Overnight in a semi-private cabin on a ferry that entered service this year.

The new Miyazaki Car Ferry “Ferry Takachiho” will go into service on Friday, April 15, connecting Kobe and Miyazaki. This is the first time in 25 years that a new vessel has entered service. It is about 194 meters long and 27.6 meters wide. Ferry Rokko is scheduled to enter service in November.

Today’s boat trip is to kobe station, hyogo prefecture kobe is a large city in japan with a population of 1.52 million first we go from kobe station to the ferry terminal the ferry “takachiho,” which we’ll be boarding this time, is a new vessel that just started service on april 1-5, 2022. the ferry “takachiho,” which we will board this time, is a new vessel that just entered

Service on april 5, 2022. many new ferries have been built in japan in recent years reservations can be made 2 months in advance, but it was difficult to book a private room, so this time it’s a shared room once entered, the procedure is carried out at the reception desk this time the internet discount was applied to the dormitory room the “takachiho,” which entered service

In miyazaki for the first time in 25 years, has seven times more private cabins than before! in addition, the ferry “rokko” debuts in october 2022. and in the back there’s a hanger and a light and an outlet there are sheets for futons, so they will sleep very safely there is one comforter, but it is thick enough to withstand the cold there was a device attached to the

Room that could adjust the air conditioning and you can also create a space for one person to close the curtains and being able to create that alone time is important in a shared room where people spend time on the ferry is on the third and fourth floors on the third floor, in addition to the communal rooms, there are stores, restaurants, and an event stage there are other

Event lounges where you can watch tv. and there’s an event stage right in the middle of the ferry! there are also bike lockers and surfboard lockers on board! miyazaki is known as one of the best places for surfing in japan we are now on the 4th floor. local fairs and music are held on the event stage. there is also a vending machine corner on the 4th floor there is a

Kids’ corner and a baby room where you can bring your children from the shape of the lights and railings, you can guess that this ferry was manufactured by the same ferry company as silver ferry and maruei ferry waiting for the night view of kobe until departure the jumbo ferry from kagawa prefecture has arrived in kobe jumbo ferry also just put a new ferry into service

In october 2022! trucks are unloading in a hurry as soon as the ferry arrives the ferry is finally setting sail with the city of kobe in full view! the 12-hour boat ride to miyazaki prefecture has begun! now that we’re safely out of port, we’re off to dinner! vegetables have skyrocketed in price in recent years, so it’s nice to be able to eat them here! this is beyond

The level of food you can eat on a ferry! i’ll have a piece of siumai and a piece of chimaki. one plate wasn’t enough, so i put the ingredients on an additional plate! it is very nice to be able to eat a variety of dishes at once, including japanese, western, chinese, etc. this is probably claypot meat. it is a side dish that goes well with rice. very tasty. the menu

Has a wide variety of dishes and the soft drinks are all-you-can-drink, which is great! the specialty, char-grilled chicken is served with vinegared oranges if there’s one thing i enjoy about the ferry, it’s the food and the stall visits! the stores themselves are not large, but they are very well stocked with a wide variety of goods! this time i bought some goods for

A boat trip on the miyazaki car ferry! they also sell alcohol, but i can’t drink, so i bought orange juice of course i bought a ferry stamp card this time! get it!!! i bought the orange juice because of the packaging, which i’ve never seen before! the cosmetic set comes with cleansing oil, milky lotion, toner, and facial cleanser! travel pack bag is cute with miyazaki

Car ferry specs! inside is air rubber and an airbrush in a paper bag i love the fact that you don’t use plastic bags so much, it’s so eco-friendly! and there was a toothbrush and another towel in there, got two! the day it was taken was september 13th, the day of the mid-autumn moon! we could see a big and beautiful full moon from the boat! bathrooms are available

With a view and a shower room that is available 24 hours a day how do you like the difficulty level of the game corner? looking forward to it! but it wasn’t easy to get it and we got a transparent toy! it’s a busy ship, but once you get outside, all you hear is the sound of the waves! the ferry is now sailing off the coast of tokushima prefecture you can connect to the

Internet by using the miyazaki car ferry’s dedicated wi-fi it would be very nice to surf in miyazaki on this day! the waves are calm and it’s a comfortable ferry trip! all-you-can-eat buffet for ¥600 seems like a great deal! you won’t find a better breakfast anywhere else with such a great view! here’s your breakfast with a view of the beautiful ocean! very tasty in

The morning with less flavorful food! the customary tugs are being used sparingly this time. they left as soon as they finished their own business the “rokko” started service on october 4, so be sure to take a look!

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