Overlord Season 4 – [Cut Content] – The Theft of Ainz Ooal Gown Items explained

Overlord Season 4 has not shown us how Ainz Ooal Gown lost Items. #overlordanime #anime #ainzooalgown

Hello and welcome to another overlord lore video and today we are going to take a much closer look at the theft of eins orgon’s valuable ingots why it likely happened what the meaning of all of this could be and how this might affect divider’s story but before we are going to do so let me thank my patrons for supporting this channel as well as all users of the youtube

Thanks function for making one-time donations also please check out my fantasy channel for a nice video about snow elves or vampires and with all of that said let’s take a look at the foolish dwarf who was brave desperate insidious or dumb enough to steal from einzogon’s personal wealth because the ingots einstallergen had given the dwarven forge master hailed from

His very own personal item stash but also let’s not get ahead of ourselves first and foremost let’s answer what kind of metal einsologorn had given the forge master and we were told it was serviceable metal with no closer description applied to it it was almost worthless from the point of view of level 100 being but it would be something that a being of the level

Of 45 would find suitable so for the lizardman chieftains were under lower to mid-20s level wise this kind of armor would be extremely valuable and we also know from the dwarf and forge master dirty metal even when heated for a day would glow but actually not take on heat itself which sounds like something similar to vanadium or vanadium dioxide but in addition

To all of this einstall gomez also left a sword made from the same metal behind in order for the forge master to have a template and oddly enough the sword made from the same metal could actually cut the ingots now at this point we have to take a look at the situation from the dwarven forgemaster’s point of view an undead of unimaginable strength accompanied by

Powerful bodyguards and at the capital city of the dwarves and offices help with pagos at the gates the dwarfs could not refuse and now the sorcer king had them by detroit so to speak and now imagine what kind of pressure the dwarf forge master might have feared as he worked the metal all day treated it with heat and force but no matter what he did he could not

Shape it at all and not even heaty metal therefore he would fail despite the sauce where king personally requesting it to be made into armor for his servants the medal could not be worked and the forgemaster would take the blame because even with a sword made from the same metal as a template as a blueprint the forge master failed so given the amount of pressure

Fear and responsibility the dwarf forgemaster surely failed he might simply not have been able to bury it the situation was untenable with the quagoa at the gate and the software king already inside the city and on the other hand this legendary metal with the legendary sword was extremely valuable so if you just ran away and so the metal and he saw it in the

Nearby kingdom then he might be able to live the rest of his days in safety and luxury but while this most certainly is a possibility there are a couple of hints and indicators that all of this is perhaps not as easy as it might seem the dwarf forge master was visibly afraid and angry at these sorcer king and did not touch this undead one bit and we also have been

Told that he dwarven agency council that fills in for the last king of the dwarves who had left the kingdom 200 years ago actually did so in order to join with the 13 heroes the same organization platinum was a part of or at least his armor so maybe the dwarf forge master had been visited before by platinum dragonoid’s armor and was unable to fix the whole shelters

Left and that’s how contact was made because platinum as a member of the 13 heroes vote knew about the dwarf’s proficiencies with methods since well the dwarf king had been part of his own fighting force this could also explained why platinum did underestimate einstall going so grossly because think about it his hole in the armor was made by shelter and ants had

Beaten shelled here so he clearly hasn’t witnessed the fight between einstallergen and the blood red valkyrie and his armor was around the level of 80 to 90. so if platinum had received the ingot and the sword of the same material that ein solgon has given the dwarven forge master in exchange for being admitted to the arkline council state in order for protection

Then it would make sense that platinum would so grossly underestimate the sorcerer king and england corresponding to the level of 45 would put einstein roughly on at least chiso delta’s level and if we take into account that there was only one other thing the dwarf identified as made of the same material as the sword and the ingot which might have been the rich

Adored sword einsologorn had found in the treasury world and if platinum takes into account their damage was stronger than evil eye but weaker than momon and that moment was confident that he could slay the sorcer king then all of this intel would have put einsel gone somewhere in the realm of 64 to 70 at most so maybe the theft of the angered and his sword was

The reason why platinum underestimated ions or maybe the dwarf just to run to another state like the city-state alliance of carnazus or maybe to some relatives somewhere else or maybe perhaps the forge masters are confident of the dragonlords and he wanted to offer the ingot and his sword in order to fix the hole that sheltie had left but for this last theory we

Have no hard evidence but it would kind of make sense and of all of that said now it’s your turn that you think the ingots will end up and as usual i say thank you very much for watching and special thanks to dash dash dash are they daddy are there badger ye bad boy to 316. be there ben c brandon d chrissy curly zero two two one sia crystal prime that’s lime death

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Day and i hope to see you all again soon on my next video foreign

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Overlord Season 4 – [Cut Content] – The Theft of Ainz Ooal Gown Items explained By Schäärgocks Schächsaß