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Pensyfan Periodical: September 2022

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New railcars, repaints, route reopenings and closures, worker unions, railway drones and more in this month’s episode of the Pensyfan Periodical!

Thank you hello everyone i’m your host pennsy fan19 and welcome to the september 2022 pensifem periodical this is a monthly news series which covers most of the major editing headlines from around the world as well as my opinions on them we have a lot of articles to go over today so with that in mind let’s get rolling first off the four year weight of comic-con for

Railroads is over as berlin just held innotrans 2022. this massive week-long trade fair hosted a wide variety of railcar manufacturers from around the world showcasing the latest technology heroic communications maintenance systems and of course rail cars if anything there seems to be a strong emphasis on cleaner forms of energy namely battery and hydrogen power

Due to not requiring costly infrastructure that comes with overhead electrification would see in showcasing their first battery and hydrogen power multiple units and stadler presenting their hydrogen power flirt for redlands commuter rail among other multiple units thus being the first piece of american rolling stock to appear at innotrans with many railroads

Also announcing new procurements at innotrans california was no exception as they announced the purchase of 29 more hydrogen-powered statler flirts with the first floor going to ace train for service between sacramento and merced with the other 25 going to amtrak california to likely supplement their existing stock which also might include their siemens ventures

Since for some reason i haven’t seen any footage of them at all for a good two years where are they aldo one thing that i really don’t understand about these new mu routes in california is why can’t they just be simple extensions of existing roots i mean the redlands route is only 10 miles long and is at the end of two longer metrolink lines as well as valley

Link who also announced hm use but could also be an extension of the existing bart line essentially making this line another e-bart i mean it’s nice to see that all these pastoral proposals are getting a lot of support in the state but most of them are resulting in an inconvenient transfer in the middle of the region instead of a simple extension that allows

For a one-seat ride but commuter rail rooting aside i’m glad to see that innotrans is back and better than ever and i hope that more american rail cars will make appearances in future shows as well as possibly encouraging other rare affairs like this around the world speaking of which here are some interesting news s bond has deployed their first autonomous

Commuter train while the appenzel railway is developing the first autonomous rack train vienna sep is to purchase a drone with rail wheels from norway not really sure what the purpose of the wheels are but looks cool nonetheless a record number of dogs have traveled on the euro tunnel in august the taco bell mexican pizza musical premiered on tick tock a

Csx chivo led a northeast regional without an amtrak genesis trailing metro led a massive private car special while the south shoreline held a mini ocs with one milwaukee road business car vermont rail system has slightly adjusted its livery with gp40fh number 313 for ocs service thus being one of a few examples of recent passenger equipment being used for a

Freight room western maryland scenic has repainted their b-32-8 and placed it into service teleclinance to be painted blue the aurora expresses to convert and abandoned alaska rally gp35 and six coaches into a continuous restaurant the surf line is suspended for about 60 days due to erosion damage and the rockaway beach branches to officially be turned into a

Trail oh dear this is absolutely devastating for nyc rail fans like myself the trailification of this branch in particular especially sting since multiple sites were recently conducted by both the ellie double r and the nyc subway to restore rail service on this route within the last five years alone but this trail doesn’t even have the option for rails and

Trails if anything the loss of this rail line only further emphasizes the need to preserve rare right-of-ways for future use instead of turning them into bike lanes with plants since it’s much more efficient to connect to nearby communities with frequent public transit than an extended walkway especially when compared to cheaper options such as modifying nearby

Roads to be more pedestrian friendly so that’s why i’m urging you now more than ever to talk about the tragedy of rail trails with others and that we want rails over trails or at the very least rails with trails now here’s a follow-up news section for articles covering stories from previous episodes bnsf seems to be the testing ground for new road battery

Engine since they’re now scheduled to test emds sd70js while the same manufacturers to send their own completed battery centers with a diesel option to brazil all while their rival ge or webtech is to send more flex drives to ktz in kazakhstan speaking of road diesels union pacific has released a modified variant of their new paint scheme this time featuring

A smaller shield on the nose this modification is braced by many rail fans myself included since it’s reminiscent of the previous up delivery from the 90s meanwhile omnitrax has purchased the san luis rio grande river from iowa pacific while the mount rainier scenic road could reopen as soon as 2024 polaris cm use have entered service on german name that i

Can’t pronounce railway and jr kyushu has opened the first hsr line with nicely painted and 700 train sets in terms of stations designs have been released for barcelona since as well as windsor locks connecticut why can’t the station have two platforms though all the other stations on the line are double tracked and have two platforms why can’t this one have

The sacred bounds too in other news csx has released an operation lifesaver unit with one of their few sd-70 macs on the roster nice to see that they chose a mac instead of ajibo for this unit likewise ontario northland has painted gp38 number 1808 into an every child matter slavery urhs is to restore the sole remaining u34 ch the livonia avon and lakeville

Has acquired to ontario midland sierra northern has released a final design of their hydrogen-powered switcher not too big of a fan to paint scheme honestly maybe it’s because of the leaf at the end also i’m not too big of a fan of the rendering of the caf type 10 lrvs for mbta screenline primarily because the nose looks too elongated over the front wheels

Anyways the portland streetcar a and b loops were the featured article on wikipedia for september 22nd passenger service has been restored under river rome mongolia has opened the new coal railway to mongolia names that i can’t pronounce queen elizabeth has passed away as the longest serving queen in british history final renderings have been released for

Talgo cars and caps for db along with boxy mermic mow cars for infrabelle fania rail has ordered broad gauge siemens vectrons tmh has released very long class name for st petersburg metro and austin has completed their first by level tgvm train set and happy 25th anniversary to the westchester railroad and happy 125th anniversary to the boston subway system

Specifically to green line after all that it is now time for this month’s meal of the month this month’s meme of the month is csx tick tock tts and now the top story of the september 2022 fancy fan periodical lives strike averted but to late october technically this would be a follow-up story to july’s periodical but this time it became so much larger this

Month that it would only be right to cover it as this is the result of years of poor working conditions of railroad workers for profit-based operating practices of the freight roads once again there are plenty of different channels and articles to cover this with much more detail than i can so i’ll just try to give a brief overview of the situation at hand

Again as stated earlier this year most talks about a strike initially came in july where 99.5 percent of blet union workers voted for a nationwide strike along with several other unions due to the shareholder-based practices of precision schedule rarity or psr which emphasizes longer trains and longer working hours with less infrastructure and fewer benefits

However just before the proposed state of the strike president biden established an emergency board to negotiate with the unions which gave them two 30-day cool-off periods which pushed the strike date back to september 16th considering that most of the unions involved disagreed to modify contract terms with a few days before the proposed strike days several

Companies started to modify their schedules to adjust with the strike with few people knowing inspiration such cancellations included norfolk southern route most of their freight service and surprisingly pasture roads such as amtrak and metra even though they would not have been directly affected by the strike ireland dispatcher shoots would supposedly led

To their impromptu cancellations since much more measures were being taken to adjust to the incoming strike major news media outlets from around the world started to cover the story thus giving the railing street a relatively rare spotlight in the mass media but just one day before the intended strike the class once reached a tentative deal with the unions

Who agreed to withhold their intended strike and restored all intended service while avoiding the national supply chain crisis which also happened around the same time as csx appointed a new ceo from ford motor company although most railroaders claim that the modified terms are just as poor as the initial contractual conditions which resulted in some unions

Backing out from the modified agreements which technically already started yet another 30-day cool-off period thus setting a possible strike date to october 16th which also happens to be around the same time as another proposed railroad strike in britain i must say i absolutely appreciate the resiliency of the world unions who will not be satisfied by minor

Changes to existing contracts and are instead calling for larger fundamental changes to the private freight routing industry as a whole such benefits include two-person crews and increased off time since increased positivity in the work field would make the industry more attractive to new recruits and therefore increase the workforce enhance public image

And increase overall profit due to more business although since most of the realms 3 saw september 16 as the date for a strike some are wondering if the movement for a strike at a later date would still have as much steam from union workers in the media but only time will tell if anything this year has proven that one of the primary ways to have good working

Relations is to place the needs of the workers over the profit and to meet a certain set of criteria in order to ensure good working conditions failure to do this will result in unsatisfied workers eventually taking out their frustrations against the company until their needs are eventually met with that said i fully support the strong efforts of these unions

Who are trying to bring forth more beneficial working conditions to the realm street in the face of profit-driven interests and the support for these hard-working railroaders will continue to grow until their needs are properly fulfilled foreign for watching this month’s episode the pency fan periodical there have been a lot of real news headlines for the

Month and it will be very interesting to see what the future has in store for all these articles thank you again for watching and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like subscribe for more have a good day

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