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Oxy-Dry Nissan NV200 set up for commercial job

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I loaded the NV today for a large commercial job I am doing tomorrow and thought some might find this interesting to see.

Hi robin with oxydry and uh i am in the process or finished the process of getting my van ready for a commercial job that i’m doing tomorrow thankfully roger will be helping me on this job because it’s really big uh and as you can see this horse is the new van that oh nice mustang squirrel i like that year those years that’s the fox body see that guy with noel

Nice mustang not keen on the color but whatever okay back to business you gotta appreciate a nice car right anyway um so obviously this is the nissan envy and i’ve been using it i guess i’ve had it used it now about three or four days and i’m really really liking it the the way i’ve got it set up uh is working very well uh a very comfortable vehicle to drive very

Smooth and quiet a little on the um anemic side when i take off but that don’t matter it doesn’t matter i’m not i’ve had fast cars before and motorbikes too so it’s all relative the priority is just business and gas mileage is really more and more important because that can eat away at your profits so quickly and repairs which i’ve mentioned with my uplander

Which was 13 is 13 years old and it was has cost me an awful lot in the last few years so i was just time and so this was a five year i mentioned before it has a five year 100 000 mile or 160 000 kilometer warranty so um i know my payments will be month by month um and um and that’s you know i’ve been working out that much or more to drive the uplander anyway

And it’s just getting you know more and more things are happening and um you know just a matter of time before the motor some catastrophic event happened to it and you know you can spend six eight ten thousand dollars just preparing or replacing a motor so um you know i i just realized it was time but i thought you might be interested to see how i’ve got this

Set up for commercial typically when i do usually when i’m doing commercial uh i do use the orbitec which is sitting right here i do have an orbot as well sitting there obviously but this particular job that i’m going to go and do tomorrow i’ve done it a few times already and i would normally use the arbitec except this building is the stupidest building you’ve

Ever seen it’s got it the entrance where i go in is a really small doorway a little landing up three or four steps then a hallway into an elevator you go up and uh each hallway i’m doing three hallways tomorrow i guess and each hallway they’re very long and about every 50 feet or so there’s a flight of steps in the hallway and um it’s just an awkward thing to

Do in there and uh bumping up and down the steps with either the orb or the orbitec it’s just it it’s it’s uh both machines are hard to do um because of the weight especially when i’ve got water in them and i will but whereas my rotary much easier much more um just a better option i’ve done it with i think i have done it with the robot or the orbitec long time

Ago and i realized it just just didn’t work right so well i’ve done the rotary and it goes fast um and um i start at the high end of the hallway and work my way down the hallway and down the steps and down the steps and down the steps and down the steps until i get to the end and then i gotta come back up steps and then up steps back up to where the elevator is

It’s just the stupidest thing i can’t believe they would build a building like that but that’s that’s in vernon and vernon which is north of us they’ve got some really odd things they’ve done with their building and just the planning of the city has just been just awful but anyway that’s our other subject but anyway um you certainly couldn’t get away with that

Uh putting a building in today because you got to have access with wheelchairs i mean the front entrance of this building you literally enter it’s on the side of a hill and you go under the building to park and it’s open on one end so it’s like a car a carport i guess and then you got to go up a rather large flight of steps a big landing turn go up another big

Flight of steps and then you’re up at the front door that’s the main entrance the back door entrance um there’s another door of the back of the building um but that parking lot you’ve got to go all the way around the building or actually around the block and coming from another street and then there’s just one small door there and a hallway and another flight

Of steps up to the where you get under the elevator i mean it’s just just the stupidest thing okay that’s enough of my rant we don’t want to hear about that we i want to show you what i’ve done with the the uh the um envy so um i forgot my glasses right there so um so i pulled out the uh the upholstery machines from the back i normally have the uh i had the up

The um launch router sitting here and the um pb3 over here she pulled it out and as you can see i do have a big dolly here which is what i carry all my jugs i’ve got about ten three gallon jugs of mixed up solution sitting here um i’ve got three more jugs sitting behind the seat up there i showed you in my last video about the nv i’ve got jugs up behind there

But this is what i’ll primarily i’ll be i’ll use these tomorrow i don’t expect to use them all but i carry them all just in case overkill um i’m taking my big um advanced vacuum that vacuum is actually very wide the uh this the other end of the head is right where my as you can see my finger’s pointing down so it’s very wide vacuum so any vacuuming needs to be

Done that’s the one that we use in this case i do i’m actually carrying well i’ll show you a sec i’ve got a bucket here with pads for the steps of both two-way and gladiator pads two pad drivers for the orc all ready to go i’ve got a whole stack of two-way pads which i think i’m going to use tomorrow i’m not positive that i will but i brought them along anyway

There’s about 10 or so there the last couple times i i did this job i actually used the brush i just i’m encapsulated and it worked very well um but i thought this time i might use the pad but i have iron man as well sitting here and some fiber pads in behind here behind there in case i um find a need of that so uh of course there’s my pad driver sitting right

There so that’s how i’ve got that set up um the rotary i’ll just go over here this is where it normally sits and there’s nothing different here except i’ve got my heavier cord and it’s also a little bit longer than than the one i’ve been normally using here so a little bit longer length i’ll probably use that one and obviously the pre-spray can sitting right here

An extra one an extra one in case um if if the battery one were to fail i got the you know the venerable pump up as well always be prepared for those uh possibilities because you don’t and this is actually the town was like 45 minutes away from me so i don’t have a breakdown and not be able to you know adapt um uh of course my planning to use the orc tomorrow

Roger will be using that um and the uh my spotter tray all everything loaded up ready to go i’ve got the um uh the hoover hush tone if i need to use that or choose to use that i’ll use that i’ve actually got i’ve actually got the uh workhorse in there as well which i wouldn’t use on commercial anyway but um if i was doing um using the orbitec or the orbot um

What i would do is i would take all of this out of here and then then either the orbot or the herbitac will fit in here just fine and i still have room to put because i got to put the vacuum somewhere i could just move the vacuum uh whatever vacuum i chose the hush tone i could just move it back and the the auric will just slide over as well so it’ll still all

Fit here but the orbitec would just sit here from about here over to the bulkhead it fits in there just fine the vacuum fits whatever it’s not a big deal so i just take out the the avenger and the extra vacuum and i still have the hole back for all my solutions etc so and and my um i don’t know if i mentioned this um so i have two trays here two dollars uh this

Smaller one is the one that roger roger will use he’ll go with this down the hallways um with the bucket of pads and and the pump up sprayer and the auric and whatever and then i’ll be using the larger dolly and yeah so that’s what we do we go up to the top floor um and he heads off and does his thing and i’ll do the other he did it this with me last time and i

Think it took us i think we did two hallways and it took us until around noon so i guess i expect this to take us to at least one o’clock or so and it’s 31 degrees here right now we’re almost it’s not even 11 o’clock yet and i believe that the temperature tomorrow is supposed to get up to 42. that’s celsius and that’s over 100 degrees i’m not sure what is it 110

Or so fahrenheit um so we’re in a real heat wave up here in canada we do get those occasionally and this one actually i think tuesday is it tuesday supposed to go to 45 oh my goodness that’s like 120 i think something like that so i’m actually told my wife to on monday to call my jobs that are scheduled for tuesday and ask them you know if you if they have air

Conditioning if they don’t i’ll say you know what i’m not coming i can’t work in that kind of heat that’ll that’ll kill me i was doing a job um yesterday was it yesterday yes yesterday no friday pardon me it was um low 30s and this sweat was just pouring down me even though they had air conditioning i guess it wasn’t on that that much but anyway um i didn’t

Actually feel that bad but oh man so um that’s the way i set it up um if you want to take another good look i have my uh the spotter or the solution with the in the in the um shelving unit here um it’s working really well as you can see i got it extra because i put the um the grooming tool here that actually gives me a little bit more uh security with if i were

To you know suddenly do a swerve or whatever so that’ll keep everything in there nice and secure anyway and this tray over here this shelf over here um it’s it’s actually working just fine so um but i i i think i will do the hinge i think i mentioned i i was going to maybe put that on a hinge so i could just tilt it out of the way if i wanted to but uh maybe

We’ll i’ll do that before too long and maybe i’ll be able to do a video about it but anyway that’s the way i’ve got it set up right now and uh and so i thought those of you who either have one of these vans or are looking into maybe getting some sort of a smaller van just to give you ideas and let you know that it’s possible um of course if i was using i say a

Machine like a um if i had a portable like a ninja or whatever i think it would fit in here i i don’t know exactly what the dimensions of a ninja would be but i i i bet that that would fit here because they’re about 10 gallons i think they sit around this high or so i’m not sure but it should fit here and when you could you know do your hoses and and uh your wand

And whatnot and you could still have up at the front there your you know your vlm setup if that’s what you want to do so it’s possible um just have to make sure you use every every square inch so anyway i’ll let you go and i’m going to go in the house and get into the air conditioning so have a good day

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Oxy-Dry Nissan NV200 set up for commercial job By Oxy-Dry® Carpet Cleaning