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Performance Review 2001 Audi S4

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This is my first of many reviews. Hope you enjoy it please leave your feedback below.

All right look it took me about three hours to film that opening sequence so i hope you enjoyed it anyway onto the car 2001 out eb-5 s4 so what’s this cause purpose it’s an all-wheel drive sports car well it actually has a very good purpose this call allows you to own a sports car but also allows your sports car to be driven in the winter up here in new england

The winters can be pretty treacherous so it’s really good to have a no wheel drive car even better to having a wheel drive car that can actually be a sports car and now you might say well why not evo why not an sti well when you compare the price tag of an evo of a similar year let’s say oh 304 or an sti oh 300 for this car substantially less expensive and dollar

For dollar to achieve the same horsepower this car is way ahead so how does it drive this call was sitting on bilstein sports struts in h&r progressive rate springs one bit of advice don’t do the progressive rates not really the best ride they max out a lot and you get a lot of bumps they’re not good especially if you want to drive this car like a racecar

Everywhere you go and off and on every on-ramp such as myself other than that handling wise this car was very hard to get on its toes you can really hammer this car through the turns it’s almost like on rails especially when you have a good tire on the car this particular car was riding on tens of pole positions a fantastic dry weather tire and also amazing rain

Tire all right so let’s just get into the performance the whole reason why i’m doing this review all right so first we’re going to go over braking then from there we’ll do a clip on a 60 to 130 role and show you how this car accelerates power on this car comes in like a freight train full boost by about 3000 rpm seventy miles an hour and let’s see how well it

Stops that’s a shabby so in conclusion overall not that bad of a car owned this car personally myself for about five years built it to a stage three enjoyed it didn’t know how much i would actually missed the car and so i got rid of it but it has its flaws it’s a good daily driver if you’re not driving too many miles a day but if you go in long distances not really

The best car to have you may want to just invest in something newer car does have its quirks car does burn oil what are you going to do it from 2001 overall give this car 7 out of 10 rating if you’re looking to build a car and don’t want to have to spend a lot to make it fast this is the car for you a basic stage to set up in this car is about 150 to 250 dollars

Depending on where you get it done or if you do it yourself it’s going to be very inexpensive

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Performance Review 2001 Audi S4 By The Performance Review Channel