Our New Land Rover defender 130

Today we take a look at what is going to be our new vehicle for game viewing in our private game farm stay tuned to see the build of the defender:)

We have purchased a land rover defender 110 tdi pickup truck pretty rare if you ask me ciudad why don’t we total for the review and show you basically what is essentially a new car i’m you dropped camera let me show you what is our new color for game viewing interior shots why you may ask i don’t know why but as you can see it is a 2012 model we purchased a

Second-hand with one hundred and eighty three thousand kilometers when we did buy the car it did don’t get copyrighted but yeah as i was saying when we bought the car it had a leaking crankshaft oil seal as well as a few gearbox issues so those were fixed it’s been a week since we got the cargo to last week thursday and today is the 29th i’m not mistaken start

A class a week to do everything and as you can see it is a six-speed manual transmission surprisingly it is permanent four-wheel drive and doesn’t have front or rear diff lock has got a sensitive lock which is operated by first eva here danny how good you can see that but yeah right now it’s in high obvious because you know going off-roading so yeah gonna

Lock to just push it all the way up and then i put it into low range and then to your left or gonna lock the difference is push it to the right and up and break it’s called a authentic land rover clock pretty british if you ask me um seeds are decent they’re very normal seats i mean nothing much but it does have this my source of khatyn ring along with seats

In here so as you can see on pushball bob and we have any to the winches yet because this needs to be fixed to the battery and the batteries in the car which is under the seat anyway we’ve got a few point six point wins over there the socket wood the winch collector thing is there and yes it does need new wheels and tires specifically for for any news ones

Or okay but these are not very nice we also live in obviously change those and yeah it’s for the rest of the car let me take your own as you can see we have coil springs in the rear as well as in the front we’ve got a decent amount of ground clearance as you can see these um earning boards are pretty high up but if you come in check here we’ve also got coils

In the front as well yeah pretty much can go any way leg room in the back this is a good question there’s none of it it is pretty cramped and yes it’s terrible but if you look here there is a decent amount of headroom which is good de fuel as tall as me which is 1.83 meters for many ways coming and checking out the rest of the car from here decent amount of

Legroom in the front and yeah can i say really what the interior it’s a place where you sit there’s not much luxuries when i was recording the interior party we’ve got fully electric windows over here here we’ve got our fog lamps there and that’s pretty much it obviously we’re conditioning fully functional and quite a deep storage bin just excuse me control

Of the winch over they but other than that and this is why you turn on your headlights over here you push the switch once for you like park lights in it that’s when therefore your headlights hoot is here obviously and wipe this stuff is over here the rest of the course car bomb has been switched on this cage by the previous owners however we’re gonna turn

This into a game vehicle so over they will have two individual feeds today and then one long bench over here and then a gun rack on top so in case you want to go hunting or something with it but other than latter then here’s the recipe wheel and then the previous owners also fitted this match in but doesn’t let it say well what can you save so defendants

Not going to be nice anything it’s just for hard work and it’s very functional as you can see it’s also been fitted with these plates you’re both hurting so you don’t damage your body the body panels on the car and anything and nice thing when you close the door it’s like a g-wagen reassuring fud other than that you can stand on these obviously in case you

Wanna access something excuse a sudden in case your tactics on access something on the roof yeah it’s got 500 millimeters of water waiting lips so that’s more than enough intake for your intercooler over here and take over there other than that is not really much to show you about the car to be honest thank you guys so much for watching the video if you did

Enjoy it please like and subscribe and yeah stay tuned for some more videos featuring the defender so yeah okay guys that is it for me and yeah as i said thank you for everything and then see you in the next video which is taking this call off-roading

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Our New Land Rover defender 130 By Roland Randeree