Our New URBAN Defender 90

After a busy week at URBAN HQ it’s finally time to show what will be one of our most popular vehicles to date, the new Defender 90 pays homage to the original Defender with its boxy shape and road presence.

So guys there you have it our first defender 90. now this one is the p400x which is the most powerful uh the highest spec that you can buy in a defender we was lucky enough to get an early car so we could pre-build this in the background so what have we done to the first car obviously wheel change we’ve put our wx2 explorer wheels on front and rear 22 inch

Nice wide 285 tyre staggered offset so you get it perfect on the arch exactly like we did on the 110 next we’ve got our gloss finish wide arch and also gloss finish to the front and rear parts of the bumper so you get a full black pack look to the car and next we’ve got our roof light pod which comes with our urban decal on the side which is the same

For our rear spoiler as well so you can basically have you’ve got a full urban brand in which this car’s got here or you can go for various different um you know emblems like the best of british grill or the defender sign as well so if you want a more oem sort of british look to it i’ll show you through those badges shortly we’ve also got the revised

Version of our black shadow side steps which obviously comes with one pad versus two because obviously you’ve only got one door to get into now front and rear mud flaps as normal makes the car look a little bit lower from behind then we’ve got our rear wheel cover car comes standard with nas lights already obviously the rear smoke lights and then you’ve

Got the exposed tow hooks which we’ve painted in red to give a nice finish to the car so we’ve got the p400x which is the top of the range engine for our first 90. obviously most luxurious comes with wins the lever inside all of the mod cons head up so mega loaded spec and this car’s actually already sold before we’ve even put it on the market so the

Only um change we’ve made to the interior actually is is this just here normally it comes in dark wood or light wood which is kind of odd for a standard spec on a car that’s you know considered you know sleek inside because wood does stand out so what we’ve done we’ve finished it with a hardware and raptor paint now you can have this in a a real stippled

Effect so we’ve gone for this rugged look here or you can go for a slightly smoother finish um so yeah it completely changes the look of the car brings it more into the urban feel so we’re really happy with how the interior is finished we’ve actually got the badges here um for the exterior parts that i showed you earlier now you’ve got various options on

There you’ve obviously got the the urban badges which is our standard brand impact then you’ve got a more subtle approach if you want an oem look you’ve got defender badge there or if you want to go for like the best of british feel which we’ll follow on to our new top and side vents that are coming out in in the coming months as well so yeah so you can

You can tailor your car just to the finish if you like so that’s it the defender 90. our first um conversion do i prefer it to the 110 i think so you know it’s it’s small it’s squatted it’s wide it’s got a real good road presence with our new options be even better when we’ve got uh you know top vents side vents and some other things that we’ve got coming

Out some more rugged arches so yeah really really really happy with this we’ve got the the 110 hardtop versions coming out very very soon so if you’re looking at getting a commercial vehicle and you want obviously this sort of road presence with the full benefit of putting it through your company get in touch so yeah there it is the 90 hope you like it see you soon you

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Our New URBAN Defender 90! By Urban Automotive