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Outback Wilderness Vs. Touring: Which Subaru is Right For You???

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Foreign what’s up everybody chad here for yet another video and today we’re actually going to be going between subarus so long ago i actually had a subaru that i had talked about once upon a time no longer is that the case we’re talking about outbacks today so today on my right your left we’re looking at the outback wilderness and then we have on my left your

Right a outback of course very similar to this touring trim so basically when it comes to these two vehicles it comes to what your needs are going to be this happens to be non-turbo it’s subaru’s run-of-the-mill 2.5 liter boxer that has 182 horsepower and 176 pound-feet of torque and then over here is subaru’s newer mill which is the 2.4 liter boxer turbocharged

It has 200 60 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque and i was a passenger in this today and i can tell you it is probably the fastest subaru of recent time that i have actually sat in pretty darn fast now part of that is obviously the engine but then transmission as well transmission has been changed up a little bit in the final gearing is a little bit more low

To help you tackle some of the steeper grades that you might encounter off-road but it actually has real world effects too when you’re going down the road so obviously exterior wise a lot of differences between the two if we go back up here to the front both have the steering responsive headlights but when you look down at the fog lights they are both leds but

There is a difference between the two not only in placement but this one is more of a up and down then kind of uh fog light and then over here is much more circular pattern with a bunch of little pods within it and it is very very bright so coming back here you might not be able to see it super well on camera but there is a slight lift over here on the wilderness

Edition so what you do have with that is going to be just under an inch in the front and the rear of a lift plus you get smaller wheels as well and more of a like at type tire versus a more highway terrain tire that’s going to be here over here on the touring edition now coming back a little bit further you’re going to see very subtle differences between the

Mirror caps door handles and everything like that and then when you’re looking here at the roof rack that’s a big difference too these aren’t the standard ones that you can see on every other outback these can actually sustain the weight of a rooftop tent so a lot of people do different upgrades to these to put rooftop tents but these do come with the crossbars

On them the wilderness does not come with crossbars but they do have slots for you to connect them in on towards the front and the rear so some other similarities between the two you’re going to have a sunroof on each of them that do go back and then of course you got power with gates in the rear so come into the interior now we are in the wilderness edition of

Course as you can see through here we do have the bronze-ish gold accents and of course one of the big things about this that you’re going to see a difference was is the interior so this is subaru startex material it is a very plush nice comfy material but the big difference that you’re going to see between the two is this is going to clean off a lot easier so if

You do get dirt when you’re in and around the trails and i outside it is going to wipe off very easily now something else you’re going to see in a previous video you saw that the subaru wilderness badge is embossed into the headrest very cool touch that subaru has added in there so you know exactly what you’re driving coming back up here to the front this gigantic

Infotainment screen same thing that you’re going to see in the touring edition that big difference that you’re going to see though is that it has the driver assistance where it actually recognizes who is driving the vehicle so you can set up different profiles say you got one two three different drivers the second you set down in the car it’s going to recognize and

Say hello chad you know welcome to that so you do have those differences there so now we’re inside of the touring outback and you’re gonna immediately see that it’s overall a little bit brighter in here the wilderness is a bit more of a darker blackout package with uh surrounds that are going to be a little bit more of a matte kind of theme obviously much darker

It is lighter in here you do have the napa leather that’s in here that’s standard with the touring and you do see a lot of other little chrome and silver bits that are going to be around and of course the headliner and a pillars b pillars all more of a white color for the interior here so another big difference that you’re going to see between the two is you do get

The upgraded harman kardon sound system in here on the wilderness you do not have the option to actually upgrade that interestingly enough additionally you do have more piano black that’s going to be through here on the doors as well as this little pocket area on the passenger side and of course like i mentioned before you do have the same infotainment screen but

Here is the driver recognition it’s like a little like sensor that will read your face essentially but another thing when you’re looking through here on subarus some come with a heated steering wheel now there’s a little toggle right here where your right finger can touch it and you can just turn it on interestingly enough not even an option for the wilderness

Edition of the outback which we think is very interesting choice by subaru there will be more content talking about that in the future but overall it’s more of a plush feel here in this interior here and when you do get in both of them you know immediately that you’re in an outback but it’s a very different experience between the two so i know we already talked about

Horsepower figures and which engine is and what but actually talking about this engine particularly will make our way over to the wilderness easy serviceability it is very familiar subaru style everything that’s got a yellow appointment on it is where you can fill service do your oil changes coolant whatnot and of course a top mounted engine oil filter super easy to

Get to big thing to know about the two that you have here this is the standard engine the two five liter boxer but you can get an xt version which has the same exact engine in it this engine over here is standard and it is the only option for the wilderness so coming over here as you can see still the same deal easy serviceability only big difference is obviously

The big intercooler on top because you have a turbo and an oil cooler right here that the engine oil filter so it’s on top of so overall very very easy very very normal subaru surface ability and of course a very similar boxer experience so we’re going to wrap up talking about pricing between the two this one’s stickered at 39 000 this starts at 39 000. so kind of

It comes down to what you want out of your outback they’re gonna get your kids to soccer practice you’re gonna be able to go to the store and pick up everything that you need and even the owner of this stucco water heater in the back of it so you do have different options for things that you can do with your subaru outback but these packages are each geared towards

Very very different buyers now there are a few additions that were on this rear automatic braking which is a software feature that’s enabled of course you’ve got your sunroof on top which is an addition um and then a few other little accessories that you can throw in there of course but that’s not standard at all this one fully loaded comes with everything touring is

The very top now of course you do have the option to add the turbo motor but otherwise it’s a fully loaded subaru outback so which one would you go for we want to know in the comments below obviously what you are looking for and obviously you can look for the base model as well so thank you all so much for watching have a fantastic week and we’ll catch you next time thank you foreign

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Outback Wilderness Vs. Touring: Which Subaru is Right For You??? By Trail Pass