Perfect Sports Car 2022 Subaru BRZ Review

2022 Subaru BRZ review by The Straight Pipes. The BRZ is putting down 228 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque from a 2.4L 4 Cyl Boxer. At $32,495 CAD, would you take it over the Toyota GR 86?

I’m jacob i’m here and we’re going for a drive 2022 subaru brz sport tech no launch control it’s manual that’s so fun horsepower and torque 228 horsepower 184 pound-feet of torque from a 2.4 liter four-cylinder boxer engine exact same as the 86 correct yes the 86 is the twin of this car and subaru likes to say that this is a totally different vehicle

Different suspension tuning it basically isn’t even related to the toyota i don’t think they’re going that far but they are saying that has different suspension and stuff well yuri i will find out through cliche corner but i’ve already found out in advance that they’re actually not lying about that this car actually feels totally different than the 80s what were

They saying in their marketing that this is different than the 86 well they did all of the suspension tuning themselves they actually did some engine tuning themselves as well it’s their car yeah i’m just saying different from the 86 they did uh the suspension is actually totally different there’s different mounting points we have aluminum front knuckles like

All the kind of stuff that savage geese gets excited about and what’s the point of all those changes in order to prioritize grip rather than gunnery as the 86 does let’s see if we have more grip through cliche corner and we actually do like it doesn’t it it will oversteer it’s very neutral though in comparison to the 86 like throttle oversteer there there’s a

Lot there’s a lot less of it a lot less like you have to you have to bury your foot more into the throttle use the searing a little bit more the steering is even noticeably lighter maybe because those aluminum front knuckles but it is different which is nice to actually see if you’re pushing it but if you’re just cutting around normal like i’m a dude who wants

A rear-wheel drive manual car instead of a front-wheel drive car because i don’t have a family you might not notice the difference no it’s really only when you push it that’s when you notice the differences the suspension comfort is the same i would say 86 driving this driving every day to work i would say the same and on track man i think i had a little more

Fun with like the 86 fun fun fun but this i think would be a touch faster around a lap i think and then to talk more about this compared to its 86 twin it has pretty much exact same interior except a ton more red stitching and the exact same infotainment which is the one that we love from the 86 because it’s a subaru infotainment yeah volume tuning all the hard

Buttons we want yeah and then it’s like the nice normal color coded touch screen we’ve got apple carplay android auto sirius xm it rewinds siriusxm and does tune mix and if you’d like your own free three-month trial of sirius xm satellite radio click one of the links below and if you don’t have a car you can still get it for just your phone yeah download the

App and use it on the app and more similarities with the 86 it’s the same drivetrain like identical they didn’t touch anything they say that they did different tuning on the engines but like i don’t notice a difference we drove them basically back to back because we had the 86 last week and realistically it feels the same yeah spending a week with this i still

Don’t change my mind that i would take the miata over both of these interesting i think it’s something about the shifter like it’s a little too long i really like the six speed it’s a it’s an all right speed but like the whole shifter in general is too long good thing everyone’s gonna modify the crap out of these and you just get a short shifter for this but

It’s still like nothing to really complain about in today’s day and age no it’s fantastic you still have an lsd out back it’s still rear wheel drive still a lightweight sports car still very affordable this is actually even more affordable than the comparative gr86 basically every trim is about two thousand dollars ish cheaper than the 86 it’s a lot of value

There so check out if you can get your best deal on either of these two or on a miata yeah or or on a used 370z maybe exactly because that’s basically the same money at this point but with this engine it likes to rev a lot so if i downshift into second and seven and a half thousand it’s just it’s fun to bring this out whereas like a 370 i use

One you would still have to bring it out but i feel like that upper rpm isn’t as fun as it is in this but everything else about a 370z i think is is better feeling for me anyways and then how did you like hitting redline did you like the shift light no you could program that through the cluster the shift light’s nice it flashes red that’s cool but it’s got the

Left to right when you’re in track mode as opposed to the circle which i actually like the left and right and track mode yeah so i’m driving around and traction off right now but i really like the circle tack and i realize why it’s because this is meant to be a track mode you’re not really meant to be dealing this with traction off because if you look at zero

Two four in the actual rpms you can’t see much so if you’re daily driving it you don’t know from zero to one to two i have driven this whole car by ear same here and then but like for a newer driver that’s getting into this you’d want to have the regular attack if you were a new driver you probably wouldn’t start with traction off anyways i i think it’s okay

And then the pumped in audio it makes sense because this car can be pretty quiet exhaust wise yeah as much as it is annoying and i’d like to be able to turn it off i think there is value to it especially if you’re tracking and like had a helmet on yeah let’s take a listen to the outside anyways and fun fact i was talking to jack from savage geese he deleted

The intake sound because it’s just like a a thing that you unplug under the dash basically and he went on track and he was just paying off the limiter not realizing with the helmet because he couldn’t hear it anymore so now his solution is to spend more money on an exhaust i mean i still i’d rather have an exhaust so would i but like this isn’t the best

Sounding four-cylinder with an exhaust it would just be nice to have a switch because like when i’m driving to work or something if i had a real job yeah i don’t need to hear so like the is500 where you just dial it over here how about the stinger where you can turn off in the infotainment yeah okay so let’s hear what it sounds like pumping audio from the

Inside interesting all right i get it just give me the switch yeah yeah all right let’s get you into the driver’s seat of this rear wheel drive what is boxer rear zenith brz i think that’s what it stands for really yeah i think so that’s cool yeah manual launch it’s just really fun yeah but even off the line it feels like it still wants to grip more even

Though it has the same tires as the 86 and what would be the continental recommended tire for an 86 or brz the extreme contact sport would be way cooler with that it would be so then as for other differences and similarities looks wise the front end is obviously different and less aggressive more smiley and anime yeah it’s kind of got an open face grill but

In a different shape where we don’t have a mesh grill on this one we have kind of like lines and stuff i feel like it’d be harder for me to photoshop it as a convincing long grill thumb i think so but i mean you’re gonna do it anyways yeah and then headlights they’re slightly different same overall shape but different part of the drl’s that lights up yeah you

Don’t get it going all the way up the side and then anything else with the front end i mean there’s that subaru badge instead of the toyota one yes other than that it’s identical i think the toyota front end looks better and then from the side it’s exactly the same kind of yeah it’s actually identical from the side there’s no changes the only thing we’re missing

Is you can’t get the duckbill spoiler which i guess you can kind of see from the side yeah so you can’t get that in any trim on the brz where it’s only available on the premium trim of the 86 and i would highly recommend that or save the two thousand dollars if you’re gonna buy this and just get one of those spoilers for this and then the tail lights are very

Similar shape but i feel like on the brz it’s just the outline where on the 86 it allows bleed to come in so it looks more acid and martin-ish on the 86. yeah i feel like there’s a minor difference but there is one and then the diffuser the exhaust the rest of that stuff exactly the same identical so overall i prefer the gr86 looks as do i as long as you don’t

Get it in blue because only this car should be sold in blue just get it in blue confuse people and then we got the same wheels as the 862 yes except these are gunmetal rather than the black and i was saying this would look cool in gold but i guess we need to wait for a brz sdi trim that’s never going to happen they they killed off the sti so yeah yeah yeah

Whatever paint your wheels gold this is still a cool car and like there’s nothing wrong with it whichever one you can get whichever one’s cheaper or whatever they may do a ts trim like they did in the previous generation wouldn’t know never got to drive it but it existed all right i guess i should go through cliche corner with it yeah you go the other direction

Than i did nice and grippy yeah don’t you feel the steering’s a little lighter i really wasn’t paying that much attention so they kind of still both feel the same but it definitely doesn’t want to slip out as easy no maybe when we do a track comparison back-to-back gr86 versus brz and then we can get a lap time down in both i think that would be fun it would

Be and then interior wise nice seats yeah very feel the same i think they feel the same i think they’re just they look a little different with the red stitching the back seat has barely enough room for me or you but somebody in the comments of our 86 versus miata video said i’ve got a kid and a dog and for that the back seats are perfect i would agree so if

You’re in that situation or a bachelor perfect amount of rear seat room you can fold the seats down fit a lot through the trunk as a pass-through but yeah four tires it’s not a hatch no i was thinking about this feels a lot like my old 240sx i think i said that the old brz video that we reviewed too of chris’s brz sure did but like having a hash would be so much

Cooler it would be but it also ends up weighing more who cares yeah hatch life you can add more stuff add more horsepower supercharging turbo it blow it up nitrous and then on the inside of this we have the handbrake on the inside towards the driver which is pretty cool for handbrake turns exactly just like the 86. and then we got heated seats with hard buttons

Down here we’ve got our traction control above that and then we’ve got a bunch of hard buttons for climate still everything about it is still good some people in our 86 miata video were saying that the infotainment’s got like a bezel around it and that it looks old but you know what at this point this is the right amount of data because look at the new seven

Series uh infotainment and interior and screens and they got a screen where your window controls are like oh my god you’ve gone too far yes but you said everything’s good i have one objection boom cup holders yeah the couples in this are awful like this the position of them and it doesn’t really fit a small cup sort of does i know a lot of the world doesn’t

Drink drinks while uh driving at all times but for me man it sucks compared to the miata yeah so that’s the only part that really sucks um three two one fail okay that’s two parts well so with pretty much everything out of the way i think it’s time we get to the price the sport tech trim comes in at 32 495 canadian and like i said earlier every trim in the

Brz is about two thousand dollars cheaper than it is in the 86. if i had to pick between the brz and the 86 i would pay the extra 2 grand and get the 86 because of the driving feel the looks and only the 86 was the straight pipes car of the year last year not the brz so that’s got major points for it too wow that is true i will objectively state that if you’re

Looking for the car with more grip out of the box this is the one to get just hands down if you’re objectively looking for the one with more gunnery more sliding more fun i would go with the gr86 is the one and my personal choice would be the gr86 but i mean you wear down tires a little bit and then this will slide just as much as 96. i disagree because of all

The different suspension tuning like they have different spring rates different mounting points aluminum stuff that you just don’t get on that 86 yeah maybe if you’re trying to be like a serious drifter but if you just want to slide a little bit here there especially if you’re driving this in winter which it’s totally fine to drive these cars in winter as long

As you have winter tires yep i think it’s a pretty even choice so let us know what you think of the comments which one did you pick gr86 or a brz or surprise contender used 370z or just a miata 373 non-convertible i’d go with a garbage fox body that you can buy for five thousand dollars and then dump forty thousand dollars into it to make it more expensive

Than this one yeah you’ve been driving that literally yeah it’s the best housing power steering that’s great

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Perfect Sports Car 2022 Subaru BRZ Review By TheStraightPipes