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The last year for this generation sees the 2021 Kia Sedona still driving home a spacious and smooth ride with the benefit of those sweet sliding doors.

This is your 2021 kia sedona minivan last year of this generation before the all-new one shows up having said that there’s still a lot to like about the 2021 sedona let’s take a quick look through it it’s my second time around having it so pretty clean looking i call this kia’s classic clean look because it’s just so simple yet so effective nice big grill and

Not a big fan of the halogen turd signals front and rear but you get led lights in the directionally adaptive so you turn the steering wheel and then the lenses go left or right giving you a better look around corners and you have your fog lights down there and a bit of a blend of the thunder gray which is what this paint color is and some gloss black and the

Silver there so not a bad look up front overall not quite as menacing as the new one’s going to be but still you know nice clean and classic let’s take a quick look at the side view so on this top trim sx tech you do get the chrome door handles as opposed to the body colored ones and it’s it’s a minivan you can’t really do too much with the shape of it but wait

And see what the 2022 sedona looks like uh the room said they’re okay uh simplicity for me is where it’s at and there’s the big rail which the sliding door uses and to me that’s where midi vans beat any kind of suv you can’t beat the functionality of a sliding door you just can’t anyways a quick look around the rear like i said halogen turn signals not a big

Fan uh the cool thing here is kia’s got this great system it’s not quite as stow and go as our friends at chrysler have but the seats do collapse in uh do these pretty big wells down here so i put the passenger side one down for you to take a look and this is how big the well is so i think i can do it with one hand so basically it’s pretty easily numbered right

There’s one there’s two so number one lift pull and it kind of just slides into place and if you ever forget um there are some instructions right there so definite perk absolute perk right there so really really good get uh gets you a ton of space and there’s a quick look and these three seats move a middle seat can actually come out to give you even more space

You lose a seat um or a person to take but hey that’s okay let’s take a look inside using the remote control you push the button on the left and that opens up the driver’s side sliding door so this is again top trim sx tech so it does get you leather seats and they’re pretty nice if the nice red sorry white piping and the red stitching gives it a nice classy look

And the cool thing here is the seats don’t always do the boring thing that everyone else’s does which is just have the seat back go down what you do is you go back here and there’s a little lock and unlock symbol so you’re gonna go to unlock and lift it up and as it goes you can see the seat back itself uh not quite flattens out but it definitely moves up quite a

Bit and the seat back just goes it gets raised so that a gets you a lot of space to get into the third row providing all those seats for up or if you’ve got to get in there for whatever reason plus you do that with this seat plus the outside when you toss this seat and you can still get a lot more cargo in here um with the seats up as opposed to the seats kind

Of being back there so just that extra bit of versatility that makes it that much more worth it uh as i mentioned there is the manual sunshade sorry for showing you my neighbor’s backyard but there’s a little tab at the top of your screen um and a nice fancy handle so i’m gonna put this seat back and show you the middle console so we’re gonna go back to the

Unlock position which is that i’m going to try and shoulder this back because i only have one hand to work with all right so there we go back to the way it was a quick peek back here you do get heated rear seats for your outboard passengers usb um oh come on keep slipping anyway so a little outlet there and a little bit of storage right in there all right uh

That’s gonna wrap that up uh two ways to close the door you can either yank on this or you can push the button uh i’m gonna push the button and now you can see that it closes take a quick spin up front again this is the end of this generation so we won’t spend too much time in here i’ll show you the opening graphic as i get myself out of the sun hopefully come

On out of the way son there we go all right that’s it get the typical kia system check thing looks really really nice big analog dials nice cool shape for the uh digital screen pedal you can see it’s kind of arced off of the sides and kind of flourishes inwards so i like the attention to detail there as far as you know small things they could have just gone for

A straight rectangle but good job on kia for doing that you get some controls over here no blanks full marks there nice and easy to find gas door release here’s an irk for me there’s an opening here so this is now a useless storage bin or potential storage bin that if they just close that up it could have been functional not really a big fan of that a bit of an

Irk for me this is an eight inch screen the other three trims get seven inch screens and to save money i think they should have just put an eight inch screen in for everybody just a little weird but on the plus side uh kiehl’s kia’s infotainment system probably one of the best in the industry as far as simplicity really really easy to use uh let’s go like all

Menus and you just slide over and everything’s where you need it to be and key does a great job of that you get some hard touch buttons your favorite button up here and just to the left of the seek and the track button uh small little dials for volume and your um and your tuning but hey that’s uh no big deal um climate it’s so easy it’s it’s so it’s so key i’m

Gonna just pull this camera back a touch and just give you a look sp how can we hide that sun there we go so it’s just it’s so simple and easy to easy to maneuver through and i’m a big fan of that i’ve seen some of the pictures for the 2022 model even easier so you know kia does that right i’m going to put this in drive for a sec to show you that that’s where

Your wireless charging is and that’s where a usb and auxiliary port is so this is kind of like your little power station i’ll put the nice and easy to use no complications just push in pull straight down or up gear lover i’ve always liked that about kia very very simple a couple of cup holders one blank here give me something i mean anything anyways um standard

Stuff here i’m going to show you a perk you get a cooled um glove box so there’s your little indicator there just to the left of your screen as to whether you oops whether you want the cool air to pop in or not uh gimmicky i don’t know how many people will actually use it but it’s an option right all right i’m going to open this up a bunch of storage this is a

Spot for your sunglasses as it clearly says there and if you’re wondering why that’s for your sunglasses and you’re like jay why can’t we just use this that is your conversation mirror so basically that can we show that yeah basically that gives you a look at everything in the back of the vehicle so pretty cool move there well done kia and there’s your opening

And closing of the side door panels um everything’s just nicely laid out now i like that it’s up here just it’s something different i think if they dumped it somewhere down here it’d be a little too cluttered you know a little too clever at least from my liking uh here’s another perk you kind of get that chauffeur-esque kind of thing for the driver so if you

I don’t need this to be moved but you can’t reach over all the way you just push this and that gets seat back going and you push this and that gets the seat bottom going and let’s say i know the person back here says i want an extra six inches of leg space well you can give it to them to the drive and the 2021 kia sedona same engine as the last few years it’s

The 3.3 liter v6 giving you 276 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque this is all run through kia’s 8-speed automatic transmission on the road this is a function first vehicle and it’s a minivan and it is not really anything sporty about a minivan because it’s meant for hauling people and holland stuff and being versatile and you’re the person that people will

Call on moving day and on oh hey i gotta go to ikea for something or whatever it is that needs to be moved you are probably the one getting the call or whether it’s your kids sports practice dancing practice band practice whatever it is with over 4 000 liters of cargo space with the second row folded up and the third row collapsed in there’s uh there’s a lot of

Stuff being able to be done in the sedona so very very functional it’s not underpowered and not as powerful as i’d like it to be you know give me figures at least on the torque side in the 300s um just a little bit more the pickup’s a little on the laggy side and not the worst thing but i would like a little more oomph to it and it’s been just me in the sedona

For the week and you know no other cargo no other people that whole covert thing gets in the way right um i just i found the pickup to be a little lagging okay not dangerous by any means but just a little bit more let’s talk fuel figures so it is 12.7 liters per hundred kilometers on city streets it’s an even 10 on the highway your blended total comes out to 11.5

Not too bad again consider the size of the vehicle and most times there’s going to be more than one person in it my i think i think i’m the the rare exception uh to that for this test week um and it’s an 80 liter fuel tank which runs on on regular fuel as this is the sx tech you get all the safety features it kind of says so in the name of the technology and

You get the bending headlights and and and and i’ll put a list of some of the highlights um of what the sx tech includes and there’s some cool standard features no heated seats heated steering wheel that little cool conversation mirror that is in place of where the sunglasses holder is and there’s not a lot on the base model but nobody really buys space the

Base price is what gets people in the door and their whole buyers remorsing and i wish i would have gotten xxx with my car so i know if it was me a person who was very against virus remorse i like to at least try and make the right decision the first time i usually go top trim with with my cars and i think that’s what potential sedona owners should consider as

Well with the introduction of the telluride last year another three-row vehicle from kia the real differentiator here it’s the sliding doors and to me i would pick a minivan over an suv if i was living that lifestyle if i had if i had kids if i had a wife i had a bunch of things to put in here you just can’t beat the opening of the sliding door as far as getting

Things in and out even some of the best suvs out there only open like 85 86 degrees for the rear doors with the sliding doors on the sedona and i guess any main event out there and any minivan out there that sounded really strange yeah sliding doors absolute winner for me sx tech does come with an upgraded audio system which is nice and clear and big and boomy

And you can still hear the music in the rear seats did a little test where i sat in the very very back seats cranked the music up and could hear it just fine without any issues what i’ve liked the panoramic sunroof absolutely am i going to be okay with just a regular rectangular one sure not the end of the world the big panoramics are really geared more for your

Rear passengers to give them a little bit of light as opposed to just having the regular one here which serves your driver and your front seat passenger definitely thinks there’s a future in minivans for the brand or else they wouldn’t have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in creating an all-new one which is due out fairly shortly uh it’s it’s a toss-up

For me i love the functionality of the sliding doors of a minivan the cool factor just isn’t there which is why we’ve lost so many of them and nissan had one and honda had one and volkswagen had one and they’ve all kind of gone away being replaced by the suv cub crossover whatever it is you want to call them so it’ll be interesting to see just how well the kia

Sedona does and it’s up against kind of the kings and queens of minivans right like chrysler’s been putting out minivans since forever they weren’t they were the first ones to do it the odyssey and the sienna are just pillars as far as popularity and functionality goes so i hope kia does a really really strong job in offering up their 2022 model that’s gonna

Wrap it up for the 2021 sedona if you’ve got any questions on the vehicle let me know i’ll do my best to get you answers as soon as possible put that thing in park uh thank you so much for watching feel free to subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll be back sooner than later oh i’ll be healthy be well be safe i’ll say it twice be healthy be well be safe and

I’ll be back sooner than later with my next car review

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