Part-11 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van Rebuild – Trying to finish for a wedding on time

Trying to finish this before a big wedding was stressful, we didn’t have to drive to far, so it worked out perfectly to make sure everything is working, because next few weddings are a couple hours away !!

It’s like 6 30 in the morning i just got off work i gotta get on this van i gotta get it finished i have a deadline by september 17th we have a wedding on saturday and sunday and they’re two pretty big weddings so i just have a small window to get this van done in between shifts so let’s get it done thank you thank you foreign everything uh

And now i’m gonna paint on the inside i’m gonna paint uh inside the engine bay and i’m going to paint some some underneath i’m not going to paint uh this section yet because i’m on here a base coat and i got a single stage so this one is a single single stage mixed with the clear coat already and i’m gonna do that over here underneath uh maybe some over here and

Then i’m going to do that on the inside and i’m going to do the the inside cowl area as well and then the base coat i’m going to do the base coat uh basic over here and the a-pillar and this door jamb area and then i’m going to cover that with the 2k uh clear coat and that should be done i’m gonna do the the inside first so i don’t have to worry about it after

The windshield gets installed alrighty let’s go thank you foreign thank you and here’s where we’re at right now we got everything painted we got the windshields installed matthew’s over there doing drift let’s see if he does my own yep now that’s a real mustang e garbage hey watch out for the crowds i’ll hit the crowds um we might have

A teenager problem so yeah we got the windshield installed everything feels good that’s the one thing i was kind of worried about to make them you know just making sure nothing is the a pillar is not this way or that way or whatever uh but yeah everything’s good the gaps the gaps pretty much straight on both sides here and there the bottom is the bottom gap is

Straight all the way across top is straight so everything’s squared off and it’s good to go the dust bar is now installed and then i got to do some cleaning up over here the wiring all of this stuff is um let’s see i think all of these one two three all of those are from the actual ac unit on the roof now all this stuff was kind of flopped in in the engine bay

Because basically you know when they run this stuff for the ace unit it’s aftermarket stuff it’s not from mercedes uh but mercedes basically sends it out to a company and then they will connect the ac unit on the roof the reefer unit but they just run it however they can and all the wiring and all that stuff they just kind of flop in here and zip tied it on top

But i wanted to kind of clean it up a little bit to make it a little bit nicer underneath the engine bay has to basically just minimize the all the cables in here and because i have the dash off i’ll be able to tuck all this stuff in pretty nicely because you know when they do this stuff aftermarket they don’t remove the dash so i’ll clean all this stuff make it

Look nice let me finalize that put the dash on top and then uh we’ll see what else we’re gonna do next thank you foreign foreign foreign guys here we go everything is connected i think i connected everything hopefully i connected everything kids were helping matthew we connected everything yeah did we oh why are you naked it’s cold outside

Get into the passenger side you okay okay matthew let’s get in and see if it starts all right so the last thing we’re going to do is connect the ground right here way down there magic can you hold this camera thank you in case of emergency this is where you disconnect it i guess okay i heard something did you hear something yeah some clicking yeah see fire

If our hard work paid off you ready and then this let’s get screwed in there yeah this one’s going later okay you ready yeah you could screw it in right now okay let’s try it that’s the assembly there nope so it still makes me not to look it still makes coffee so that’s good right what mama like that did it actually be coffee no what does it actually do yeah

Probably some juices and drinks i don’t know i’m just kidding it doesn’t make coffee yeah i still have no idea what that is all right we’ll start it all good can i do left turn signal okay do the right one don’t make it brighter okay there you go that works that works okay left one works do the right one right one works magic go right again all right that one

Works that’s good inside the reeferred lights work i still gotta turn the reefer on they’re just flashing leds are flashing in the video they’re not actually flashing in person let’s turn the reef around let’s see if the rifle works death off there you go dude that’s on that’s good foreign thank you all right guys and the van is finished we did our

First wedding with it uh i didn’t make the wedding for the saturday but for sunday i was able to make it wife drove it to the wedding i didn’t drive it so i took my chances with her driving it i do the alignment at home it still pulls a little bit to the left but i did the best that i could at home uh on sunday saturday nobody really does alignment so i’m gonna

Have to take it in on monday or tuesday to get the alignment finished this piece i couldn’t find anywhere so i’ll have to probably buy it from mercedes and there’s also a couple bolts that i’m missing uh that i couldn’t find so i have to stop by maybe my friend’s house they had the sprinter parts or somebody else let’s see if i can pick those up on the inside

Everything is done everything zipped up everything’s working and look at this the mirror power mirrors baby look at that nice thank you for helping me with the van give me five good job uh so yeah just a few more lights left on the dash uh uh the airbag light went off the engine light went off i think there was a few other ones but now we got the tpms and the

Abs traction control so i do have a scanner coming in uh so once that comes in i’m gonna be able to plug it in scan for a bunch of codes see what else comes up that i can’t see on a dash maybe reset some things adjust some things whatever uh and see how that works out so guys i hope you enjoyed this project i hope you enjoyed this video uh so now we’re gonna be

Going to the f350 project and maybe the mustang project and catching up on that so guys thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this video and we’ll see you in the next one thank you

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