One year ownership update on the CAR WIZARDs 18 Maserati Levante. Has it been a good vehicle???

Amazingly the CAR WIZARD 🧙‍♂️ has kept a car for a year! Get a full update on this 2018 Maserati Levante, and find out what repairs it has already needed.

Whoa bro you got a maserati aren’t those things piles of crap wrong let’s take a look at mrs wizard’s maserati levante so many of you already know mrs wizard drives this 2018 maserati lavonte grand sport and it is an excellent vehicle it’s been trouble free we’re going to do an ownership report we’ve had it for a year now and talk about how well we’ve liked

It it’s done very well wait wait you’ve owned a car for a year no you did that’s true i do keep my cars longer than you sadly i’ve received is through some of my customers here in the shop them just driving around a lot of maserati bashing i’m actually astounded and surprised when mrs wizard drives us around there’s a lot of looks like wow check that out it’s

A maserati but then you actually buy one and they say you’re a those are piles of trash what no they’re not there was actually a car group in the wichita area i was a member of i am no longer i intentionally left or voluntarily left the group over maseratis actually there was a post in the group showing pictures of some of the maseratis in the local area and

People were just bashing them just this person’s an idiot that person’s a for buying that car and just they must not have any brains and things like that and i got to looking and these cars were my some of my top customers they’re really nice people really great people i enjoyed doing business with them and i tried to stand up for them and instead of saying hey

Sorry car wizard they started to bash mrs wizard’s car and there’s another customer that also is here he has a silver ferrari he also left the group the same day as well he because he has one of these and i was chatting with him i was like do we really want to be a member of group of these childish morons they obviously are misinformed they don’t know what they’re

Talking about there’s no such thing as a perfect car we know toyotas and lexuses are really good cars but they’re not perfect they have problems as well we bought this car with less than 20 000 miles it was closer towards 15. and now we’re at what 40. a little north of that 45. 44 getting close to 50 000 miles missile wizard puts a lot of miles on her vehicles

And the only thing we’ve replaced was to break pads up front and a set of tires which the tires are no surprise they usually last about 36 miles original stock factory tires and other than that and oil changes it’s never left as stranded we haven’t even seen a warning light people say oh you buy those cars and after a year or two and there’s always warning lights

There’s all things are broken that has not been our experience it has been as reliable as if we bought a lexus it has been that good so we’re going to take a look around it and compare it to the last time that we filmed it we’ll also let mrs wizard show you around the interior and then we’ll check out the underneath sorry wizards you’re going to be disappointed

There’s not going to be much change between this video and the last no but the view you guys are seeing really makes people smile put smile on their faces when we pull up to a restaurant or a store to go shopping and they see the trident up front and they’re like wow that is cool this is the grand sport package as mentioned and no scrapes no dents just as clean

As the day we bought it mrs wizard takes care of her vehicles you can see it says q4 that is the all-wheel drive and it is levante again no damages nothing’s been hurt on this car since we’ve had it mind you i don’t drive it in bad weather like you have your acura now i do have the rav4 to drive in you know bad weather yep we have vehicles for bad weather it has

A set of michelins on it i don’t know what the original tires were but i didn’t cheap out and put triangle tires on a maserati i put michelin’s we just got done doing an oil change actually danielson did it for us the oil filter is right right there it is a three liter twin turbo v6 around 350 horsepower and like 380 pounds of torque it’s very fast isn’t it mrs

Wizard it does have some pep when you need it danielson informs me that this engine is the same architecture of the california tea ferrari so that’s pretty cool ferrari-based engine is it a true ferrari engine no no it’s not maserati has indicated that they will no longer be using ferrari-based engines i think they’re designing their own engines now but this

One has given us zero trouble not even an oxygen sensor nothing it’s been a very very good engine as you can see it’s very easy to work on even though it’s twin turbo it’s not all bogged up with pipes and hoses and hard to get to you can see the belts down there easy to get to there we have some vacuum lines purge valve things like that and our intake manifold

All the coils are very easy to get to they just pop right out and get to spark plugs or do whatever you need to do very easy to work on engine so go ahead and let you guys take a look at the interior and see how it’s held up since the last time you seen it well before we step inside ladies gents let me take a look at how this door opens the window is down because

It’s in the shop notice that it opens up a lot like a coupe car by not having all the window architecture so when you with the windows down there’s nothing here in the way there’s no window structure around it that’s one interesting thing that the card head does have let’s crawl inside so as you see it does say that it does have 44 762 so i was a few hundred

Miles off from that 45 000 that i set but it’ll be there because this is my daily driver now right now it doesn’t have any warning lights but the only wallet that does come up there was one that does come up and when it is 39 degrees outside i get a warning for ice i’m not sure if ice freezes at a higher temperature in italy but nonetheless it says it comes on

At 39 degrees it always throws us off but now we’re used to it we hear being like ice on road warning great but as we slide up this does have a two-tone leather dash it does have the red with the black stitching and then it has the lovely black in the center and to be honest it was a little bit much when we first got the card but now that we’ve had it a while

We’re pretty well used to it it does smell like a leather store in here the seats are also the red leather and they have nice bolsters on the sides as we scroll to the center console we’ll see that it does have the simple touch screen simple navigation structures and as i understand that this is very much like what you would see in some american cars and i get

That i understand that making parts unique to every single model of every single car gets kind of tedious so i understand sharing between models it does have a simple gear shift where you click back here behind and then you can just tap it down and back it does it does have a few modes to select from obviously the sport mode is fun but it does drink the gas a

Whole lot faster so you kind of have to watch that one as well if you’re playing in that mode i haven’t done a lot of off-road definitely haven’t done a lot of ice driving because again i like my car and notice that it has been dent free it does have piano black covering the center area and they just simply slide open see we’ve got the keys resting in there i’ve

Got some lovely little maserati coasters inside the cup holders so maybe other than a little dust in there not too exciting in the back you’ll also see we have red seats and normally there is a alcantara covered tray covering the trunk area but this is my daily driver and i do halt things occasionally and i had to take it out so it’s currently out it’s still

In great condition though as we see the ceiling you can see the roof of our shop and notice that it is alcantara aligned and as much as i have to remind wizard to not pet my alcantara it is still in good shape got simple controls up here controlling the openable sunroof also just to put the shade down as well garage door openers lights fun things like that all

Controls that we are used to seeing in the overhead console as we slide back to our steering wheel again mind you it is turned because the wheels are turned but there is the lovely trident in the center with some great grip on the steering wheel and even though the speedometer says 190 miles an hour when we haven’t got there but i think this little girl would get

Up and do it let’s get this up in the air many of you watch another youtube channel called videobob you guys will check him out his channel is amazing he has so much cool content really cool guy really nice guy but he really loves the colors red and black on his vehicles in his house all wherever all kinds of things that deal with him and when i sent him pictures

Of the interior of this car it was an instant thumbs up he said that is video bob approved beautiful absolutely beautiful so as mrs wizard mentioned some of the buttons some of the things are chrysler oriented there are some things that are shared across multiple platforms that could be something someone could try to bash this car with but you could also bash a

Lamborghini for having volkswagen audi switches and volkswagen parks does that mean a lamborghini is a pile of trash or undesirable no in fact i’m glad it’s that way because if some of these parts break there may be parts i can source cheaper from a chrysler product and replace it and be just fine if you guys remember mrs wizard used to have a land rover discovery

It was about what was it a 20 14 2015 yeah 2015 land rover discovery sport we did a water pump and our turbo actuator solenoid and various other things off of a ford escape and saved a lot of money i don’t have a problem with that at all the the engine and a lot of other things of this vehicle are very special if some of the switches or some of the things interior

Are from lower level cars i don’t really mind that too much that’s not that big of a deal there are many parts on this that are maserati specific to brake pads or if there was a water pump or something we had to replace they’ll be very very expensive and again we accept that because we know it’s a maserati one thing to keep in mind whenever you sit in this car

You can definitely tell it is not a jeep grand cherokee it doesn’t smell like one it doesn’t drive like one it has air suspension all the way around is very comfortable very high end by the way the brake pads are very expensive for this car with my wholesale cost me doing the work just the pads or 500 for a set of pads but i get that there are some nice things

Though on amazon you can go and buy oil filters air filters cabin filters all kinds of things for the maserati family of vehicles quattroporte ghibli and the levante they share a lot of those parts and it saves a lot of money and i can have it here in a day or two so we just did the oil change on this and we got the filters and everything off of amazon so it was

Really nice this is also one of those cars being that it’s upscale if there is a water pump go out or something that’s specific to maserati you’re not going to have the part in a day or two it’s probably going to take a couple of weeks you better have a backup car and we have backup cars we have plenty of cars so let’s get this thing on the lift and see how it

Looks underneath after a year of ownership so right above us is the radiator it’s kind of at an angle and no leaks nothing going on there everything looks good and we have some panels here covering everything up it just had a recent oil change so there was a tiny little bit spilled here looks like it was wiped up and cleaned up brake pads obviously like new

Because they are new cv boots look good look at that girthy sway bar guys that is huge everything looks good there steering rack is nice and dry the boot is brake pads again new cv boots very good steering rack boot nice and dry strut nice and dry everything looks good there the tires are new here’s our transmission it is a zf automatic i believe it’s an eight

Speed zero trouble with that and no leaks everything looks good there there’s our exhaust goes into our resonator everything looking good there plastic covers here’s our fuel tank drive shaft is good there’s a differential those boots look good as well our air suspension looks to be intact brakes look good everything looks good there go to the other side brakes

Are good ride height sensor is intact sway bar link that’s good here we have the mufflers in the back and they do have an electronic actuator kind of like some of the ferraris have where you can push the sport mode and it’ll make it a lot louder there’s the actuator here you can see the little shaft there you can see the little actuator arm i’ll move it so really

Nothing bad going on under here everything is as clean or nice as when we bought it so let’s get this thing on the ground okay so contrary to popular belief this thing has not been a pile of junk it has not caused us really any trouble at all really enjoy it it’s almost paid off and mrs wizard says she has no intentions of getting rid of it anytime soon she

Enjoys it so much it’s probably going to be around for quite a while longer which is fine it’s a very nice vehicle although this thing’s been very reliable you cannot buy a land rover or a maserati a bentley or a lamborghini or anything like that and drive it like it’s a lexus or toyota and just have carefree to the wind attitude just drive it oil changes you do

Have to somewhat pay attention when something starts to give you any indication there’s an issue like with the land rover mrs wizard smell coolant a little bit you need to immediately take care of it because if you let the issues compound to get worse two thousand could turn to five thousand to ten thousand it can get really expensive really fast and just like

I mentioned a minute ago when things do go wrong with these cars they’re not 300 bucks they’re usually 3 000 bucks or more but luckily mrs wizard happens to know someone who runs an automotive shop that works on exotics and european cars and so far i haven’t even had to do anything to it so hopefully it keeps up that track record i really hope it does but so far

With the year of ownership of this levante like i said contrary to popular belief it’s been very good very reliable we are very happy with it so if something does break on this car and you’re curious what kind of tools we’re going to use to fix it check my amazon affiliates link in the description below we get a small cut and make sure to hit the subscribe button

You guys don’t want to miss out on all the really cool cars and projects going on the shop thanks for watching you

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One year ownership update on the CAR WIZARD's '18 Maserati Levante. Has it been a good vehicle??? By Car Wizard