #HondaCRV

Honda has just teased the interior of the all new 2023 crv redesign let’s go over the honda news room sporty and modern fine craftsmanship upscale touches even more space america’s best-selling suv of the past quarter century is raising the stakes with a more premium comfortable high-tech interior that’s perfect for daily life fun for weekend adventures more

Details on the new 23 cr view were revealed on july 12th mark your calendars as honda continues to roll out its year of the suv you better believe on july 12th i will be giving you guys all the details on the new cr-v i won’t be able to give you guys i don’t think get hands-on impressions of it but at least i’ll be able to give you all the details so let’s check

Out this photo here first glimpse of the crv interior if you don’t have a trained eye it looks just like the new civics interior the 11th generation civic so that’s not a bad thing because the new civics interior is so nice and it kind of started the ball rolling the hrv’s interior is really really good for its class and here’s the new crv with i mean just almost

Like a replication of the civic interior and even the hrv interior it is so similar honeycomb grille with the knobs that are taken from the civic the the hrv kind of has traditional vents um with a little bar that bisects the honeycomb grille this has a different honeycomb grille accent on the top of the bottom with kind of this aluminum i hope it’s not blinding

Honda hopefully this isn’t super highly looks like we have black plastic here at the top though which is highly reflective um we have rotary dials here just like we have in the new hrv down here is a shifter the shifter looks like it’s pretty much the same setup as the new hrv and this has to be a sport model with this orange stitching because a sport model that

Video just went up today of the hrv the 23 hrv is all accented in orange so the steering wheel looks like it’s pretty much the exact same as the hrv as well find here 7 inch mid now this is a sport model so don’t be surprised on the exl or the touring the upper trims that you would have a full digital display back here just like you do on the top line civic models

As well of course upgraded bose sound system in here something that hrv doesn’t have um the civic has an optional bose um the side again is this interesting aluminum pattern i can’t tell if it’s a metal or a metallic like trim or if it’s black it’s just the pictures on your memory seats here glossy black surrounding it and then more orange stitching on the armrest

Down here is your window controls now on the sport trim we have what looks to be synthetic leather that would be my guess and i’m also guessing that it’s the sport trim we also have a wireless charger here on the sport trim that’s something that we only have on let’s say if we look at the hrv you only have that on the exl trim a couple drive modes downhill set

Control which is also standard on the new hrv oh and what we have here guys we’re not looking at just there’s more here that there’s more here than we think this is the new hybrid and what we have going on is um pretty interesting so how do you know it’s it’s the new hybrid well behind or before d here is the b which is kind of the battery function it makes sure

The battery gets charged a little bit more aggressively and then you see this is not um tachometer it is like a power meter how much juice are you given this thing so no tachometer and you see this is green another indication that’s a hybrid and this is probably your first look at this hybrid system and it is mated guys check this out we do have a drive shaft down

The middle so it looks like we have a mechanical all-wheel drive hybrid this looks like the differential on the back it doesn’t look like electric motor why would the electric motor need to be connected to a drive shaft right so just kind of a standard differential here so there you have it we’re not going to have an e-motor on the back like we’ve seen in some

Toyotas uh and even volvos and other vehicles in the market we still have a drive shaft here for mechanical all-wheel drive unless this image is wrong or i’m interpreting wrong we’re gonna have a hybrid system with mechanical all-wheel drive which is a good thing to see the touch screen here is the larger this is the nine inch touchscreen um bass is going to be

A seven inch touchscreen more than likely with the dual rotary knobs one for volume and you’ll have one for tuning um and then you also have physical buttons that replace kind of these buttons that are touch at the bottom so i don’t mind that smaller screen just a bigger string it’s nice more screen is always better right in theory but you also have wireless car

Play wireless android auto here let’s see anything else in here uh this looks like a standard rear view mirror i don’t think it will have a digital option at least not in the sport model here i guess the last thing to check out is going to be the arm rest i think that’s the only thing i haven’t checked out yet so far well i mean the pedals but yeah they’re even

Though it’s a support model we don’t have like aluminum pedals or anything armrest of course has stitching on it looks super comfortable and i just love the fact that we have a real shifter here we don’t have push button malarkey so yeah there’s our first look at the interior of the crv hybrid we don’t have full details on this hybrid system yet but it looks like

It will have mechanical all-wheel drive with a drive shaft powering those rear wheels but gotta end it there just a quick update make sure to watch my accord video with the spy shots because i still haven’t finished that video i found this picture while i was editing it by chance so anyways thank you so much make sure to check out that other video catching the

Next video and also stay tuned for july 12th the official date of the crv reveal catch in the next one peace you

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*OFFICIAL* All-New 2023 Honda CR-V Interior Teased By Kirk Kreifels