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Hey guys this is nick with apple infinity in richmond and today we’re going to be talking about one of the more unique and stylish suvs in this segment the 2021 qx50 when it comes to the design that infinity’s been chasing they did a fantastic job on the 2021 qx50 where the clamshell hood seamlessly sweeps over the led front headlights and the front fender for

A classic true design it also pairs well with the origami style grille that really captures the japanese heritage that infiniti has to offer when it came to design infiniti didn’t just bring their a-game to the front of the vehicle but they also brought it to the interior as well whereas you can see around me here i’m surrounded by ultra suede leather with

Sunny semi-analyzed stitch which is very very fantastic to feel but also to touch when it comes to the coloring of the vehicle you can see in the autographed trim i have a brown and wheat interior with tri-zone so i have multiple different colors to see and it makes the interior really pop and with that panoramic sunroof up ahead it really brings the light to

The interior of the vehicle making everything shine infiniti also did a fantastic job with their dual zone touchscreen display here where the driver can not only look through their onboard navigation but also change the options for the vehicle itself such as the drive mode the steering mode and everything like that to make the drive more comfortable and attain

To the client themselves under the hood of the 2021 qx50 we’re going to find a 2-liter variable compression engine now what that’s going to bring us is 268 horsepower and 280 foot-pounds of torque and up to 3 000 foot pounds of towing capacity which is great for the everyday sprinter or the everyday marathoner whether you want fuel efficiency or power behind the

Wheel in relation to performance we also have standard all-wheel drive on the 2021 infiniti qx50 and what that’s going to do is read the road 30 times faster than the blink of an eye and justify whether it needs to use its front wheel drive system or its all-wheel drive system so that whether you’re in heavy snow or heavy rain the car will read that and actually

Kick in itself and make the decision for you which gives you peace of mind driving when it comes to safety the infiniti qx50 takes the crown which is driver’s assistant technology starting in the front we’re going to have ford emergency braking partnered with its pedestrian detection system on the windshield both lane departure warning and blind spot detection as

Well in the rear of the vehicle we’re also going to have something called rear emergency braking now that’s standard on all trims of the qx50 and it’s partnered with our rear seminar system so it’s going to beep at you as you’re backing up and it’s also going to stop and hold the car if it senses any solid objects right behind the vehicle when you’re in motion

Which is fantastic and we’re also gonna have a rear cross traffic alert which sends out a radar on the right and left of the vehicle and makes backing out of any parking spots super super easy when it comes to buying a new car one of the most important things to consider is reliability and warranty infiniti is a brand that’s been produced in cars since 1989 and

The qx50 has been on the market since 2014 giving it seven full years to grow and develop over time and become the car that it is today when it comes to warranty infiniti has one of the strongest warranties among japanese luxury brands with a four-year 100 000 comprehensive warranty that covers any manufacturer defects and a six year 110 000 kilometer powertrain

Warranty that covers the engine transmission and drivetrain of the vehicle as an infinity owner myself i think these videos do a great job to capture the essence of what infiniti has to offer but one thing the videos lack is the feeling of sitting behind the wheel of an infiniti qx50 for yourself and really experiencing the drive so come on down to us at apple

Infinity enrichment and experience what infiniti has in store for you until then stay safe and have a nice day cheers

Transcribed from video