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One Owner – Great Driving – Midsize Pickup – 2010 Chevrolet Colorado LT in Depth Review

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Hey everyone mike sherry here at sherry chrysler dodge jeep ram and news trucks today i’m showing a really pretty cool used truck uh when i first got in i was like you know it’s really in a truck but after driving it and seeing the use of it i could see how this could work this is a 2010 chevrolet colorado this is a four-door what i would call a mid-sized pickup

Truck i just got done driving this truck down the road and thoughts that came into my head is one it’s it drives really nice it’s nice and quiet the brakes felt good good acceleration uh but also it just felt comfortable a lot of times when i drive pickup trucks and why i don’t drive one every day it’s a little stressful it’s big right it’s kind of hard to fit

In parking spaces it’s just you gotta all the time watch where you’re going on the road this felt more like just driving a an suv down the road very comfortable i could see myself getting into this and traveling a thousand miles on a road trip very easily uh there’s a couple defects on i’ll show you as we go uh one that’s missing the bow tie up here that could

Easily be added back in uh underneath the hood everything looked good to me under here this is powered by the 3.7 liter five cylinder engine plenty of power there nice clean engine compartment here as you can see the engine’s running right now nothing here but it’s nice and quiet a couple of rock chips here on the hood but otherwise the front end really looks

Fine uh the tires on these these these are brand new tires on it they’re uh put on the latter part of 2019 uh great tread on them good tires there so you won’t have to invest in those anytime soon coming back to the back it does have the toolbox back here a nice aluminum toolbox also the bed is rhino lined itself so you got the bed protector on there and it’s

Always nice having a pickup truck even if it’s the smaller one if you need to make a run to the home depot or lowe’s you can have a spot to put your stuff right so it’s always handy this could be an everyday driver as well as you know your weekend work vehicle small dent right there tail lights all look good do have a little rust above this wheel well all right

Let’s take a look inside the rest of the outside looks really good no chips or cracks in the windshields that i can see again 2010 chevrolet colorado so we come in power windows and power locks as you can see here and also power mirror which i love power mirrors automatic headlights cruise control 125 495 miles at the time of this shooting uh no engine lights

Or warning lights on the dash again i ran it down the road runs really good i kicked it in four wheel drive this is a four by four you do that right here but four high and for low all that’s operational radio here got some good jams on let me turn that down heating works really good here does have the owner’s manual there in the glove box up here in the rear

View mirror it is the dimmable mirror so if someone’s behind you with their brights on you can just you you really won’t even know to just self them no no need to throw in the bird uh you can also check what direction you’re at right now we’re faced northwest and it’s a it’s a really mild 37 degrees fahrenheit today sun visor here interior looks really clean i

Don’t see anything other than just normal wear up here getting into the back seat uh does have good amount of leg room as you can see here a couple cup holders there and easily could fit four maybe five people their seat belts for five in this well that’s the review on this 2010 chevrolet colorado good little truck for someone looking for a truck out there uh i

Ran it through the my gamut it has my approval this is something you’re looking at we welcome you to come in uh maybe make a test drive uh as always i do want to show you um one more thing on this i did the vehicle history report on this which we run on all our pre-owned vehicles and this thing really scored off the charts and i almost forgot to show you which is

Uh an important thing so let me pull this up here got it so let’s show you here so this is the vehicle history report provided by experian a really uh good report on this like i said so it scores an 89 now the top score for 2010 colorado’s is 89. this is the very best one out there in the nation we got it right here at sherry chrysler so uh one owner vehicle it

Says two owners what the second owner would be sherry chrysler so one retail owner no hail damage no flood damage never been in a wreck anything of that sort so local trade uh just came in fresh piece uh again make a nice truck for someone that’s looking for an affordable truck if you price these things out new you know they’re they’re a multiplier of the price

Of this one so i’ll put some links below financing is available with approved credit we have a great team here that can get you a super super low payment on this even if you’ve maybe hit a couple bumps along the road and your credit you know who hasn’t we understand that and we will do our very best to get you in a new or pre-owned car that you need and that you

Need to get to work that you need to get the groceries you need to get the kids to practice things of that store we can help you out so give us a call or fill out some forms online and we can get you started i’ll post links below about financing about this truck and all that jazz there so i’m sure you’ve heard and looked at me enough for the day so i’m signing

Out my name’s mike thanks for watching everyone have a great remainder of your day

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